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  • palestinians

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    role to Palestinian situation today. To explore the ethics of this situation, I will utilize the main frameworks of Morality of States and Cosmopolitan theorists. Morality of States (MoS) theorists employ ethics with an interesting perspective with an emphasis on respecting sovereignty, employing weak universalism as the basis of intervention, while Cosmopolitans (Co) tend to believe in a universal ethic that is derived from utilitarian ideals. These frameworks although different, provide common ground

  • Effects Of Mass Media On The Sexualisation Of Women In The Media

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    carrying out primary research by asking women how they feel their gender comes across in the media. Firstly I will examine the effects that the mass media has on the sexualisation of women in social media. Mass media sources such as magazines like Cosmopolitan frequently show women seen as the ‘ideal’ often in tight clothing with their midriffs and cleavage on show, this creates a mildly sexual representation of women. However, even the slightest sexual appeal created by the mass media has a direct impact

  • Advertisement

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    discusses the fifteen emotional appeals that are often seen in many advertisements. To corroborate his postulations of advertisement, I focused on a specific magazine, Cosmopolitan, and checked if I could determine the stereotypes the advertisers make about audiences by applying appeals he had listed. After analyzing ten ads from Cosmopolitan, I realized that there were two common appeals in most of the ten ads: sexual, and autonomy. First, let’s look at the three ads about different perfumes, “Splendor

  • The Different Development of the New England, Southern, and Middle Colonies

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    each other to create a one-class system: middle class, a homogenous background. In the Middle Colonies the cosmopolitan population celebrated for any reason, wore the latest European Fashions and practiced religious toleration. They had a two-class system of upper class landowners and middle class professionals living in large cities. In the Southern Colonies the plantations and cosmopolitan environment dominated social life. The Southern Colonies had a strict three class system: upper class rich

  • The Definition Of Footwear: The Safety Of The Shoes

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    conditions some adamant wearers of flip-flops would say are perfect for the use of flip-flops: a trip to a park; a day at the beach or pool; a lazy day in the backyard. Yet, even in these conditions, the flip-flop pose a hazard. According to Cosmopolitan, flip-flops expose feet to bacteria and fungal infections; reduce balance, gait, and coordination; and they provide no support for the foot, leading to arch, heel, and back pain, and even disfigurement of toes

  • Mountain Against the Sea

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    Palestine even before 1917. By taking advantage of geographical terminologies, he explains this through the cultural divides that were arising through the connector cities, such as Jaffa, between the inland (mountain/traditional) cultures and the cosmopolitan coastal (sea/contemporary) cultures. Tamari utilizes and builds upon theories of small town urban sprawl and demonstrates how social control (authoritarianism) differed between Ottoman Palestine and current small towns within the West Bank. Building

  • The Effect of the Global Village on Singapore

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    The term `global village' has become extremely common in the past decade. In fact, one might even say that it has been repeated ad nauseum in the media, and with good reason. Countries are no longer isolated units functioning on their own, but instead, are like discrete families within a small, closely knit community. Such a worldwide phenomenon is enabled by technology that makes the world seem a much smaller place, with increased mobility and ease of communication. In such a community, whatever

  • Sex. Do We Need It or Do We Want It?

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    Internet are they searching? By simply typing into Google “How to make your man fall in love with you” about 806,000,000 results are there at your disposal. Out of those 806,000,000 results number 5 leads to the popular online magazine known as Cosmopolitan. The link will direct you to an article written by “relationship experts” which has 22 tips on how to make a man fall in love with you. The tips vary from simple things like filling your refrigerator to complex strategies like playing mind game

  • Wanting to be Beautiful

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    some women to center their lives around them? Personally, I didn’t really understand why any women would listen to anything a magazine says until I opened one up. While I was waiting in line at a department store, I picked up and flipped through a Cosmopolitan magazine, and found a story that caught my attention. The story was about the loss of a father, and for that reason I purchased the magazine. Although I do know there are many other women who have dealt with the loss of their father, I wanted to

  • Analysis Of Sex And The Single Girl

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    the unattached female. My response will focus on the contradictory nature the guidebook, and other literature like Cosmopolitan, create when advising a woman to do and be something on the one hand while having an underlying message on the other. Nothing has more of an effect to the controversial conversation of women’s liberation than literature. The subtle cues from Cosmopolitan emphasizing femininity: beauty, sensuality, appreciating the female body… Self-help guidebooks persisting the woman