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  • Free Cornell Admissions Essay

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    Cornell Admissions Essay By unlocking the door to (name) past, one sees his thoughts and actions when they first took hold of his persona. This essay serves as a key to that door and to my current personality. The first beloved books in my life were the Sesame Street Encyclopedia volumes. At three, I wasn't old enough to read them, but I always wanted to have them read to me. In fact, I memorized the ten volume set so when my parents would skip some pages I would ask them to read what they

  • Gains in Retention Using The Cornell Note-Taking Method

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    A student seeking better retention of material taught in the class-room environment may employ the Cornell note-taking method. With such a method, the three sections of the note-taking outline can aid the student’s retention by improving encoding. For a student to be able to retain oncoming material, they first must be able to encode, as in interpret and internalize, oncoming material (Faber, Morris, & Lieberman, 2000). The note-taking section forces the student to use elaborative rehearsal which

  • Destroying Our Rainforests

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    say, ."..sixty five to seventy-five percent of higher plant species are indigenous to rainforests,." If the populace tears down all of the rainforests, only fifteen to twenty-five percent of the vital plants we depend on will be left in the world. Cornell biologist Thomas Eisner estimates that "less than two percent have been explored for their medicinal potential,." Every day the world looses an average of one hundred thirty seven species of animals in the rainforest due to the demolition. At that

  • BinOptics Corporation

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    privately held high tech start up company located in Cornell’s Business and Technology Park in Ithaca, NY. BinOptics, the company, was based on key technological inventions made at Cornell University. CEO and co-founder, Alex Behfar, worked on the proprietary technology under Professor Valentine during his student tenure at Cornell, while earning his PhD in Electrical Engineering. In November 2000 CEO, Alex Behfar and President, Darius Forghani founded BinOptics. BinOptics received its first round of venture

  • To work or not to work?

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    morning: the family gets ready, the kids go off to school, and mom and dad go off to work, right? Well, sort-of. Seven years ago, 29-year-old Laura Williams was living the professional life she always imagined. Armed with a degree in social work from Cornell, Williams had an impressive resume that could practically name her job of choice. But today, she’s living the life she never imagined she would have: she’s a stay-at-home mom. Williams is a part of a growing national trend where educated women

  • Clear Channel and the Cultural and Socio-Political Ramifications of Media Consolidation

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    Clear Channel and the Cultural and Socio-Political Ramifications of Media Consolidation I.INTRODUCTION In 1996, Congress passed the Telecommunications Act thereby lifting restrictions on media ownership that had been in place for over sixty years (Moyers 2003; Bagdikian 2000: xviii). It was now possible for a single media company to own not just two radio stations in any given local market, but eight. On the national level, there was no longer any limit on the number of stations a company could

  • Cornell Essay

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    Though I have a number of intellectual interests, three of them are particularly conspicuous: politics, economics, and technology. These interest both excite my curiosity while teaching me lessons that will prove useful for me in life. Ever since my seventh grade teacher taught me the rudiments of government, I have always loved politics. Every time an election is coming, I eagerly await new polling and predictions. Of course, no time is more exciting than when the actual results come in. In addition

  • Kurt vonnegut

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    the Echo. (((high school quote))) Vonnegut was expected to become a scientist, and when he went to Cornell in 1940, he chose, at the urging of his father, to major in chemistry. (((college quote))) "Chemistry was everything then," he said. "It was a magic word in the thirties. The Germans, of course, had chemistry, and they were going to take apart the universe and put it together again. At Cornell, he was the managing editor and columnist for its daily paper, the Sun. Among interned as a prisoner

  • Pesticides

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    country from another country that doesn’t have pesticide restrictions as the U.S. does. Pesticides are contaminating the Earth’s water supplies. There are seventeen pesticides found in twenty-three state’s water supplies right now. Scientists at Cornell University conclude that 99% of pesticides miss the intended source and find their way into the water, air and soil. Most of the pollution isn’t strong enough to create an immediate impact on humans so the wildlife is the primary target to these contaminates

  • Mother Night, Welcome to the Monkey House, and Harrison Bergeron

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    force characters to do evil in the name of good. Kurt Vonegut, Jr. was born November 11, 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the son of an architect. He attended Cornell University in 1940, studying biochemistry, but soon quit because his grades were poor. He worked as a columnist for the Cornell Daily Sun until joining the army in 1942. He was captured by the Germans in 1944 and forced to work in a factory, where he lived through the fire bombing of Dresden. This, and

  • Charles Ginnever

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    studied at the California University of Fine Arts in San Francisco where here received his B.F.A. In 1959, Charles Finally finished his education at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York with a M..F.A.. After finishing his studies, Charles Ginnever took up teaching positions at many different universities and institutes. Some of these schools included Cornell University, Pratt Institute, University of California at Berkeley and many more schools across the country. Charles has been given many awards and

  • Cornell Supplement Essay

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    An interest in business and agricultural studies has always taken some form throughout my life, whether it was running a farm in seventh grade, building a mentoring program during freshmen year or acting as the treasurer for National Honors Society. At first I was learning to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and then determining how to sell them in order to achieve a net profit. Later I studied how to successfully construct a budget for a new mentoring class at our school and this year I have

  • The Purpose of Mother Night

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    literature  is  Kurt  Vonnegut,  author  of  such well-known novels as Slaughterhouse 5 and Cat's Cradle. Vonnegut was born on November 11, 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana  ("Kurt Vonnegut,  Jr."). Vonnegut  attended Cornell University in 1940 where he  wrote for the Cornell Daily Sun ("Chronology"). In  1943, Vonnegut joined  the United States Infantry. He fought  in World War II for  the 106th Infantry Division until 1945 when he  was captured by the Germans and shipped to a  work camp in Dresden

  • Cornell Personal Statement

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    “So what do you want to study at Cornell?” I winced at these words, anticipating a familiar wave of conflicted emotions to pass through my body any second. It always was easy to answer what college I wanted to go to but the hard part was discussing what I wanted to study. Sometimes I would answer biology, other times sociology, but most of the time I indicated that I was undecided. I was wedged between two seemingly different areas of interest and was not ready to give either of them up. However

  • The First Video Game

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    New York, William A. Higinbotham notices that people attending the annual autumn open houses, which are held to show the public how safe the work going on there is, are bored with the displays of simple photographs and static equipment. Educated at Cornell University as a physics graduate, Higinbotham had come to BNL from Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project, and had actually been witness to the first detonation of the atomic bomb. A chain-smoking, fun-loving character and self-confessed pinball player

  • Sheri S. Tepper's Novel, Beauty

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    regarding beauty and it's value, regardless of the time in which it is present. As time goes on, all that is beautiful and magical in the world will eventually become extinct. In her web review of the novel, Amanda Holland-Minkley, a professor at Cornell University, argues that the guiding theme throughout the novel is "the presence of magic and beauty in the world, and the risk we run of allowing them to disappear." As Beauty lives through the 20th century, her new experiences cause her to view life

  • The Impostor Syndrome

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    The Impostor Syndrome Professor Martine Haas, Organizational Behavior, Cornell University, gave an example of a woman named Vignette who was giving presentations and had to monitor herself in a male dominated setting. She avoided raising her voice at certain times in order not to sound too assertive because she is a woman. Vignette hasn't been the only female or woman who has been faced with this situation. Aside from this type of impression management, there have been many circumstances where

  • Blackboard Inc.

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    program called Blackboard. It has become the leading provider of Internet infrastructure software for e-Education in today’s society as it is widely used across many campuses. Blackboard was created in June of 1997 from students and faculty at Cornell University. Their intend was to develop an online software program which would advance online education and be capable for other institutions to use as well. Two other important people in the creation of Blackboard would be two education consultants

  • Note Taking - The Cornell System

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    Cornell strategy note taking system, was developed by Dr Pauk of Cornell University, the Cornell strategy is an excellent study system for organizing and reviewing lecture notes to increase comprehension and critical thinking of course materials, which typically results in improved test scores. Why I am using Cornell strategy: I am using Cornell Method because It is an organized and systematic strategy for recording and reviewing lecture notes, easy formatting for pulling out major concept and

  • Guardian Angels

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    doctors meant to be guardian angels? Born in India and raised in Qatar,I've a variety of options for attending college.But I chose to be a part of the best.I consider Weill Cornell Medical College, an outstanding hub of heavenly knowledge to be the place I belong.Not only can I benefit from the extensive resources that Weill Cornell provides but I believe that I can contribute something in return as well.Perhaps provide society with something extarordinary- the gift of LIFE.