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  • controversial issues

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    Controversy is everywhere; people can take the least controversial things and make them controversial just for the sake of arguing about them. There are a lot of issues that are a big concern to people these days; issues that cause debates and become major issues in presidential elections. People take all kinds of views of these very issues and a lot of the time the bible is a big influence on people’s final decisions on how they feel. People believe things are wrong because the bible tells them

  • The Controversial Issue of Religion in Schools

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    The Controversial Issue of Religion in Schools Religion in Schools has proven to be a very controversial matter as of lately. Even though teaching about religion is allowed in public schools, there are still many questions that are being asked in order to provide a basis of what is appropriate for school, and what is inappropriate. The first amendment to the United States Constitution says that 'congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise

  • The Controversial Issue of Capital Punishment

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    The Controversial Issue of Capital Punishment Since the execution of James Kendall in 1608, capital punishment “has been an accepted form of justice” in what is now the United States (Smith 2). Capital punishment can be defined as “the penalty of death for the commission of a crime” ( 1). In colonial America, both violent and non-violent crimes could merit the death penalty. Murder was not the only crime punishable by death. Criminals responsible for committing any crime against

  • The Controversial Issue of Animal Ethics

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    The Controversial Issue of Animal Ethics The struggle against sickness and disease is not over, yet medical progress is being threatened by activists who would end the use of laboratory animals in the search for treatment and cures. Their well financed anti-research disinformation campaign is not the only weapon used by animal rights activists. The more extreme animal rights activists have used tactics of intimidation and terrorism, for example: April 26,1997, activists were arrested when

  • The Controversial Issue of Affirmative Action

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    The Controversial Issue of Affirmative Action Considering the subject of affirmative action the following questions frequently are raised: Is there a clear understanding of affirmative action roles/goals? What are the pros/cons of these programs? What are the "loop holes" in the system? Does seniority play a role in affirmative action? Addressing these key questions may help us all in our daily routine, as administrators and/or potential administrator in the public/private sector. Affirmative

  • Analysis of the Controversial Issue of Capital Punishment

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    The Controversial Issue of Capital Punishment Capital punishment is a declining institution as the twentieth century nears its end. At one time capital punishment was a common worldwide practice, but now it is only used for serious violation of laws in 100 of the world's 180 nations (Haines 3 ). It can be traced back to the earliest forms of civilization. The origins of the movement away from capital punishment are difficult to date precisely. The abolition movement can be heard as early

  • Euthanasia Essay - The Controversial Issue of Doctor-Assisted Suicide

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    The Controversial Issue of Doctor-Assisted Suicide Imagine youu have just found out you are going to die within three months. Recently the questions have been changed form, "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?" to "When should I kill myself"?  With painful and crippling diseases such as AIDS and cancer, and Alzheimers along with doctors such as Dr. Kavorkian, some people are choosing death over life.  Doctor assisted suicide has been a very controversial subject

  • Controversial issues

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    As a social science teacher your role is to teach the complexities of society and the interaction between individuals with society. A complex and contentious interlink, that cannot be taught without coming into contact with controversial and sensitive issues. It has been often argued even with in the teaching of Sociology whether or not sociological research can be value free (******), this is a debate that is also in the minds of sociology teachers, can sociology and similar subject be taught

  • Abortion

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    Abortion: A Controversial Issue One of the major controversial issues confronting the society today is abortion. I choose abortion as the topic of discussion since it contradicts my values and beliefs. Abortion is the extraction of the human fetus from the mother’s womb with an intention to end the life of that fetus prior to its natural birth. The controversy surrounding abortion is whether it should be legalized or not? In my opinion, abortion is morally and ethically wrong because it leads to

  • College Drinking

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    College campuses today bring up many controversial issues in society. For instance, on Lincoln College campus zero tolerance has been an endless dispute among students and faculty. Members of administration on other campuses are trying to either slow down the consumption of alcohol on campus or stop it all together. Whether the regulating or extinction of alcohol is or is not fair is yet unknown. Reasons that contributed to zero tolerance, actions among universities in the U.S, rules on Lincoln College

  • School Censorship is Detrimental to Education

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    School Censorship is Detrimental to Education Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Maya Angelou. What do these writers have in common? Sure, they are all great American authors, but there is something else. They are all "banned." Censored. Forbidden. Who has not read a book by at least one of these authors? All are great pieces of literature and should be crucial parts of the high school curriculum. School censorship of books is detrimental to the educational development of high school

  • Stem Cells Should Not Be Used Therapeutically

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    Not Be Used Therapeutically A stem cell is a cell in the body that can differentiate into almost any other type of cell in the body. Stem cells come from sites in the bone marrow, as well as the tissues of developing fetuses. The most controversial issue in stem cell therapy is the use of fetuses for their stem cells. Scientists want to clone human embryos, and use the stem cells long before the embryo matures (when it is only about 36 cells). This causes a large amount of unease in society

  • A Comparison of Realism in Uncle Vanya and A Doll's House

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    These plays reflect controversial issues that the audience can relate to because they interact in the same situations every day. As late nineteenth century playwrights point out the flaws of mankind they also provide an answer to the controversy. Unknowingly the hero or heroine solves the problem at the end of the play and indirectly sends a message to the audience on how to solve their own problem. Henrik Ibsen and Anton Chekov both provide unique analysis on issues their culture never thought

  • Use of the Internet in Elementary Schools

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    looking at certain WEB sites (AskEric, PBS, KidLink, Interactive Frog Dissection, Hillside Elementary School, and Dade County Schools) this paper examines the ways the WEB is used in elementary schools. In addition, this paper addresses some controversial issues that arise when the WEB is used in elementary classrooms. The development and growth of the Worldwide Wide Web have had an enormous impact on several areas including government, business, and even education. The WEB facilitates the quick

  • Tort Reform

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    Tort Reform Tort reform is very controversial issue. From the plaintiff’s perspective, tort reforms seems to take liability away from places such as insurance companies and hospitals which could at times leave the plaintiff without defense. From the defendant’s perspective, tort reform provides a defense from extremely large punitive damage awards. There seems to be no median between the two. Neither side will be satisfied. With the help of affiliations such as the American Tort Reform

  • moralhf Moral Choices in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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    because he is from the lowest levels of white society and his dad is known more or less as the `town drunk." So when Huck fakes his death and runs away to live on an island he is faced with yet another problem, which revolves around the controversial issue of the time of racism. While living on the island he meets Jim who was a slave but Huck soon learns that he has ran off and now in the process of making his way up north to Canada. Here Huck is faced along with his first tough decision

  • Compare and Contrast Two Views of Gay Marriage

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    One of the most controversial issues around today is gay marriages. Many believe that the media is primly responsible for the idea of same-sex marriages, but when it all comes down to it there are really only two sides; those who support gay marriages, and those who oppose them. Two authors write their opinions on their opposite views on this issue. Sullivan (2002) supports same-sex marriages and believes marriage to be a universal right, not just restricted to heterosexuals. Contrary to Sullivan

  • Education Inequality in America

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    Education Inequality in America Background Will Durant, a businessman and the founder of General Motors, once said, “Education is the transmission of civilization.” Unfortunately, education is still one of the most deliberated and controversial issues in the United States. Thus far, the privilege or right to receive education has not attained the level of equality throughout the nation; poor districts obtain less educational funding while rich districts obtain more, creating an immense gap

  • The Religious Right and the Crusade to Preserve Religion

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    the assignment ,Donna Marsh, asked us to find an article in a periodical that dealt with an issue in our American culture. We were then told to express our opinion on the topic discussed in the article and to analyze the argument presented in the article. I chose the topic of school prayer because I believe strongly in the separation of church and state that exists in our country. This is a controversial issue that is worthy of discussion, and hopefully my essay will provoke you in some manner whether

  • Inequality in Legal System

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    inequality presently in the system is not as blatant as what it once was. Slavery continued in the United States for nearly ninety years after the Declaration, and African Americans still feel the sting of inequality today. One of the most controversial issues today is the act of racial profiling. The most common form is direct, meaning victims are directly profiled, usually by the police. In this form, individual officers act on racial stereotypes against racial minorities, especially African Americans