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  • Essay On Bulletin Boards As Dialogic Constructivism

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    second language is measurably more difficult than in one's first language: Second language writing is "more laborious, less fluent, and less productive" (Silva 200). Because bulletin boards are asynchronous (i.e. not in immediate real time), ESL contributors are on a more even footing with their native-speaking peers in contributing to the meaning construction of the students' knowledge. Further, Freiermuth reports that "interactants do not have to worry about outside factors that interfere with listening

  • extinction of great apes

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    Some say these great apes will face extinction within a decade. Why is this the case and should we let this happen? These apes lose areas of habitat on a daily basis. They are also constantly slaughtered for meat and body parts. These two enormous contributors of great ape depletion are just unnecessary additional threats to the existence of our relatives. We must not forget that there is also disease and environmental catastrophes that kill off these intelligent human-like primates. Humans share up

  • Review - Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical Librarians Speak Out

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    Who can resist a book with a chapter titled, "Labia Lumps, Chunky Discharge, and Other Things They Never Taught Me in Library School"? Released this past summer, Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical Librarians Speak Out takes no prisoners as its contributors ponder everything from the backtracking of '60s values by ALA's baby boomers to librarian imagery in erotica. This edited volume is a sequel to a 1972 self-published book titled Revolting Librarians. The original is worth checking out for its historical

  • Consumption and Everyday Life

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    Consumption and Everyday Life This interdisciplinary volume portrays the variety and complexity of consuming practices that are embedded in the context of everyday life. The contributors cover a broad range of cultural consuming patterns drawing on material as well as symbolic resources with case studies from different parts of the world. Studied practices include shopping, personal narratives, music and performance, the imagination of identities and places, media and audiences as well as domestic

  • The Effects of Sir Thomas Malory’s Life and Culture on the Arthurian Legends

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    culture they live in. In addition, the personal life experiences of the author are also expressed in the work. In the case of the Arthurian Legends, the major contributor was Sir Thomas Malory, who lived from 1405 to 1471 (Abrams, 420). The first section of this paper will examine why Sir Thomas Malory should be considered the greatest contributor to the Arthurian Legends. The second section of this paper will examine many themes expressed in Malory’s work, Morte Darthur, such as courtly love, brotherly

  • Internet and Education

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    Internet and Education Since the Internet was created it has always had an effect on education. After military establishments Universities were the first real contributors to the Internet's structure. The Internet has vastly improved education. There are so many ways that education and the Internet are connected these days. Almost every textbook has a corresponding Internet sight including the one for this course. [ Some sites like these contain valuable

  • Poverty in Nigeria

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    billions of dollars annually, yet the majority of the population lives in poverty. With around 70% of its people living with this problem it is also one of the poorest countries in the world ( Nigeria 's economy dominated by oil ). One of the major contributors to this problem is government. Because the country is well known for its lack of leadership the money made through oil trade is kept by rich benefactors, and the poor are left with nothing. Another major problem that is increasing poverty is Nigeria's

  • The Internet - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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    information system. It is composed of many interconnected computer networks. Each network may link thousands of computers enabling them to share information. The internet has brought a transformation in many aspects of life. It is one of the biggest contributors in making the world into a global village. Use of internet has grown tremendously since it was introduced. It is mostly because of its flexibility. Nowadays one can access the internet easily. Most people have computers in their homes but even

  • Comparing the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

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    Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Adams, George Washington, James Madison, and James Monroe. These were the most known contributors of all the founding Fathers. Each framer has equal contribution to the development of the Constitution and the articles of Confederation. The three greatest contributors to the Constitution in the United States were the founding Fathers in the Constitution and the Articles of the Confederation. But all the ones that I put into

  • Labor in Society

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    be understood from the particular action pervades our world to the extent that it becomes hard to imagine life without it. Indeed, the vision offers a larger narrative into which all of our experiences can fit, as if we were always just minor contributors to grand projects, where the only question is whether or not the projects are good. Marx considers this division of labor as it presents itself in society, in the form of social roles and subgroup responsibilities, as opposed to a seemingly similar

  • Bipartisanship

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    corporations, money, the Senators or House member’s families)? These can be considered to be the independent variables. Presently, the Internet consists of numerous, almost uncountable, sources on bipartisanship. Many magazines and newspapers are major contributors to this subject as well. The amount of scandal contributing to this particular issue creates a level of curiosity that intrigues all aspects of this society. When the public seems to want press on a particular issue, they seem to get it. The most

  • Death and the Regeneration of Life

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    many theories that anthropologist have studied with the idea of life and death. The idea of death and the regeneration of life changes with each culture and tradition. Everyone has his or her own opinion of how it shall work. With the help of many contributors to the book, one is able to read the different types of ways some cultures value their own rituals. The notions of fertility and sexuality often have a considerable prominence in funeral practices. These practices have excited the attention of

  • Ruisdael Vs. Monet

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    immense collection. Although very extensive, the museum undoubtedly concentrates on the grouping and placement of paintings and sculptures within the building. Through chronological and thematic paths, the museum takes the viewer through the major contributors to the advancement of art, from around the world. Separated by only a marble floor, the room containing Salomon Van Ruisdael’s Landscape with Cattle and an Inn, differs greatly from that of Claude Monet’s, Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil. These two

  • Primary Education in Uganda - A Policy Analysis

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    universal primary education policy and continue to structure the policy in ways to benefit Ugandans, while simultaneously protecting their own interests. Unfortunately with such an enormous national commitment and the underlying interests of the many contributors, there were many shortages in the realistic policy as experienced by Ugandans. I argue that these shortages, which ultimately affect the quality of primary education, can be linked to inadequacies in the deliberations, monitoring, evaluation,

  • The Effects of Smoking on the Developing Fetus

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    growth and development. High levels of carboxyhemoglobin are present in the blood of the mother and the fetus. This may decrease the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen and fetal hypoxia is the result (2). Fetal hypoxia and ischemia are major contributors to developmental defects, but nicotine has been implicated, in various studies, to have a direct affect on fetal development (3). Several studies suggest that nicotine interferes with cell acquisition and development in various brain regions

  • The Changing Roles of the Reader and Writer in the Literature

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    authorship has changed, which in turn affects the role of the reader. In Writing Space, Jay Bolter further explores the changing roles of the author and reader in hypertextual literature. He believes the author and reader have become equal contributors to the writing process. The flexibility and interactive nature of electronic writing enables the reader to participate and choose what direction they want the writing to go (Bolter 168). Therefore, the writer and reader both participate in the

  • The History of Women And Computing

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    they can be equated with computers (15). In actuality, many sources concur on that fact that women played a much larger role in the development of computing then they have been given credit for in the history books. There have been many female contributors to the expansion of computing machines and computer science and several of the pioneers of computing technology were female. Ada Byron Lovelace is one of the few women who get credit for her early work in computing. She lived during the

  • Careful, He Might Hear You

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    administered to him by Lila and George. His unawareness of the outside world and any other style of life but his own causes the power of their relationship to be solely in the hands of Lila. PS’s innocence and trust in Lila becomes one of the major contributors to the clash which develops between Vanessa and Lila once Vanessa takes partial custody of PS. The nature of the relationship Vanessa demands from PS is so entirely different to that of Lila that PS finds himself torn between two women who, with

  • Exemplification Essay: The Need to Improve the Apathetic Attitude of Young People

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    Are young people in today's society enamored with themselves? Do they care about others? Are they unfeeling; show little or no interest or emotion; unresponsive, indifferent; passionless or void of feeling? What is the cause or reason for apathy in young folks today that wasn't there a hundred years ago? Quite possibly it is a lack of mental stimulation. As responsible citizens of the United States, we should decide to not put up with indifference but encourage young people to get involved in their

  • We Must Save the Brazilian Rainforest

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    deforestation. Following a brief introduction of the history of the development of Brazil, I have broken the paper into five sections; each section is dedicated to one of the five main contributing factors of deforestation. The five main contributors are cattle ranching, farming, logging, infrastructure development, and weaknesses in the government. In each section I will discuss how each factor effects the environment and Brazil at large. Brazil's rainforest became more heavily populated