Contemporary Women

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  • Women in the Contemporary Church

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    Women in the Contemporary Church The status of women within the Catholic Church is often deemed a controversial topic. In particular, the position of females in the contemporary Roman Catholic Church is an interesting notion to consider. By considering the roles of women today in the Roman Catholic Church, this essay will analyse the trends and difficulties regarding women and describe the necessary steps to take to advance steps to equality. Furthermore, official teachings of the Roman Catholic

  • Role of Japanese Women: Traditional and Contemporary

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    Japan also holds a rich history of gender revolution led by women. Regarding the changing roles of Japanese women in family and the society discussed by many researchers, this essay analyses and compares traditional and modern Japanese women through two popular cultural texts: the television drama Oshin (1983-1984) and the talk show “Culture shift in Japan” (2007) of Everywoman program by AIJazeera English. Traditional Japanese women have long been considered subservient, dedicated and loyal to

  • Freedom of Religious Expression of Contemporary Korean Women

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    a long history of political turmoil and religious establishments weaving together a underlying foundation of expectations required of women within and through Korean culture as it exists even today. This traditional structure has survived into contemporary Korea fulfilling an obsolete role in this evolving society. Longstanding practices and roles requiring women to submit to their husbands and have a muted presence in public have provoked revolutionizing stances that strive to re-establish the female

  • Cantebury Tales - Relation Of Wife Of Bath To Contemporary Women

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    politicians and whoever else made up the ruling class, women were looked at as the Devil’s ally – a sensual and deceitful creature who was a constant bearer of sin and the cause of most of man’s misfortune. Women then and now may look upon most of these “devilish” characteristics as desirable, strong-willed and feministic. Chaucer appears to support women and specifically these devilish feminists by creating two very strong-willed and successful women in the Wife of Bath and the old hag in the Wife’s

  • Janie and Contemporary Women in Zora Neale Hurston’s "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

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    that raise much controversy with the community and endures situations that would be deemed inhumane in today’s society. Examining the abuse, oppression and criticism Janie undergoes in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God from both a contemporary woman's viewpoint and an early twentieth century woman's viewpoint reveals differences, as well as similarities in the way people respond to events. The response to abuse has metamorphosed drastically from Janie’s time to present day. During

  • The Use Of Gender Misrepriquality In Gender And Gender

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    misrepresented in contemporary society because it is automatically equated with being female in the gender binary. The use of the gender binary in contemporary society causes females to be viewed as the lesser sex. Furthermore, the application of the gender binary causes behaviors and characteristics attached to femininity to be labeled as lesser in a patriarchal society. This phenomenon is linked to increased violence toward women, increased mental health issues, and the underrepresentation of women in male-dominated

  • Desdemona - Virtuous Woman or Modern Woman Challenging Oppressive Societal Values?

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    progressive woman who contributed to her downfall by being outspoken and challenging the position of women in her time. Both readings are relevant to contemporary society especially when you take into consideration the role feminism has played in shaping modern thinking and the number of abusive relationships portrayed in our media. However as will be shown, contemporary society feels more comfortable viewing women as innocent, pure and good and therefore a reading of Othello, which perceives Desdemona as

  • Jodie Medd's The Cambridge Companion To Lesbian Literature: Themes In Historical Literature

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    involved expressions of desire towards other women. She is often seen as “the most highly regarded woman poet of Greek and Roman antiquity” (Medd, 3), who in some way paved the way for later lesbian literature to discover the many different varieties of stories concerning gay women. By looking at the changes lesbian literature has gone through regarding the identity of lesbian characters, this thesis will examine what lesbian identity means in two contemporary British novels, how these novels conform

  • Iconography and Iconology of an Advertisement

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    depicting nude women. From Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus to Ingres’s Grande Odelisque, many artists like the idea of painting a woman in the nude in an interesting pose. Even modern images in contemporary magazines depict nude images. Yves Saint Laurent’s advertisement of their fragrance Opium depicts a nude woman covering her breast. Her pose is a symbol of the iconography, while beauty serves as the iconology. The understanding of the iconography and iconology of this image by contemporary society comes

  • The Progressive Modern Korean New Women In the 1920s: Blue Swallow Film Analysis

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    modern generation was rapidly incorporated into colonial modernity. Korean women began to “redefine the Korean female identity” by displaying the “new woman” characteristics, in which some literate women initiated to “enhance their education, determine their own physical appearance, and contribute to the debate about changing gender roles and expectations”(Yoo, p.59) Fearing the threat of the emergence of the “new women” with the potential disturbance to the hegemony, Japanese colonial authorities