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  • Female Monstrosity in Contemporary Literature

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    Literature Review: Female Monstrosity in Contemporary Literature The representation of women in literature has changed immensely throughout the years, especially in more recent times with the feminist movement. Feminist writers such as Angela Carter, Jeanette Winterson and Fay Weldon (three of the writers that were analysed in the sources) have challenged gender roles and female stereotypes by depicting their female characters as monstrous and grotesque, thereby defying male norms of female beauty

  • A Comparison Of Contemporary And Romance Literature

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    A Comparison of Contemporary and Romance Literature Contemporary literature in the form of a short story consists of a plot, characters, point of view, setting, and theme (2). These elements can vary a great deal from one story to the next. An author of a short story also reveals a tone and a mood shown by his or her style of writing. Although romance literature contains the elements mentioned above, they are very different than those in short stories and are somewhat static from one tale to the

  • Studies in Contemporary Literature: Free Speech

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    Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined as determined by the government, media outlet, or other controlling bodies (Wikipedia, 1). This can be done by governments and private organizations or by individuals who engage in self-censorship which is the act of censoring or classifying one’s own work like blog, books, films, or other means of expression, out of the

  • Modern Society in The Wizard of Oz

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    word definitions as ‘characteristic of present and recent; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete’. This viewpoint of the contemporary manifests itself in the onward march of technological progress and the innate human desire to advance and improve on those that came before us. To be modern is to accept that the past is of a lesser state of development than how we are living in modern times, and that the current paradigm of contemporary society is a clear and present progressivist as stated by

  • Portrayal of the Opposition to the Vietnam War in Contemporary Literature, Film and Popular Song

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    Portrayal of the Opposition to the Vietnam War in Contemporary Literature, Film and Popular Song In the following extended answer I intend to scrutinize the opposition to the Vietnam War. With the use of contemporary literature, film and popular song I am hopeful that I can express to you how these materials had quite a radical effect on the people’s opinion. To begin, we must take into consideration the initial public opinion and contemporary sources on the war on the war in it’s originate

  • Is the Future of Art Digital?

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    communicative purpose. In this contemporary era, art has diverged in to varied styles and movements, majority between the traditional arts and digital arts. Art itself overall is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power” (Stevenson, 2010, p88) The history of art can be comparable to the history of literature. They both contain continuity

  • Digital Image and How Can dDgital Aesthetics Be Described

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    Where the digital represents exact order and precise control of virtual realities through mathematical dualities as symbolized in binary code or machine language, the "glitch" in digital art is an example of chaos in order, or the moment of singularity as expressed by space, time, & mind in the image. Olga Goriunova and Alexei Shulgin define the glitch as being symbolic of the first generation of web art or net art, the artistic expression of the global underground community in the era of

  • Mid-Term Essay

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    What is literature? Literature does not have a universally accepted definition, etymologically; the term literature derives from Latin (Literatura/Litteratura) “writings formed with letters.” Some definitions include spoken or sung texts; although literature has variably included all written work—writing that possesses literary merit and language that foregrounds literariness, as opposed to ordinary language. Value Judgment defines literature—it exclusively includes writing that possesses a literary

  • Born-Again Christian Prophecies Based on the Bible

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    the word of God instead of doing it themselves. In conclusion, literature can be analyzed based on whether it contains epic genres or not. Ancient literature was said to be epic due to the flexibility it had and it’s ability to achieve factors that other forms of literature cannot manage to obtain. It is also evident that modern literature lacks the lyric poetry that is found in epics. It is also clear that contemporary literature has a lot of emotions and feelings, is more intimate, realistic and

  • Why We Should Read Great Literature

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    Should Read Great Literature In Western culture, many literary works have been set apart from the rest by being termed great literature. What qualifies a work to be great literature, and why should we read it? An excellent source on this topic is Mortimer Adler, one of the premier American philosophers of the twentieth century and founder of the famous Great Books List. According to Adler, all great literature meets three criteria: the work is pertinent to contemporary life, is worth rereading