Comparative Study Essays

  • A comparative study of Sydney Carton in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities

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    A comparative study of Sydney Carton in Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities, and Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet in Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, requires the reader to analyze various aspects that the transforming effect love can have on a personality. As we study each character, it is relatively easy to see that no matter how painful love can be, it is usually to one’s betterment to have experienced it. Love affects each person differently. Some become more introspective, searching to

  • Language Games, Writing Games - Wittgenstein and Derrida: A Comparative Study

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    Language Games, Writing Games - Wittgenstein and Derrida: A Comparative Study ABSTRACT: The concept of deconstruction was first used by Derrida in transforming Heideggerian "destruction." The deconstruction of Derrida is a textintern, intertextual, in-textual activity. He plays a double game inside of philosophy, emphasizing that our thinking is embedded in metaphysics, while at the same moment he questions metaphysics. Wittgenstein's deconstruction, however, involves a new kind of reading,

  • Oppression and Resistance in Jamaican Reggae and Afro-Brazilian Music A Comparative Study of Race in Music and Culture

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    Oppression and Resistance in Jamaican Reggae and Afro-Brazilian Music A Comparative Study of Race in Music and Culture Cultural expression frequently serves as a lens to the conditions, historical and contemporary, of a society. Film, music, and literature often serve as an extension of oral traditions and can provide us not only with a glimpse into history but can also share with us the cultural impact of the past and give us a greater understanding of the present. In the countries of Brazil

  • Comparative Advantage Case Study

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    The Law of Comparative Advantage was introduced by David Ricardo in 1817 in his book ‘Principles of Political Economy and Taxation’. According to this classical theory, a comparative advantage exists for a country when it has a margin of superiority in the production of a certain commodity over others. Comparative advantage results from differing endowments in the factors of production like technology, natural endowments, climate, etc. among different countries. Therefore, each country exports the

  • A Comparison of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet

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    three Muses mourning for the death Of Learning, late deceased in beggary-- would fix the date at 1592-3. Assuming, then, that the Dream was written soon, perhaps immediately, after Romeo and Juliet, let us see if a comparative study of the two plays will not support our hypothesis. Awake the pert and nimble spirit of mirth, Turn melancholy forth to funerals says Theseus in the first scene of the Dream, and later in the first scene of Act v:

  • Comparative Study Of Primates

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    But we should not only use mammals as comparative models; in endocrinology the comparative study of non-mammals has helped in developmental research of the anterior pituitary using tunicates, a primitive chordate, as a model organism. Morphological, lineage, and immunohistochemical studies have shown the neural gland of tunicates is ectoderm derived (dual process of ciliated duct originating from non-neuronal ectoderm

  • A Comparative Study of Mythology

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    answers for unanswerable questions. Though every mythology appears different, if one looks close enough, commonalities appear. Joseph Campbell spent his life studying mythologies and religions along with compiling the commonalities amongst them. This study on the works of Joseph Campbell focuses on the following areas: I. Reasons for the commonalities amongst mythologies II. Carl Yung’s Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, and their relation to mythology III. Modern Mythology Reasons for the

  • Comparative Study of Religions

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    The definition of religion changes all throughout the world. A neighbor, a coworker, a traveler, a student studying abroad would provide all sorts of different views and opinions on what religion means to them. It can be difficult at times to relate to other religions and provide factual information that has no bias and fully demonstrates the religion but it is important to find a common ground between factual and bias to create a better perception of what religion has to offer others. When narrowing

  • Independent Study Project

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    Comparative Study of Murder Mysteries; Agatha Christie and Sheila Radley The novels Death of a Maiden and Appointment with Death, written by Sheila Radley and Agatha Christie, are murder mysteries describing a betrayal of trust. While both are similar in this way, it is the differences between the two novels that make the similarities remarkable. By comparing the victims, the killers, and the investigators, the differences in the novels are revealed. The victims in the novels, Mary Gadge and Mrs

  • Comparative Politics: Comparative, Case Research And Case Study Methods

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    Without comparative method it would be very difficult to know why certain things exist differently, even though they share certain communality and therefore, we have to compare and contrast different variables under them as to see their common or different independent variables causing variance between them. Therefore, existence comparative politics is very important. As Giovanni Sartori (1994) “…..says we compare to control, control means the way that we use comparisons as a way to check (verify

  • Comparative Case Study Essay

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    A COMPARATIVE CASE STUDY: JAPAN’S & THE UNITED STATES’ MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM Introduction: This comparative case study will be discussing and analyzing the two countries of Japan and the United States. The main topic of this research study will be based on the question, ‘What is the mathematics curriculum in each country?’ Kim Marshall (2005) identified in her article “Let’s Clarify the Way We Use the Word ‘Curriculum’” seven different definitions for the word curriculum. These distinctly defined

  • Uber Essay

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    Comparative advantage is a common topic among the study of economics: “the ability of an individual or group to carry out a particular economic activity more efficiently than another group”. In the article How Uber Plans To Conquer The Suburbs (, it talks about how Uber is trying to get an advantage within the ride share market in North America, and the comparative advantage they have in doing so. Uber has been competing with taxi companies since Uber was created and there has been lots

  • A Comparative Study of Japanese and English

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    This study will explore selected phonological, typological, orthographical, morphological and syntactical features of the ‘isolate’ language, Japanese, and analyse how far these features differ from English, itself an Indo-European language, with specific emphasis placed on how accessible Japanese speakers would find learning English as a second language, and vice-versa. The Japanese language is spoken by almost the whole of the East Asian nation of Japan, comprising of up to 128 million speakers

  • A Pragmatic Approach for Comparative Analysis of Linear and Rotary Generators

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    A Pragmatic Approach for Comparative Analysis of Linear and Rotary Generators ABSTRACT This paper identifies the need for consolidating analysis techniques for the purpose of designing linear electrical generation systems. Additionally, it identifies a need for concise system development tools that help designers make practical comparisons between linear and rotary machines. INTRODUCTION The basic principles for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy have been known for over

  • Christianity and Islam: A Comparative Study

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    To us in the South, when we think of religion, most people generally think of Christianity. Though that is the religion we know best, we only know it best because we live in the Bible Belt of the World and there is a church on every corner. When people in the South hear the term Islam or Muslim, a follower of Islam, their minds almost always will turn to radicalism. Contrary to popular belief, not all followers of Islam are dangerous or a threat to society, in fact, some of the nicest people you

  • Understanding Communitas: A Comparative Study

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    It is often found that people are bound together in groupings that can take on several different characteristics. Sometimes people find themselves inter-related based upon choice, but other times are inter-related because of circumstance. This points to one topic: communitas. By looking more closely at this topic within The Holy Bible, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, one might be able to determine three things: (1) communitas is reached through liminality, (2) communitas brings

  • Selfishness and Its Consequences: A Comparative Study

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    Both “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson and “Popular Mechanics” by Raymond Carver portray that a person with selfishness is only hurting themselves. In “Button, Button”, Norma and Arthur, an average couple living in New York, recieve a button on their doorstep. They are eventually told that if they press the button, they will receive $50,000 with only one catch, someone they did not know would die. Arthur completely disregarded this and would not even consider pressing the button, while Norma

  • Comparative Study: Judaism and Christianity

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    Judaism and Christianity are both developed on the basis of observing and following God, on the adherence to His rules and objectives, and their faithful fulfillment. Since the fulfillment of God’s will is an obligation of a Jewish or Christian person, both religions fall into the rule-deontological classification. The question regarding the parallels and divergences of Judaism and Christianity has always been a main concern in the spiritual world. It is understood that these two religions do have

  • Comparative Study: Islam and Christianity

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    Islam and Christianity Islam and Christianity are both extremely prominent religions. The histories of these religions, as well as their beliefs and impacts on the world today, share many commonalities. However, both Islam and Christianity are also unique in these elements. The founders of Islam and Christianity were alike because they both underwent religious experiences. Islam was founded by Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. He was born to a powerful tribe in Mecca, a city in present-day Saudi Arabia

  • Comparative Study on Laparoscopic and Abdominal Hysterectomy

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    Methods The methods of both studies used in the purpose of this research are very similar. They both use databases to gather appropriate information on the patients being researched. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Focused Research Article This study collected data on all patients who underwent a Laparoscopically assisted radical vaginal hysterectomy (LARVH) between 1996 and 2003 at the Northern Gynecological Oncology Centre (NGOC) located in Gateshead UK. The patients were identified and matched with