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  • Common Themes In Short Stories

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    incorporated into his works many different thoughts, life experiences, as well as themes. Those three things that he used in his works I believe are what made him the awesome author he is today. The main focus of this paper is to inform you of the themes that reoccur in many of his short stories. Some themes that I noticed were: family, frustration, dreams of escape, love infatuations, and finally, sin. Family is a strong theme in Joyce’s writings for in Araby, the young teen finds himself obeying

  • Common Themes of Three Songs

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    The Postal Service released three hits; The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Such Great Heights, and Clark Gable. These songs all share a common theme; teenage self-loathing love songs. I will be analyzing these three songs and the common themes between them. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight is about the singer gaining an understanding of why he is not with the one he loves. He sings “I’ll wear my badge…a vinyl sticker with big block letters adherent to my chest that tells your new friends I am

  • Common Themes in Secret Sharer, Heart of Darkness, and Shadow Line

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    Common Themes in The Secret Sharer, Heart of Darkness, and The Shadow Line Joseph Conrad's stories The Secret Sharer, Heart of Darkness, and The Shadow Line share a number of themes. All three stories deal with a process of maturing that involves the loss of youthful illusions, a process usually precipitated by an actual "trial" that challenges the protagonist's professional skills as well as his assumptions about his identity and sanity. In successfully dealing with the crisis, the protagonist

  • Modernism in The Metamorphoses

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    world was expressing their fears and attitudes toward their impending doom through their writings. Modernism has a few key themes that Franz Kafka follows throughout his piece, "The Metamorphosis." One of the most common themes among popular modernist literature are the rejection of literary tradition through experimentation with a darker style of writing. Surrealism was common among pieces which often involved the decaying of the human existence that was occurring in the (at the time) current

  • Harold E. Stearns’ Critique of American Culture in the Book, Civilization in the United States

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    wrote "supercilious reflections" (167). There are three main themes presented in each essay included in Civilization. They are as follows: Americans are hypocritical, American civilization is not Anglo-Saxon nor nationalistic, and finally American social life lacks emotion. Stearns chose his writers very carefully. He wanted each of them to be blunt and straight to the point in their essays, especially when writing on these three themes. In his preface, Stearns himself states: "If these main contentions

  • My Antonia Essay - Stages of Life

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    instance, many critics criticize Willa Cather's novel, My Antonia.  Their criticisms lie on the basis that My Antonia is based on cyclical themes with no structure holding each of My Antonia's books. In other words, as a collection of five different accounts remembered by the main character, Jim Burden, My Antonia is characterized by a loose plot structure, yet common themes are expressed through the cyclical nature, including the cycle of the seasons and the stages of life. According to James E. Miller

  • Gender in the Stories A Little Cloud and Counterparts in Dubliners

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    On the surface, James Joyce's Dubliners is a collection of short stories and unrelated characters woven together only by the common element of the city of Dublin in the early 20th century. Upon closer examination, however, it is evident that each story and character is connected by the many common themes that appear in every story. The theme I am going to discuss in relation to my essay is that of gender in the stories "A Little Cloud" and "Counterparts" from Joyce's Dubliners. In both stories both

  • William Stafford's Traveling Through the Dark

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    underlying theme. The only tool the poet has to wield is the word. Through a careful placement and selection of words, the poet can hopefully make his point clear, but not blatantly obvious. Common themes of poems are life, death, or the conflicting forces thereto. This theme could never possibly be overused because of the endless and limitless ways of portraying life or death through the use of different words. In William Stafford's "Traveling Through the Dark", there are conflicting themes between

  • Albert Camus

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    of the national theater. The Theory of Existentialism Existentialism as a distinct philosophical and literary movement belongs to the 19th and 20th centuries. Although existentialism is impossible to define, some of its common themes can be identified. One of the major theme is the stress on concrete individual existence and, consequently, on subjectivity, individual freedom, and choice. 19th century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, was the first writer to call himself existential.

  • The Power of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land

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    of plagiarism.  Like Laforgue, Eliot uses dialogue between men and women that doesn't seem to communicate a thing.  Other author's had an influence on Eliot as well, like Henry James and Joseph Conrad.  All of these poet's had the common themes of estrangement from people and the world, isolationism, and the feeling that they were failing to articulate their thoughts (Bergonzi 7, 50, Cuddy 30, Mack 1743, Martin 41, Unger 8). Henry James influence on Eliot's poetry is

  • The Rise and Fall of Existentialism

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    The Rise and Fall of Existentialism Existential literature often focuses on the personal journey towards existential awareness. Common themes in existential works, such as alienation and confrontation with death, often lead the "anti-hero" towards a climactic choice that defines whether they have reached true understanding. The themes within existential literature are reflected from the world at large, and the works themselves are a metaphor for a grander shift in Western philosophy.

  • Satire in the Eighteenth Century

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    Influential figures of the age, such as Voltaire, Jonathan Swift, and William Hogarth, strove to assure human betterment and advance human thinking through truth and humorous criticism.  They employed the use of satire in order to accomplish their common goal. According to A Handbook of Literary Terms, satire is defined as "a work or manner that blends a censorious attitude with humor or wit for improving human institutions or humanity" (Harmon and Holman 461).  The New Princeton Encyclopedia

  • Macbeth

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    "Macbeth Essay" In the play Macbeth we see many common themes that do emerge. One of which is the theme of ambition which will at the end eventually lead to the death of the main character. We see this in the eventual death of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. In this essay I hope to show the dominant theme of ambition and how it leads to the downfall of the main characters in the play. We first start to see Macbeth getting his ambition to become king in his quote when he says "if chance will have

  • Literary Analysis

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    the longest story in "The Dubliners" and the most difficult to understand because of the many different themes running through it. While "The Sisters" is much shorter than the latter, with an easier storyline. Eyes & Vision in Dubliners Dubliner by James Joyce is full of epiphanies that characters experience about the lives they live. All of the stories in Dubliners share the common themes of realization, and awareness. As the stories progress “The Sisters” and “the Dead” show the real way

  • The Many Themes in Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio

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    The Many Themes in Winesburg, Ohio Winesburg, Ohio is a compilation of short tales written by Sherwood Anderson and published as a whole in 1919. The short tales formulate the common themes for the novel as follows: isolation and loneliness, discovery, inhibition, and cultural failure. In order to examine these themes, Anderson's history must be understood and examined to provide illumination upon why Anderson came to such beliefs about human life. Sherwood Anderson was born on September

  • The Tragedy of Ambition in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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    The Tragedy of Ambition in Macbeth Shakespeare's tragic play, Macbeth, shares common themes with many other stories and actual events. Many scandals, both historic and current, can be linked to greed, ambition, and abuse of power.  Typically, the key figures are motivated by, and are inevitably destroyed by, ambition.  This is also the case in Macbeth, where ambition leads to the downfall of the once great character, Macbeth. William Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth, is a play about a man's

  • The Intersection of Religion and Politics in 17th-19th Century Africa

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    sources of spiritual power, track records as religious and political authorities, goals for reshaping the religious and political landscape of their regions, reputations among their contemporaries, and obstacles with which to contend. Some common themes of 17th-19th century African social and political history span these three stories despite their distinct historical contexts and characteristics. In each society, warlords vied for control without being able to unify small disintegrating states

  • Comparing the Power of Love in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Beloved

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    The Power of Love in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Beloved There are several common themes in the film Beloved and the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. They both deal with the effects of slavery on the white and black communities. They both address the brutal treatment of blacks within slavery, including the sexual mistreatment of black women by their masters. A prevalent theme out of both works is the power of a mother’s love for her children. The film Beloved paints a grim picture of what it was like to be

  • Science Curriculum in New York

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    Students will apply technological knowledge and skills to design, construct, use and evaluate products and systems to satisfy human and environmental needs. #6 Students will understand the relationships and common themes that connect math, science, and technology and apply the themes to these and other areas of learning. #7 Students will apply the knowlege and thinking skills of math, science, and technology to address real-life problems and make informed decisions. From our research

  • The Impact Advertising Has on Children

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    a mature message to an immature audience. There needs to be something done to prevent young children from receiving the wrong message at an early age. Also help for them to understand the message that is being sent out in a positive manner. Common themes that are used to sell products are sex, sex appeal and fast food. They are targeted for a younger marketing audience. Over the last thirty years advertising has focused on a younger consumer base and designs commercials to sell products to this