Common Problem Essays

  • Tragedy Of Commons: Elaborating On The Population Problem

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    philosopher/scientist, in 1968, writes an article, Tragedy of Commons, elaborating on the population problem. Tragedy of the Commons is an economic problem in which every individual tries to reap the greatest benefit from a source. What many people don’t understand is that everyone cant get a profit off one good, because of this every individual who consumes an additional unit directly harms others who can no longer enjoy the economic growth/benefit. The Tragedy of Commons reminds me so much of imperialism and colonization

  • Front Disk Brakes

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    somebody else’s vehicle. The most common sound made by the brakes of a vehicle is a light squeak, very high pitched and annoying. It may be time for new brakes, but wait; there could be a simpler fix. This paper is designed to educate the layman about brakes and give him or her some insight on how to fix them. I will concentrate on two common problems. Noise is probably what most people think of as the best indicator for repair, vibration is very a common problem, but noise will be discussed first

  • Procrastination: Habit or Disorder?

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    Procrastination: Habit or Disorder? "Procrastination is 'the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today.' " - Wayne Dyer (6) Universally common to college students, procrastination is often addressed as a bad habit. Yet, in most cases, this isn't a nuance, but a perpetual occurrence - no longer qualifying for the term "habit." Typically thought of as a behavioral trait, procrastination thrives on a cycle of blame shifting and avoidance. Falling victim to this "habit" myself, I embarked

  • The Roots of Illiteracy

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    The Roots of Illiteracy A problem that pervades our society and threatens to undermine all of the "advances" of our culture is illiteracy. Why is illiteracy so prominent in the United States? In such a diverse culture the causes of illiteracy cannot be easily pointed out. The United States has one of the most expensive higher educational systems in the world, yet 43% of adults read at a level that scarcely makes it possible to function in society. Almost 22% of adults are not be able

  • Ability Grouping

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    achievement level. Because of this problem, the achievement gap between high and middle to lower level students is now wider than before. In pertinence to certain subjects such as reading or mathematics, between-class ability grouping can produce greater achievement gains than mixed-ability groups. However, a common problem with between-class grouping is that the students in one group have little or no contact with others students outside their group. Yet another problem they are faced with is “teachers’

  • Prejudice in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

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    to judge fairly".In the novel 'To kill a mocking bird' there are several themes present like growing up, bravery and prejudice, but the main theme in this book is prejudice. Prejudice was a common problem during the early quarter of the twentieth century. In the novel 'to kill a mocking bird, this problem is evident in maycomb, the fictional town of alabama in southern america. In the book its not just a case of black and white but the entire novel is about prejudice in many forms including class

  • Study Drugs: A Student's New Best Friend?

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    process of dieting and exercising. Those looking for fun, have the “love pill” commonly known as ecstasy. In an age where everything comes to us so easily, where feelings don’t have to be felt but chemically induced instead, one might address a common problem college students face hoping to find a simple solution. Stuck in the library with a term paper due the next morning and thoughts of your empty bed just waiting for you is not a far fetched scenario for most college students. A cup of coffee

  • Sleep disorders

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    aware of a common problem effecting thousands of children in this country: sleep disorders. Parents often fail to follow there children's sleeping patterns which can result in some serious side effects if that child has a sleep disorder. A study done at Tulane University in New Orleans studied about 300 first graders that preformed poorly in school. They found that 18 per cent showed signs of a sleeping problem. The percentage of children with bad grades found to have sleeping problems was six to

  • Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - The Language of Chaucer

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    Canterbury Tales is usually clarified and understood as the beautiful verse narrative it is. There is, however, the common problem that comes when one is unable to comprehend it in Middle English enough to coherently study it. The question has been raised as to whether it might be more useful to study a translated version of the poem so that it can be understood on first reading. The main problem with this idea is that in nearly every translation, the great beauty of the language is lost in translation,

  • Poverty in the UK

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    many causes of poverty such as debt, physical and mental health issues, low pay, unemployment and poor education. ==================================================================== Personal debt is a growing problem, which is causing poverty to become an increasingly common problem across the UK as a whole. As debt builds up and interest increases the amount due becomes harder and harder to pay off, until eventually the government may take this into their own hands ad begin to reposes goods

  • Tools of the Trade

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    Tools of the Trade To many people, language was not seen as a form of communication, but as a barrier that cut them off from the world. This was a common problem for people coming from other countries or who grew up under privileged. Amy Tan and Jimmy Santiago Baca each tell a personal story of how they overcame their own language obstacles. Tan struggled with her mother’s “broken” English. Baca had to endure most of his young life facing prison and illiteracy. As they went through their

  • Common Teenage Problems

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    and positively, while others face many problems and difficulties. This depends on the environment these young adults live in, their parents, their friends, their living conditions, their education, and many other factors. Teenagers face many problems such as becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, being influenced negatively by their peers, self-image and weight, or even arguments with their parents Drugs between teenagers is one of the most serious problems, because it causes a change in the behavior

  • Asthma

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    practically effortless for most people, but those with asthma face a great challenge. During an asthma attack, breathing is hampered, making it difficult or even impossible for air to flow through the lungs. Asthma is an increasingly common problem, and has become the most common chronic childhood disease. At least 17 million Americans suffer from it(1), and although it can be fatal, it is usually not that severe(4). There is no cure for asthma, but with proper care, it can usually be controlled. As

  • Eveline Gender Roles

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    Roles of the Sexes The submissive role of the female in a marriage or relationship is a common problem in many societies, including our own American society. This role has become so common that in fact it is now expected of the female. This male dominance goes as far back as the human race, to the beginning of relationships and marriage between the female and the male. Then, the physical prowess of the male led to his dominance in all situations and thus formed these roles. Even presently, with all

  • The Tragic Tale of Ophelia and Hamlet

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    The Tragic Tale of Ophelia and Hamlet The common problem of lack of communication has plagued couples since the beginning of time. The relationship Hamlet and Ophelia share in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, is no more immune to these human tendencies. Throughout the drama, many misunderstandings cloud their relationship. Unspoken problems and pressures within Ophelia’s and Hamlet’s private lives lead to overlooked, unnoticed love. For Hamlet, his bond with Ophelia pales in comparison to the weight

  • Ion

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    of a god. Indeed a critical problem has developed with Apollo’s seduction of Creusa. Apollo from the beginning is perceived as a demanding figure. Creusa is seen as the passive figure with no say in her circumstances. How could a mortal expect to make a god care for a child? This is where Euripides attempts to bind the mortals and the gods together. Apollo and Creusa share a common problem, and each makes different decisions in how they will go about solving that problem. Immediately after Creusa leaves

  • Female Juvenile Delinquency in Canada

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    was sometimes taken into consideration for serious crimes and so whipping and branding was used instead of execution.  The practise in Halifax in 1815 was to whip a girl thirty-nine times at the community whipping post (Carrigan 37).  The most common problem among girls during this time and in the following years was prostitution and theft among young girls (Carrigan 23). Moving into more modern times, crime rates among young girls continue to increase.  From 1974 to 1993, crime went up about 6%

  • The Problem of Teen Alcoholism in the United States

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    teens are full of alcohol. Other drugs rise and fall in popularity from generation to generation, but alcohol never really goes out of style. From being worshiped by the ancient Babylonians to being forbidden to teenagers, alcohol has caused many problems. Today, drinking is the drug of choice by teens and causes most wrecks and deaths today. To understand alcohol people must first know the history of alcohol, the effects of teen drinking, and the solutions to teen drinking. Alcohol has been all

  • The Population Explosion

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    pad, the next day it has two, and on the 39th day it is half filled. However, in one day, on the 40th day, it will be completely filled. The Earth's population is doubling about every 40 years. We don't want to wait until the 79th year to fix our problem or else humankind will not have enough time to change the inevitable obstacles that come with overpopulation. In his book, The Population Explosion , Paul Ehrlich, a famous population controlist, came up with the equation I = PAT. He believes the

  • Norma Rae

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    abnormally high temperatures in the work areas. Added to all this is management¡¦s apathy for the working conditions, as seen when her mother looses her hearing temporarily with little or no sentiment from the company doctor, who knows this is a common problem for the workers. With this setting, the film progresses through most of the stages for employee organization. While management tries to get the workers support to keep the union out, and labor struggles to get a foothold to develop worker unity