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  • Uniform Commercial Code

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    probably be introduced into state legislatures which will govern all contracts for the development, sale, licensing, and support of computer software. This law, which has been in development for about ten years, will be an amendment to the Uniform Commercial Code. The amendment is called Article 2B (Law of Licensing) and is loosely based on UCC Article 2 (Law of Sales), which governs sales of goods in all 50 states. A joint committee of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL)

  • The Universal commercial Code

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    The Universal commercial Code ( UCC) has been created to foster the free flow of commercial activity in the United States by making laws that are both reasonable and practical. Article 3 of this code deals with negotiable instruments. These contracts for payment serve as a substitute for actual money and make the flow of commerce move along at a faster rate.      There are certain requirements that must be met for an item to be qualified as a negotiable instrument. First

  • The Uniform Commercial Code In The UCC)

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    The Uniform Commercial Code (for now on UCC), was first drafted in the early 50’s, and was a reunion of many laws pertaining commercial transactions, usage of trade, rules of performance, aspects of commercial formation and default, and dispute resolutions. It provides uniform law among the various jurisdictions, although each jurisdiction will choose the best way to apply it to each state. In the United States, most of the states adopted the provisions of commercial law that are largely governed

  • Analysis Of The Uniform Commercial Code

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    Uniform Commercial Code or if they are still using the old, outdated, Napoleonic Code. Though Louisiana has stark interpretations of the relevance of the UCC, the state has adopted the code in piecemeal. This article is a partial synopsis of introducing readers to a few of the concepts of UCC as adopted by Louisiana compared to the existing principles of the law of sales. Key Learning Points The Uniform Commercial Code remains under study by the Louisiana Law Institute. The Uniform Commercial Code

  • The Statute of Frauds and the Uniform Commercial Code

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    not performable within one year, (3) Contracts in consideration of marriage, (4) Surtees and guarantees (answering to the debt of another), and (5) Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) provisions regarding the sale of goods or services, legally valued over five hundred dollars ($500.00) (Spagnola, 2008). Hypothetical Polly owns two commercial properties in down town Chicago valued at one (1) million dollars ($1,000,000.00), which she bought for the purpose of renting to entrepreneurs that are striving

  • Grocery, Inc. and Uniform Commercial Codes

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    Inc. Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC), renovation, minor employee, Gap Filing Rule, employee breach of contract, F.O.B., and supplier. Although, Grocery, Inc. is not involved directly with each scenario, consequentially, the learning team will also depict the store’s involvement indirectly. After reviewing and analyzing the seven scenarios for Grocery, Inc., the learning team obtained comprehensive knowledge of business uniform commercial code. Grocery, Inc. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) The first

  • English Commercial Law: The Codification Of The English Legal System

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    based on legislator’s decisions and legal codes with which judges have to justify their judgment . Consequently, instead of referencing to concepts and rules embody in a Code as the first legal authority to justify their decisions, the judges in a Common law system will apply or inspire themselves from the principles brought to light in previous judicial decision . However, even if there is a big gap between these to systems, the rapid evolution of our commercial transaction and the new needs of business

  • The Pros And Cons Of Contract Law

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    Uniform Commercial Code. They responded to persuasive arguments such as businesses will benefit if most commercial transactions are governed by the modern and efficient contract law principles that are outlined in the uniform commercial code. Also businesses everywhere will be able to operate more efficiently, and transactions will be more convenient, if the law surrounding most of their transactions is the same in all fifty states. The main focus is in the article 2 of the uniform commercial code

  • The Battle Between Commercial Software and Open-Source Software

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    Will commercial software survive the battle with open Source software or are they already losing? How (if at all) are the commercial software houses defending themselves? Part 1: Basic Concepts: Terms: Free and open-source software (FOSS) is software that is both open source software and free software. This means that it is freely licensed to use, examine, copy, alter the source code of the software, and the source code it self is openly shared. However, for software to be considered FOSS it must

  • Thai Law Case Study

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    law or natural law. Following the fall of the Ayutthaya kingdom in 1767 most of Siamese legal literatures were demolished. King Rama I desired to restore the old law of Ayutthaya. Consequently, the Three seal code were introduced, the integration of Thammasat and Ratchasatra in 1805.The code covered five main categories of law; public law and administrative law, the administrative of court and procedural law, criminal law and law on delict. This law is the first extensive law of Thailand which regarded