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  • Clouds

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    Cloud formations have always been observed by people, many centuries before our time. People were always fond of clouds. They always wondered why some clouds were dark and others were white and fluffy, and why some clouds are so up high and others were so low that they looked reachable by the human hands. The most recent classification of clouds was accomplished by the World Meteorological Organization in 1956. This organization lists 10 basic kinds of clouds that are subdivided into species according

  • cloud

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    CLOUD Cloud is a visible, spatial configuration of water droplets or crystals, floating in the air above the surface of the ground. Their formation process starts when water vaporizes from the Earth surface and moves upwards with the air. Atmospheric pressure decreases with the changing height, forcing the air to expand and cool. Exceeding certain temperature, air saturate and sheds vapour that can no longer be retained. This turns vapour into the small droplets that seat onto the dust or salt particles

  • Aristophanes's The Clouds

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    seriousness sometimes associated with the Greek society. The ideas portrayed in the comedies, compared to the tragedies, were ridiculously far-fetched; however, although abnormal, these views are certainly worthy of attention. Throughout his comedy, The Clouds, Aristophanes, along with his frequent use of toilet humor, ridicules aspects of Greek culture when he destroys tradition by denouncing the importance of the gods' influence on the actions of mortals, and he unknowingly parallels Greek society with

  • Play: The Clouds

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    In Clouds and Electra, Aristophanes and Euripides distinguish the evolution of maturity in Strepsiades, Orestes and Electra through each character’s response to preexisting misfortunes and the methods by which they acquire their education. While intertwining suffering and maturity develops each of these characters, not each character receives their education by means of suffering. Strepsiades receives his education through repeatedly failing to escape debts, Orestes receives his education by killing

  • The Clouds by Aristophanes

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    "The Clouds" by Aristophanes - Relevant in Today's World "The Clouds" by Aristophanes, is a play centrally concerned with education. Aristophanes employs satire to illustrate his conservative beliefs. It is intended to show readers that in the tendency to philosophical subtleties lies the neglection of the real needs of the Athenians. According to Aristophanes, philosophical speculation only acts to shake the established foundations of accepted religion, gods, and ideals of morality.

  • A Black Cloud

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    A Black Cloud The heart is an organ of fire, filled with intense love and intense hatred. Yet it is the hatred which entwines the lives of people causing them to display acts of violence and cruelty. Hatred is displayed through forms which include: prejudices towards large groups of people, crimes of hatred being committed, and indirect hatred which involves hurting others as an act of rebellion against someone or something. Throughout history, the world has been afflicted by the prejudices of

  • Types of Clouds

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    Like low level clouds, the most basic classification of middle clouds also based on their elevation from earth’s surface. Middle level clouds exist between 2 km to 6 km above of the surface. Middle level clouds were classified into 3 types which is Altocumulus, Altostratus and Nimbostratus (Oliver, 2005). All of these clouds are occur in layers but it different in colour, precipitation and description of the clouds. Altocumulus can be found word widely at middle latitude. It consists of water and

  • Cloud Seeding

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    Cloud Seeding Have you ever wondered how it may suddenly start raining or snowing and then stop almost as quick as it started? It may have more to do with chemistry and less to do with nature than you think. One major way that researchers have found out how to do this is through cloud seeding. Some people say that cloud seeding is harmful, while others say that it helps because of environmental factors like droughts. Cloud seeding has many factors involved in the process, including different chemicals

  • Evolution Of Cloud And Cloud Computing

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    Client/Server networks 4. Enterprise computing 5. Cloud and mobile computing. Even though there is significant evolution in IT infrastructure, the technologies that are significant to a specific era may be still used in another. For instance: Some of the companies are still using the Mainframe systems for their applications With the evolution of Cloud and Mobile computing, the Moore’s law and Law of Mass Digital Storage are effected by a significantly. 2) Cloud Infrastructure as service: Companies using

  • Comparing The Simpsons and Aristophanes' Clouds

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    tomorrow. This synopsis did not come from the TV Guide, rather it is an updated version of Aristophanes' famous comedy, Clouds. Though it may come as a surprise, many of the elements of America's favorite cartoon are actually the same elements used by Aristophanes many centuries ago in his comedic drama, Clouds. There are many similarities between the main characters of Aristophanes' Clouds and the modern television favorite The Simpsons. The first comparison to be made is between the father figures Strepsiades

  • megellanic clouds

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    Clouds are usually the last things astronomers want to see in the sky, but for those who observe in the southern hemisphere there is a notable exception to that celestial rule. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are among the highlights of the southern night sky. Only within the last century were astronomers able to verify their true nature. Although they seem to be two foggy patches possibly torn from the Milky Way, astronomers believe these are actually small galaxies gravitationally bound to

  • Cloud Forensics

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    network machines is readily available, two examples of which are switches and routers. Access to all of the traffic passing through the network and analysis can be laboured as a part of gathering as much data as possible. When using the cloud, even the CSP (Cloud Services Provider) does not have that kind of data, because it must not log all the traffic passing through the network, since users’ data is confidential and CSP can’t record, store, and analyse it. The CSP might only apply the IDS (Intrusion

  • The Development of Cumulonimbus or Thunderhead Clouds

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    convection currents are linked to the development of deep convective clouds and local storm systems. Because precipitation is central to the earth's energy balance, circulation, and water cycle, atmospheric scientists have focused their efforts on understanding how pollution effects the development and intensity of convection currents, cloud cover, precipitation, and thunderstorms. The development of cumulonimbus or thunderhead clouds is an example of a convective cell. In order for a thunderstorm to

  • Cloud Computing

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    The new way of the world for more web software development is the set of applications of cloud based API. Governments and private sector organizations are trying to streamline operations as they expand their footprints. The new technologies are already cost efficiencies in infrastructure facilities like never before. Equally important, a number of new technological innovations now help us to re-imagine the efficiency and optimization of infrastructure and services in general. The biggest impact of

  • The Clouds By Aristophanes, The Apology, And The Republic

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    The Clouds by Aristophanes, the Apology, and the Republic by Plato collectively demonstrate the hazardous relationship between the philosopher and the city. Each work reveals how Socrates’ method of dialectic inquiry and search for wisdom hindered Athens’ city structure and order. The tension between the city and the philosopher ultimately leads to Socrates’ death. Yet, the jury’s decision does not denounce Socrates as a pious individual. The decision merely represents Socrates’ unwillingness to

  • Cloud Computing

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    the achievement of this endeavor is the use and creation of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a term that was coined as a metaphor representing the infrastructural network being used by myriads of computers and servers. This term has also been described differently based on its user application, infrastructure using it and supplying the services (Vaquero, Rodero-Merino, Caceres, & Lindner, 2009). This paper explores the definition of cloud computing, its myriads of application in the IT industry,

  • A Feminist Analysis of Cloud Nine

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    Feminist Analysis of Cloud Nine In 1979, Caryl Churchill wrote a feminist play entitled Cloud Nine. It was the result of a workshop for the Joint Stock Theatre Group and was intended to be about sexual politics. Within the writing she included a myriad of different themes ranging from homosexuality and homophobia to female objectification and oppression. “Churchill clearly intended to raise questions of gender, sexual orientation, and race as ideological issues; she accomplished this largely by cross-dressing

  • Cloud Auditing

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    But, if the intruder gets the algorithm of the sentinel application on data, then the data can be breached easily. Hence, it appeared ineffective in due course of time. Thus a need of specific system rose to have such process which can monitor the cloud without adding any sentinels. Hence, demand of more improvised Auditor emerged which can provide effective integrity assurance for database services. Due to absence of such Auditor, have led to many inevitable situations, for example, recently a big

  • Security in The Cloud

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    Security in the cloud Hackers have gotten there way into every technological gadget out there. Something simple as browsing the web can give hackers information about the people’s data. Before Cloud computing, hackers were stealing data from the physical hard drive by implementing a virus that would open a back door and send the data straight to the hacker’s server. As security measure Enterprises, small businesses and the normal consumers have started to store data on the cloud. However, what

  • Cloud Computing

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    1. Cloud Computing Cloud computing is becoming one of the key words of the IT industry. The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet or infrastructure of communication between the architectural components, based on an abstraction that hides the complexity of infrastructure. Each part of this infrastructure is provided as a service and they are normally allocated in data centres, using hardware shared computing and storage (Buyya et al. 2009b). To use the service, users need only take their machines