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  • Clouds

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    Cloud formations have always been observed by people, many centuries before our time. People were always fond of clouds. They always wondered why some clouds were dark and others were white and fluffy, and why some clouds are so up high and others were so low that they looked reachable by the human hands. The most recent classification of clouds was accomplished by the World Meteorological Organization in 1956. This organization lists 10 basic kinds of clouds that are subdivided into species according

  • The Cloud

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    All was normal and in order and as was to be expected. In the Midwest a farmer looked across his fields, with delight and anticipation. It hadn't rained in a day over a week and he thought to himself, they were due for a storm or at least a small cloud of liquid gold. In the Southwest, the city streets were all covered in a thin layer of dirty sand. The windows of buildings went unwashed throughout the dry summer months. The mayors of the towns long ago deciding not to waste the energy or time to

  • The Clouds

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    CLOUDS Production The setting of the Clouds requires two doors in the skene, one representing Strepsiades's house and the other, the Thinkery, both in the city of Athens. The play begins with Strepsiades and Pheidippides sleeping in their beds. Since the ancient Greek theater had no curtain, these two men in their beds had to be carried out in full view of the audience by stagehands (probably slaves) and placed in front of one of the doors of the skene representing Strepsiades's house. The audience

  • cloud

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    CLOUD Cloud is a visible, spatial configuration of water droplets or crystals, floating in the air above the surface of the ground. Their formation process starts when water vaporizes from the Earth surface and moves upwards with the air. Atmospheric pressure decreases with the changing height, forcing the air to expand and cool. Exceeding certain temperature, air saturate and sheds vapour that can no longer be retained. This turns vapour into the small droplets that seat onto the dust or salt particles

  • Play: The Clouds

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    In Clouds and Electra, Aristophanes and Euripides distinguish the evolution of maturity in Strepsiades, Orestes and Electra through each character’s response to preexisting misfortunes and the methods by which they acquire their education. While intertwining suffering and maturity develops each of these characters, not each character receives their education by means of suffering. Strepsiades receives his education through repeatedly failing to escape debts, Orestes receives his education by killing

  • Aristophanes's The Clouds

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    seriousness sometimes associated with the Greek society. The ideas portrayed in the comedies, compared to the tragedies, were ridiculously far-fetched; however, although abnormal, these views are certainly worthy of attention. Throughout his comedy, The Clouds, Aristophanes, along with his frequent use of toilet humor, ridicules aspects of Greek culture when he destroys tradition by denouncing the importance of the gods' influence on the actions of mortals, and he unknowingly parallels Greek society with

  • The Clouds by Aristophanes

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    "The Clouds" by Aristophanes - Relevant in Today's World "The Clouds" by Aristophanes, is a play centrally concerned with education. Aristophanes employs satire to illustrate his conservative beliefs. It is intended to show readers that in the tendency to philosophical subtleties lies the neglection of the real needs of the Athenians. According to Aristophanes, philosophical speculation only acts to shake the established foundations of accepted religion, gods, and ideals of morality.

  • Types of Clouds

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    Like low level clouds, the most basic classification of middle clouds also based on their elevation from earth’s surface. Middle level clouds exist between 2 km to 6 km above of the surface. Middle level clouds were classified into 3 types which is Altocumulus, Altostratus and Nimbostratus (Oliver, 2005). All of these clouds are occur in layers but it different in colour, precipitation and description of the clouds. Altocumulus can be found word widely at middle latitude. It consists of water and

  • Cloud

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    Today the cloud is becoming a coexistent part of our daily lives as the need for easy accessibility is a must to any individual or business. There are a variety of applications to choose from to store information online such as DropBox, iCloud, and Google Drive. We must ask ourselves however, how secure are we in using these forms of online storage applications for our data? I would like to examine in depth cloud computing, the types of cloud available for use, and some of the security issues associated

  • Agamemnon Vs. The Clouds

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    Despite their different genre, Agamemnon and The Clouds present contrasting images on the place of individuals in their families. While the tone of Agamemnon creates a more serious picture than the comical atmosphere of The Clouds, the relationships are based on the same precepts and share several aspects. Images of the gods, their prophetic messages, and their execution of justice massively influence the images of relationships while love and memory more directly affect the actions of individuals