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  • Azrael

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    She threw herself out the door, a scream catching in her throat as she saw the dark monster at the end of the hallway coming for her. Fin pushed herself in the opposite direction she knew if she could just stay ahead of it she would be okay. Fin looked to the doors lining the hallway searching for someone anyone who could help her. However, the faceless, those consumed by the darkness, were there. When they saw her they groaned happily, stretching the steel of the doors trying to grab her, but as

  • Just a Normal Saturday

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    The cold, hard ball was tight against my foot. Grass was dragging against my shoe with every step I take. The wind was brisk against my face and the sun beamed down on my neck. Sweat was dripping down my face as I weaved in and out of cones for the hundredth time. The drying heat only seemed to motivate me more as I continued to break down every barrier possible. My throat was sere and my stomach urged me to quench my thirst, but I refused to succumb to the screaming pain. I weaved through again

  • Case Study Of Rodger's Case

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    Bam! Rodger shut the door with frustration and walked back to his desk. Rodger is a police officer at New York Police Department and had just found out he had been moved from being a normal police officer to an investigator. The NYPD were desperate for an investigator and have moved Rodger to being an investigator. As Rodger packed up all his stuff and moved to his new room at the NYPD office he realized that there is a huge file on his desk with tons of dust stuck to it. He quickly glanced at the

  • The Dance

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    turned off the lights in the building, locked the big, glass doors and stepped into the cold, dark night. She decided not to ring her mother and ask to be picked up, because it was only a short walk home and she felt guilty about waking her at such a late hour on such a cold night. Stacey was only just out of the driveway of the restaurant, when she realised she had left her purse in the building. She quickly walked back, unlocked the doors, and turned on the lights. She walked into the kitchens to

  • Thomas Cooke's As Midnight Strikes

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    kissing Ana on each cheek. "Sorry, can't say I have" she said without the slightest interest in her voice what... ... middle of paper ... ...e heard something that brought more fear into her than anything had ever done; the rustle of her bedroom door across the wool carpet. She turned ever so slowly, which seemed to take an age, around to find herself standing opposite a large, dark figure that remained motionless. Ana shot backwards towards the top step and lost any form of balance she had

  • Realm: A Fictional Narrative

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    Alison was squashed up against the wall with Simon next to her. Simon was trying in vain to pull his arm away from two bodies that it seemed to have lodged itself between. “Please, you must be quiet!” Lidah shouted, over the groans when she closed the door. The muttering and groaning stopped, and she held the key in her hand. The room began glowing of blues and greens, with birds flying erratically around the wall and making the room feel as though it was spinning around, as the magic began to work

  • A Tense Atmosphere in the Opening Scenes of The Matrix

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    from the torches of the police officers. The police officers are crowed around a door with their guns out, ready to shoot what is behind the door. All the light is shown on the centre of the door, and darkness can be seen both above and below this. This creates a tense atmosphere as the story of the film is still unclear, and because of the number of ... ... middle of paper ... ...r looking at a closed door. This has the effect that you are actually walking down the corridor, as one of

  • The Best Day of their Life - Original Writing

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    The Best Day of their Life - Original Writing The ground was set with fresh frost from the cool night before. Ice covered the once lively pond, with only the lone duck perched on the ice. Icicles hung from the church roof like the cold fingers of the dead, pointing at the floor, and the final destination of all. The headstones of all the patrons of the church lay scattered about the graveyard, all of them in a bad state of disrepair. Some had been vandalised, many had just fallen foul of

  • The Visitor

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    The door attendant closed the heavy wooden doors as a man walked into the room sealing him off from the fresh spring afternoon. The visitor came in alone while his companion waited for him on the other side, patiently awaiting his arrival. Just after the doorway, a line of men and women weaved its way through the back of the room, up between the old dark wooden pews on either side of the aisle, and sneaked its way into the back room. The line slowly crept towards the end of the room and was becoming

  • Sliding Doors

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    lighting, clothing choice, and setting all help further this contrast. Though the film represents a relatively short period in Helen’s life, many life-changing events occur during this time. Howitt punctuates these major events with the image of sliding doors, thereby driving home the film’s central theme of chance, possibility, and change. Our allegiance with Helen is inevitable, because we follow her story and are made to understand her motivations and agree with them; therefore, it is the allegiance