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  • Chlamydia Trachomatis

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    Chlamydia Trachomatis Introduction: Chlamydia Trachomatis is the organism responsible for diseases such as trachoma and the STD Chlamydia. Chlamydia is the most common STD in the United States, with about 4 million new cases diagnosed every year. The Organism & it’s Life Cycle: Chlamydia are obligate intracellular parasites, and are among the smallest living organisms. There are two stages in the life of Chlamydia: elementary bodies and reticulate bodies. Another feature of Chlamydia is that

  • Understanding Chlamydia Trachomatis: Clinical Manifestations and Incubation

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    Clinical Features. Chlamydia trachomatis is an infection that often goes unnoticed. Patients typically present asymptomatic and are only diagnosed after routine testing. Those that do have symptoms typically report an onset within two to three weeks after sexual contact. Because of the low occurrence of symptoms and the reluctance of patients to report symptoms, the incubation period is very vague with an estimate being around a few weeks. C. trachomatis grows slowly adding to the length of the incubation

  • Screening of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in women Is it necessary?

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    SUMMARY: Chlamydia trachomatis is one the most prevalent bacteria that found in patients with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), which almost represent asymptomatic in society. Two hundred sixty urine samples of women in two groups (symptomatic and asymptomatic) were collected from patients attending STI clinic at Mehrad hospital in Tehran and tested by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the presence of C. trachomatis DNA. A total of 39 women in both group were infected (14.99%), which 27/130

  • chlamydia

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    Chlamydia (STD) ľ Chlamydia trachoma is a sexually transmitted disease that is transmitted by direct contact through oral, vaginal and anal intercourse and is also transmitted to newborns through vaginal birth by an infected mother. This disease is not passed on by indirect contact, such as a toilet seat. ľ Chlamydia trachoma is biologically active in vaginal and penile secretions and fluids. ľ The usual reservoir for C. trachoma is the mucous membranes of the body found in the genital region

  • Chlamydial Infection

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    Chlamydia Chlamydial infection is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the United States today. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 4 million new cases occur each year. The highest rates of chlamydial infection are in 15 to 19-year old adolescents regardless of demographics or location. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), a serious complication of chlamydial infection, has emerged as a major cause of infertility among women of childbearing

  • Chlamydia Essay

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    infections vary depending on the STI. The infections range from bacterial infections to ectoparasitic infections to viral infections. This essay will focus on the STI known as Chlamydia, its symptoms as well as treatments and the prevention of future transmission. Chlamydia is caused by bacteria by the name of “Chlamydia trachomatis”, a parasite living within the cells of the organism that has been infected (Rathus, Nevid, Fichner-Rathus, Herold, & McKay, 2013 p.381). The infection is commonly spread

  • Artificial Contraception

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    the testicles. It does not affect sexual arousal. A cervical cap is a soft rubber dome that forms a barrier to prevent sperm from reaching the cervix. The spermicidal gel kills the sperm. It is 85% effective. It may give some protection against chlamydia and gonorrhea. The diaphragm does the same thing as a cervical cap and is 85% effective. It is a flat rubber-like disk which has to be fitted from a doctor. It is placed inside the woman’s vagina before having intercourse. It is often used with cream

  • Chlamydia

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    Chlamydia Sexually transmitted diseases infect millions of people a year. Some of the commonly known sexually transmitted diseases are herpes, syphillis, HIV, AIDS, genital warts, and gonorrhea. Some of these diseases are fatal, others can be cured with antibiotics. All of these are dangerous, but the most common sexually transmitted disease is a disease that isn't as well known. This disease is called chlamydia. Chlamydia is a disease that is infecting young adults all over the country

  • Essay On Chlamydia

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    STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are diseases which primarily are transmitted while in the act of sexual means such as oral, anal, kissing and genital contact. One of the most commonly reported STD in the United States is Chlamydia. The number of this infection is gradually increasing worldwide and costing billions of dollars to health care systems. Today, there is not set type of screening practice or a vaccine available for this infection to decrease globally. Presently, the only treatment

  • A Disease of Concern for Females - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

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    and ovaries. Pelvic inflammatory disease also known as PID, is caused by infectious bacteria such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhea and other bacteria. Bacteria that travel from the vagina to the cervix will cause inflammation, pain, damage and infertility. Women, who are susceptible to PID, will develop the disease if they have unprotected sex with a person who is infected with Chlamydia or gonorrhea. However, not all women will develop PID and it is not known why. In rare circumstances

  • The Problem With STD Prevention

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    multiple sex partners and practice unsafe sex more often. The three most common diseases in teens are Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), and trichomoniasis. These diseases account for more than eighty-eight percent of new cases in this age group (Davidnow, 2004). Chlamydia is a disease that can cause permanent damage to the sexual organs. An estimated three million people are infected with Chlamydia each year (Witmer, nd). Once inside the blood, the microbes can spread to the joints, skin, and

  • chlamydia

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    CHLAMYDIA What is Chlamydia? Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria. It is estimated that chlamydia is the most common STD with 3 - 4 million new cases each year. Rates of chlamydia are highest in the West and Midwest, part of the contry. How is it Spread? Chlamydia is spread by direct person-to-person contact. It is almost always transmitted through sexual contact. It is also possible for pregnant women to pass the bacteria to their infant during birth. How Do you Know

  • Stds, Std, And Prevention Of Stds Among Young Adults

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    stigma, and prevention of STDs among young adults. Common STDs contracted by young adults a... ... middle of paper ... ...x are 80% less likely to become HIV infected” (Workowski et al., 2006). There are several different types of treatments for chlamydia and gonorrhea such as taking antibiotics, receiving there annual physical with their doctor, and using protection when they are having intercourse. STDs have hugely increased in the United States. That should be taken seriously just like how people

  • Casual Dating Essay

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    important for both men and women to know who they are dating if they do not want to be part of those people who suffer from a disease. The health problems that sex on a casual dating could cause are sexually transmitted diseases such as Genital Herpes, Chlamydia, and HIV. As a result, these diseases include unpleasant symptoms as joint aches and pain, body rash, fever, and others more serious like infertility in women and cancer in both genders and even death. Although most of the time these diseases end

  • Bug report

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    Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a bacterium that is part of the Proteobacteria group in the Bacteria domain of the phylogenetic tree. The Proteobacteria group has five different groups, which are the Betaproteobacteria, Alphaproteobacteria, Epsilonproteobacteria, Deltaproteobacteria, and Gammaproteobacteria. Neisseria gonorrhoeae is part of the Betaproteobacteria group because it is a Gram-negative Bacteria and is most similar to other bacteria in that group. Betaproteobacteria are also known for their

  • How to Protect Yourself and have Safe Sex

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    How to Protect Yourself and have Safe Sex The purpose of this paper is to give people information on the advantages, disadvantages and different forms of safe sex. This paper is done for the purpose of preventing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), not for the purpose of birth control. This gives you different ways to still enjoy sex as you normally would, but with some different and somewhat unusual changes. Some may find this appealing and some may find it hideous. The options are up

  • Safe Sex: The Practice Of Safe Sex

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    means that over 50% of sexually active teenagers are not using condoms. A recent study has shown that while its likely that a condom is used for the first time during sex, this behavior becomes inconsistent thereafter. Americans ages 15-24 contract chlamydia and gonorrhea at four times the rate of the general population, and those in their early 20s have the highest reported cases of syphilis and HIV. A survey done by the CDC has shown that not only are college student not using protection but are likely

  • Mucopurulent Cervicitis

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    contradicting statement. The article when on to say that “chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, or herpes can cause Mucopurulent Cervicitis, but most cases no cause can be identified”.1 Being a sexually transmitted disease, it is only logical to think that Mucopurulent Cervicitis is spread through sexual contact. With “some cases the origin of the infection is not clear and most women with Mucopurulent Cervicitis do not have gonorrhea or chlamydia”.1 Mucopurulent Cervicitis is an extremely dangerous STD

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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    Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), also known as venereal diseases (VD’s), are spread by sexual contact where certain germs travel from one person to another or by the exchange of body fluids. There is a pithy range of frequent STD’s, which include Syphilis, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, and AIDS. Anyone who is sexually active can contract an STD and more than thirteen million people are contaminated every single year, three million of which are teenagers. In addition, there are common symptoms that are

  • Persuasive Essay About Sex Education

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    Where are we going with sex education? Many parents and religious groups argue about what, who, and where sex education is and should it be taught in school. Some (not much under most) feel that sex education should be comprehensive and educate students about all aspects of including contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Sex education has really became a big debate on if it should be taught in school to educate students on how to be safe and stay healthy when it comes