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  • Personal Narrative: My Job as a Waitress in a Chinese Restaurant

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    The most significant job that I have held in the past was being a waitress in an Chinese restaurant. In the middle of June, I saw they were looking for bus waitress, since I was looking for a job so I asked Ms Ling - the gaffer of the waiters and waitress - to hold the position for me until after my graduation. And a week later as expected I became a?waitress?in the A Hong Hong kong & Vietnamese restaurant. As a waitress, I worked there part-time. My basic salary was $10 a day plus tips. Tips

  • Comparison Of Chinese Restaurant In Beijing Chinese Food

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    Restaurant in Beijing Chinese Food There are a variety of food available in Beijing is absolutely amazing. As for when it comes to Chinese food, you can find many regional specialties throughout China. Many small restaurants are proliferating in the city, offering a variety of flavors. Here are some suggestions for good Chinese food: Sichuan food The chain of "Chengdu Xiaochi" (成都 小吃) offers dishes of Sichuan province which is famous for its spicy flavor, and very famous among the Chinese people

  • A Web Site to Promote a Chinese Restaurant

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    A Web Site to Promote a Chinese Restaurant Whether it is a full-size buffet restaurant in the busiest section of town or an intimate bistro by the lake, restaurateurs hope that their businesses will attract and hold a solid base of repeat customers. Many restaurants do in fact thrive; while others find themselves struggling to keep their doors open a year after their debut. How to have a successful restaurant is always a tricky proposition for a business owner. Yes, there are ways for him to


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    industry is a complex and global collective of diverse businesses. They supplied most of the food consumed by the world population. It is definitely a huge competition among the suppliers in their respective market. In this research, we selected Chinese cuisine as our market. To narrow down the selection available, we focused on chicken rice shop as it is much familiar to each and every one of us. Although it is a common food in our country, even some place in overseas, the competition within this

  • Soul Food Essay

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    outlets and in return has had a positive impact on their culture. In “The Chitlin Circuit: The Origins and Meanings of Soul and Soul Food” by Opie. The author emphasizes on how a restaurant that sold chitlin and soul food transformed into a place where African American artist can go and perform for their fans. This restaurant transformed the ways in which food can be utilized to gather people and showcase talent. The food was a way to bring people

  • Yummy Food at P.F. Changs and Pei Wei Chinese Resturants

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    After eating at two different Chinese restaurant with the same delicious mouth watering food, I have came to realize that there are many contributing factors that makes each of these restaurants different in their own ways. In determining which restaurant is the best for you, there are some major factors that can alter your decision as we take into consideration the pros and cons of each based on your personal necessity. Many people who eat out would really consider things such as if the food tastes

  • Restaurant Menu Design

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    With our growing obsession of food culture, and an estimate of 16 million restaurants worldwide, there is one neglected element that has been right in front of us all this time: the menu. When it comes to profits, the menu is not only important; it is everything in a successful restaurant brand identity. Research has found that a customer only takes an average of 109 seconds reading a menu. This is the time limit one has to impress and sell. This essay will outline different ways and means on how

  • Essay On Wait Time

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    • How long do you typically wait to have your order taken once seated? The wait times totally depends on how busy the restaurant is. The weekends are usually very busy so we have to wait longer compared to the weekdays. The good thing about this restaurant is that they take drinks order right away. • Does your server usually introduce him/herself? Yes, the server mostly introduces him/herself. Servers are very humble and friendly. They will have a chat with you. • Does your server usually tell you

  • Japanese Food In The Japanese Culture

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    sophisticated and complex because it has become a major symbolic substitute for the cultures it is supposed to represent. ‘The Significant ‘Other’” (250). Past few years, food from the different culture and ethnicity became the symbol of their culture. The restaurant owners started to open their business with the food from different cultures, and people are able to get their hands easily on not only the food, but have second hand experience through the cultural food. I chose this activity over the others because

  • Impact Of Popular Culture On Fast Food

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    It is first important to establish what is meant by culture. Culture is constantly changing and it is not something static that is inherited from parents in the same way that hair or eye colour is and Watson points out the growth of ‘third cultures’, heavily linked with popular culture, where things are no longer associated with a particular country but stretch beyond their place of origin . These cultures along with the traditional Asian cultures influence the consumption of fast food.