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  • The Influence of Confucius on Chinese Culture

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    As Confucius' philosophy still remains in the heart of many Chinese people, his images of the greatest professional teacher of all time, the greatest philosopher in Chinese history and his influence toward the future and the past 2000 years of Chinese civilization has made his thought the essence of the Chinese culture. He always said the importance of teaching could change the future of the civilization. And he also encouraged his students to explore the various things to learn, but be very

  • Chinese Culture

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    than western parts of the world. Chinese culture varies greatly compared to ours. These great differences between eastern culture and western culture make China a very interesting place. Some of the vast differences include literature, social structure, and government. The greatest difference is Chinese philosophy and way of thinking. China has developed a strict system of tradition that has given China great advantages and disadvantages. This is shown in Chinese literature. Tradition in China is

  • Chinese Culture

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    Socialization ------ American Born Chinese Children under Chinese Culture According to the American Heritage Dictionary, socialization is “the process of learning interpersonal and interactional skills that are in conformity with the values of one's society” (American Heritage). It is a process of learning culture. During socialization, children will acquire attitudes, norms, values, behaviors, personalities, etc. within agencies of socialization, which were described as “Agencies of socialization

  • Chinese Culture

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    Also, the Chinese civilization was growing with these periods of time and it will continues greater than ever. Many wars and unhappinesses were happening during this period. Although, the time has passed, the histories and the civilizations have not passed. These family virtues, serious, working attitudes, sense of justice and the great Confucian tradition have been deeply assimilated into the Chinese people. Some Chinese traditions are different from North American’s. The Chinese culture has many

  • Chinese Culture and Communication: Chinese Culture and Communication

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    continuous movement all over the world of people from varying countries and cultures has lead to an increase of cross-cultural communication. Australia is quickly developing into a multicultural nation attracting tourists from a vast range of countries. As a result, it is has become more important for people in Australia to be culturally sensitive and aware in order to successfully interact with these visitors of different cultures. These interactions are especially important in international airports

  • Chinese Culture in Naming

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    history, society and culture. Some people believe that naming is simply choosing some words to make a good meaning. But Cindy Chang’s article “Chinese names blend traditions, drama” ,which was published in the Los Angeles Times, reveals her family’s experience of naming her brother’s child and states that naming is a challenge for her family because of the blended culture with Chinese, American and Korean backgrounds. Indeed, naming is a challenge for parents because of Chinese traditional naming customs

  • Chinese Culture: The Culture And Culture Of China

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    as East Asia’s Middle Kingdom, it also captures a more profound meaning. Chinese people, through various dynasties, created a rich and abundant culture to all over the world. And Chinese culture is the only culture in the world to have a continuous recorded history of 5,000 years. It has left behind countless literary classics, historical documents, cultural relics, and national records reflecting its immense scope. Culture includes religion, food, style, language, marriage, music, morals and many

  • Dragon-Chinese Culture

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    Dragon-Chinese culture Name Date According to the Chinese culture, the drugs are considered to be legends, which helped the society during the hard times, for example times of war against enemies. According to the Chinese mythology, dragons were creatures with four legs, whose bodies were covered with scales. According to the beliefs of the Chinese people, dragons had power over nature, and as a result controlled natural phenomena such rainfall, floods and even the occurrence of hurricanes

  • Importance Of Chinese Culture

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    INTRODUCTION The Chinese culture is one of the most popular cultures in the world today and it has been around for a very long time. The Chinese people are known for their eloquent ceremonies and customary behaviors in the society throughout the world. They are known for their distinctive cultures, which include art and crafts, calligraphy, embroidery, and operas. Another part of Chinese culture that has been enjoying attention worldwide is the Kung Fu, and it has been an integral part of the Chinese culture

  • A Comparison Of Chinese Culture

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    Talking about the culture of Asia, most of the people must think about Chinese culture because it influenced the mainstream culture of Asia the most in history. According to Bader (2005), many countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam, their culture were affected by China; they used Chinese characters as written language for centuries. As time passed, the cultural exchange is no longer one-way flow anymore but Chinese culture seem still have an important place in nowadays. So I want to find

  • Chinese Culture Analysis

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    CULTURE DEFINITION Traditionally, culture is said to be a set of symbols that gives meaning to a position that a person occupy in the community, it is sometimes referred to as a context variable. (SUNDARAM, ANANT K, 1997) Some writers argue that culture can be widely defined as a man-made part of environment (Herskovits, 1955) which consists of the objective and subjective elements, the group’s way of considering the social environment (Triandis, Malpass, & Davidson, 1972). According to Geert Hofstede

  • Chinese Culture Influence

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    Chinese written culture maintains the longest recorded history in the entire world. With over 3,500 years of written history, China is also top-ranked as having the oldest civilization in the world. Some of the most influential Chinese culture dates has far back to 6000 BC. When discussing a culture as extensive as the Chinese, some topics of discussion have become lost in translation. Chinese military provides insight to the Chinese culture using set periods of influence that helped shape them

  • Chinese and American Cultures

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    Chinese and American Cultures Chinese-Americans authors Amy Tan and Gish Jen have both grappled with the idea of mixed identity in America. For them, a generational problem develops over time, and cultural displacement occurs as family lines expand. While this is not the problem in and of itself, indeed, it is natural for current culture to gain foothold over distant culture, it serves as the backdrop for the disorientation that occurs between generations. In their novels, Tan and Jen pinpoint

  • Taoism in Chinese Culture

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    Taoism in Chinese Culture Taoism, known as “The Way,” can be categorized as both a Chinese philosophy and a religion. Taoists believe in accepting and yielding to the ways of life, complementing nature and being by internalizing their goals rather than worshipping a god externally. Taoism, in its metaphysical and philosophical nature, is much like Confucianism, but the ideal interests of the two religions are contrasting. Confucianism was formulated during a time of war and relies heavily upon

  • The Globalization Impact Of Culture On The Chinese Culture

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    Cultural universal involves traits and patterns which occur in all cultures around the globe. Culture involves a collection of symbols that a society uses, which are not limited to language, symbols, values, and beliefs. Norms are part of culture because they determine the behavioral expectation within the society. However, the cultural elements occur differently depending on the region or context. According to Antweiler, (2012), cultural elements occur depending on the context in different geographical

  • Chinese Traditional Culture

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    Kruse 2/22/14 Chinese Traditional Culture What is Chinese traditional culture like today from what it used to be? Where the Chinese we know today is very different from what they used to be. In today’s time, Chinese culture has changed over the years quite a bit from “Spring Moon” to now. A lot of their beliefs and morals come from Confucianism as it does in “Spring Moon”. The main points of this paper are Confucianism, characteristics, tradition, culture and modern life of the Chinese. Confucianism

  • The Importance Of Chinese, Chinese And Chinese Tea Culture

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    Chinese, Japanese and Korean have their unique food culture, although they are neighbor countries. However, we share the same interest – drinking tea. Three of the countries developed tea culture as in they have a special tea ceremony when making tea. Tea ceremony requires a silent environment, where tea drinkers are able to relax their bodies with a sip of tea. Chinese recognize tea as part of its traditional culture, in which their generation will pass the skills and techniques to the younger

  • Chinese Culture: A Gift For A Gift Culture

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    their culture which is perhaps slightly or very different yours. According to one of my Indian friend whom I have met in Sri Lanka, giving a knife for a gift is appreciated in Western India. Now, let’s assume you are from the west part of India and thinking about giving a knife to your Chinese friend, this might not be a good idea because in China, giving implements used to cut might mean that you do not want to friend with her anymore. Therefore it is necessary for you to know about the Chinese gift

  • Chinese Culture: The Dalai Lama

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    Chinese Culture Chinese culture has many aspects to it’s culture, spreading all throughout China many different groups belong to the Chinese culture, each similar to each other. The Chinese culture is extraordinarily different compared to my family and I’s culture in many ways. Three out of the numerous differences are clothing, religion, and language. All of these things make up only a small portion of the unique Chinese culture. My cultures clothing, religion, and language is almost opposite in

  • Chinese Food Culture Essay

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    Numerous cultures are scattered around the world today, and among one of the oldest cultures is the Chinese culture. China has a known history of over 4000 years and has been through more than 15 dynasties. Due to its broad history and an isolated natural geography, it has accumulated a rich culture with its own unique characteristics different from others. Among its culture, food takes a huge part of it. Going through the history, Chinese food has evolved from basic cooking to a very complex part