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  • Chemistry Investigation

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    Chemistry Investigation Investigation- To investigate the factors involved in the following reaction: Na2S2O3(aq) + 2HCl(aq) à 2NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) + SO2(aq) + S(s) PLANNING STAGE Variables: The following are variables which will affect my investigation. Temperature, Pressure, Concentration of Na2S2O3, Concentration of HCl, Stirring. The key variables which I'm going to investigate are Concentration of Na2S2O3 and Concentration of HCl. What I'm going to find out: I'm going

  • Chemistry Investigation

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    Chemistry Investigation An investigation to find the optimum temperature that will produce the maximum amount of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide using the enzyme catalase Introduction Hydrogen peroxide is poisonous to all living things if it builds up in the cells but when it is introduced to the enzyme catalase the react between the two makes water and oxygen as byproducts. There are many factors witch affect the production of oxygen these are listed below. For this experiment the enzyme

  • Chemistry Investigation

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    temperature. I have decided to alter the temperature of the yeast and time the amount of carbon dioxide that will be given off at different temperatures. I have decided to time how much carbon dioxide is given off in five minutes. Throughout the investigation, I will keep the temperature the same as I have specified for each reading. For example, if I am taking a reading in which the temperature must be 5 degrees, I will make sure that the yeast is kept at this temperature. When I am altering the temperature

  • Chemistry and Crime Investigation

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    Chemistry Reveals Secrets behind C.S.I. A bloodied apartment left by a disgruntled tenant sends Grissom, Sara and Warrick on the journey to discovering a crime. While Catherine and Nick set out to investigate a dead body fully dressed in scuba gear stuck high in a tree in the middle of a raging fire. A couple was about to look at the apartment when they saw the blood stains on the wall and on the floor. They called 911. The C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigators) came to see the scene of the crime.

  • Chemistry Catalyst Investigation

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    Chemistry Catalyst Investigation Aim To devise and carry out an investigation into how the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a solution with distilled water will affect the rate of the catalysed reaction between hydrogen peroxide solution and manganese oxide. I will be studying the chemical catalyst manganese and its reaction with different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. The liquid hydrogen peroxide decomposes according to the equation: 2H202 (l) 2H20 (l) + 02 (g)

  • Chemistry Investigation on Neutralisation Reaction

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    Chemistry Investigation on Neutralisation Reaction Plan Neutralisation is the reaction that occurs when an acid has its acidity, that is its hydrogen ions removed by, another chemical containing OH- hydroxide ions. Chemicals that can cancel out an acid in this way are: bases (metal oxides or hydroxides), alkalis (bases that dissolve), metals (e.g. magnesium) or metal carbonates (e.g. marble chips) All of these have a similar way of removing the hydrogen from the acids (they swap it or

  • Chemical Chemistry Case Study

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    utilizing at their facility and risk involved with the product being manufacture could have drastically influenced the outcome of this incident. While both owners had a chemistry / chemical history, reactive chemistry is not commonly part of the curriculum for most chemical degree programs. The owner’s limited knowledge of reactive chemistry was apparent in the lack of redundancy in the cooling process of the reactor. This created a single point of failure to allow for a catastrophic incident. This

  • Career In Criminology

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    Careers in Chemistry: A Developmental History and Future of Criminology Criminology is a field that focuses on the study of crimes and their causes, effects, and social impact (“Criminologist careers, jobs,”). For example, if a murder is committed, criminologists are called to look at the motives and evidences that leads to the cause of this criminal behavior. This occupation is based on scientific study of crimes and criminals. The future of criminology is positive due to the high demand for employees

  • Epistemology and the Material Environment

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    Epistemology and the Material Environment ABSTRACT: This paper presents an epistemological approach to the investigation of material properties that is opposed to both phenomenalistic epistemology and recent linguistical and ontological accounts of matter/mass terms. Emphasis is laid on the inherent context dependence of material properties. It is shown that, if this is taken seriously, some deep epistemological problems arise, like unavoidable uncertainty, incompleteness, inductivity, and nonderivableness

  • It's All About Science

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    biology, Physiology and biochemistry] in my class. Studying as (Chemistry/Zoology) specialized undergraduate student has contributed greatly toward m... ... middle of paper ... ...d molecular biological techniques that are used to reveal the structure and function of biomolecules. Spectroscopy, protein biochemistry and molecular biology techniques are of great interest to me as they are hand in hand with structure-function investigation methods. When applying for graduate school, I try to organize