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  • Digital Certificates

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    Digital Certificates General Introduction The creation of Digital Ids has become lately a big need since a variety of electronic transaction including e-mail, electronic commerce, groupware and electronic funds transfer have made a part of everyone's life especially those that accessing the net makes the basis of their daily work where nothing can introduce them or identify them but a digital certificate that is authenticated for the server. Thus, in order to prove your identity in electronic

  • How Safe and Accurate is a Death Certificate?

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    A death certificate document application is used for the purposes of the Act which include registering and issuing death/birth certificates. These certificates help detect Social Security fraud; they are evidenced that any benefits still being paid out are being fraudulently collected. Death certificates are made officially by an attending physician or a coroner. The death certificate application could be a bit of a challenge if you are unsure of important information such as, the deceased person’s

  • The Inherent Problem of an Outdated Certificate Revocation System

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    When certificates become old, outdated, or compromised the web certificate may be revoked. Revoking certificates provides the Internet companies the ability to tell users that they have changed their security certificates. This research will introduce the inherent problem of an outdated certificate revocation system. This research will follow the mixed methods approach and consult many different types of research documents, tests, and discussions. This research will also document the level of knowledge

  • The Medical Certificate

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    The pounding in my head is so familiar; I barely notice the effect of last night’s scotch. What isn’t familiar is the aroma of coffee. I open one eye, in case there is a body lying next to me. The bed is empty, but the bedside table shows proof of another existence; a half smoked cigarette is slowly disappearing in an ashtray. Oh Jesus, what did I get up to last night? I hate awkward morning after conversations. I drape on my clothes from yesterday, and hurry to make a quick exit. I can hear her

  • Adoptees and Birth Certificates

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    family is and therefore also know about medical history. However, in the 1940s many birth certificates of adoptees were sealed. This continued to occur for four decades. Now depending upon the state the adopted person lives in and how the laws have evolved, they may not be able to easily access their original birth certificate just like everyone else. Adoptees should have total access to their birth certificate and family medical history because this information will help them to understand where they

  • The Importance Of The PMP Certificate

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    certification you should be after. Overall, we are going to talk about: • What is PMP Certificate? • Why is it important? • How to prepare yourself to take the PMP Certificate? • How long will it take to finish the PMP Certificate? • The PMP certification cost. • Books and courses to help you with PMP Certificate. So, let’s jump right into the details, which will change your life as a project manager….. What is PMP Certificate? Basically, every project manager knows how important the Project Management Professional

  • Investigate CON -Certificate of Need

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    To investigate CON “Certificate of Need”, one must understand the meaning of the phrase. CON is a certificate that is issued to the individual or group intending to build or modify the facility for additional services. The process is intended to prevent duplication of services in a community ( In this passage, we will discuss the development of becoming certified and the importance of becoming certified facility / group. This passage will cover some steps

  • BTEC National Certificate In Business

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    BTEC National Certificate In Business “Improving performance in the Workforce” Task P1 The targets set by both I and my line manager can be seen below: 1. Increase sales by 25% in the next 6 months. 2. Increase staff members in each department by 2 in the next 4 months. 3. Introduce 3 new products to the company every 3 months. 4. Have 5 more counters available on the shop floor for the customers in the next 4 months. 5. Reduce costs by 10% in the next 4 months. 6. Decrease

  • Internet Explorer SSL Vulnerability

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    do so, the administrator generates a certificate and has it signed by a Certificate Authority. The generated certificate should list the URL of the secure web site in the Common Name field of the Distinguished Name section. The CA verifies that the administrator legitimately owns the URL in the CN field, signs the certificate, and gives it back. Assuming the administrator is trying to secure, we now have the following certificate structure: [CERT - Issuer: VeriSign

  • Installing and Configuring Apache for Different Systems

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    ne... ... middle of paper ... ...ed in them for the SSL Certificate and the SSL Certificate Key to your new files. (Ubuntu) Now that we have come to the end what have I said throughout this paper about saving your changes? You will need to restart the service to save your changes with this command: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart. Once Apache restarts you may need to enter a passcode all depending on who you obtained your certificate through. To see your secure server pages simply type in the