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  • Essay On Calf Circumference

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    Introduction This experiment was completed in order to compare calf circumference as well as gender, weight, and jump height. If a person has larger calves, then they will likely be capable of reaching a higher vertical height. It can also be shown that if the person is a male, then they will be able to jump higher. A larger calf circumference is more likely to reflect a high vertical jump due to the fact that the fat content of the calves in the experiment was accounted for, therefore a large calf

  • 3D Concept

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    As an artist, there are many times in which I need specific measurements to create an accurate representation of whatever I happen to be recreating. In general, it is not too difficult to get these measurements. Even if I do not have the specific object with me, there are endless sources of research these days, with the Internet, and I can almost always find whatever it is I am looking for. However, my most favorite thing to draw happens to be one of the few things that does not have specific

  • The Study of Si Surface Structures

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    dates where combined surfaces are present it is possible to determine the amount of certain types of surfaces present on the sample. The ultimate goal is the ability to control the growth of Pb islands upon the Si crystal. Applications of this research include the design of advanced microprocessors and quantum wires. Introduction: The goal of the REU project to which I was assigned is to determine the amounts of certain types of crystalline surface structures present upon the Si crystal that had been

  • Data Handling Project

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    this piece of coursework I am investigating how the weight of a sample of pupils can be affected by various factors e.g. age, gender, height etc. I have chosen to compare the weights with the three factors listed above: age, gender and height and throughout this investigation I am aiming to show that weight of a certain group of people may be affected by certain factors and that other factors may have no affect on the weight at all. Plan: I have been given a survey on all the pupils in

  • Case Study: CSI Unite Adbotion?

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    gun shoot in our beloved city, Chicago Heights! CRING! The sounds of sharted glass caused by a burglary of a local shop rings throughout the night! SKURRRR! You ask where your vehicles has went in astonishment as you go outside and see it's missing from the missing spot it once held and and impenetrable mass smoke clouds you long to see through. The question is how much more endless crimes have to be committed with no answer to why before Chicago heights receives a CSI(Crime Scene Investigation

  • Notes On A Tree Sapling

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    Bivariate Relationships Problem: I am going to investigate if there is a relationship between the (explanatory variable) sampling height (cm) and the (response variable) height of the crown of the saplings (cm) that is measured from the base of the crown. Based from the data from study plots of either 1.5 hectares or 2.25 hectares in the Waitutu forest. Trees were randomly selected within the plots and measured during the summer. The plots were selected to be a representative sample of the vegetation

  • Physics Principles that Can be Observed in a Theme Park

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    everywhere, even in a theme park, in a theme park physics principles such as ‘weightlessness’ and ‘acceleration/deceleration’ play a large part in ensuring that the rides are as thrilling as they are safe. In this essay I am going to show how two certain physics principles are being used in a ride to ensure that the ride is safe but at the same time delivers a lot of thrill to the rider. I am going to explore the sense of ‘weightlessness’ during freefall, and how ‘forces’ are used to ensure

  • Investigating the Change in Depth of a Wooden Diver as the Dive Height is Altered

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    Investigating the Change in Depth of a Wooden Diver as the Dive Height is Altered Preliminary work and Research Brainstorm: Preliminary Prediction: I predict that the depth to which the diver 'dives' will increase as its starting height increases. The manipulated variable in this experiment will be the height from which the diver is dropped, and the dependent variables will be the diver, as it will always be the same, and also the volume of water in the measuring cylinder. I must

  • The Uniqueness

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    under one certain poetic style? Does the name Pablo Neruda sound familiar? Well, this Hispanic poet, Pablo Neruda, cannot be categorized under a certain poetic style because his poems embodies various styles of writing. Pablo Neruda’s poems range from the topics of love to the topics of death. “Fully Empowered,” “Tonight I Can Write,” and “The Heights of Macchu Picchu” are three poems that contrast in themes, styles, and tones. “Fully Empowered," “Tonight I Can Write," and “The Heights of Macchu

  • Examples Of Individual Discrimination

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    upon close inspection to discriminate against people of color even if they did not mean to do so. The bottom line is this: institutions can discriminate even if they do not intend to do so. Consider height requirements for police. Before the 1970s, police forces around the United States commonly had height requirements, say 5 feet 10 inches. As women began to want to join police forces in the 1970s, many found they were too short. The same was true for people from some racial/ethnic backgrounds, such