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    were involved in the Anderson v. McOskar Enterprises, Inc. case it is clear that Curves should not be accused of having an ambiguous release form, and that they should not be held liable for any type of negligence. Curves release of liability does not breach public policy and supports the defense that the release is not legally ambiguous. The district court made the correct decision by not holding Curves liable for any wrong doing in the case. Anderson signed and agreed to a release of Curves of their

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    Case Law Nearly every aspect of law enforcement has a court decision that governs criteria. Most court rulings are the result of civil lawsuit towards a police officer and agency. However, currently, there is no law that mandates law enforcement driver training. When it comes to firearms, negligence by officers has resulted in a multitude of court rulings. Popow v. City of Margate, 1979, is a particularly interesting case that outlines failed firearms training by an agency. In this case, an

  • International Law Is Not A Law Case Study

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    Austin, Spinoza, etc, international law is not a law. Here are the reasons why John Austin and Spinoza considered that international law is not a law: • International law does not has strong executive power. • International law is coordination, it does not subordination. • International law does not has legislature, judiciary, and polisional. • International law cannot impose the will of the international community. Some reasons above are less precise. The law is still exist even though there is

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    To comprehend the law, one should first grasp the significance of the term law. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2016), a law is a binding custom or practice of a community, a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority, the whole body of such customs, practices, or rules. Laws are regularly organized through groups and its individuals by executing rules. To achieve these first, we should comprehend the procedure of how

  • Analysis of the Case Law

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    Analysis of the Case Law "There is no prescribed constitutional relationship between the courts and the executive, but the judges assert their inherent power, derived from the rule of law, to review executive actions" The question starts off by giving us an element of the separation of powers when it says that there is no prescribed constitutional relationship between the courts and the executives. The

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    in Wisconsin. Steven Avery is a huge example of how law enforcemt can be held accountable for a civil liability case. Avery served 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Avery was presumed guilty before getting a chance to prove his innocence. Law states innocent until proven guilty. Manitowoc County is in the spot light again for the same offences. Avery continues to state he’s not guilty and continues to stand by his innocence. Law enforcement protects and serves and the court system

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    In order to begin answering such a broad and extensive question, we must first understand what the question actually means. Does the question mean to simply ask what branch of law I would like to enter upon graduating from University? Or at a deeper level does it ask me ww hat morals, values and principles I intend to demonstrate during my career as a lawyer, if I indeed choose to enter the legal world. I will be answering all spectrums of this question. In order to do so, I will draw on my experience

  • Case Law: Nursing

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    This is a case response based upon an article describing the suspension of a Nurse from her job because she offered to pray for an elderly patient. While there are many legal and ethical issues that could be looked into, the focus of this case response is to look specifically at the operation of equality legislation and human rights legislation, and the difficulty that social workers and other service providers may have in balancing their obligations and applying them to professional practice. It

  • Contract Law Case

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    Contract Law Case Bob ordered tidy skips to come and drop off a skip which he wanted to use at his address. Whilst delivering the skip the employee of tidy skips (Sid) negligently drove the delivery vehicle into the wall of Bob's house causing it to collapse and in the process damaged bobs new car. A cost of £1000 was incurred to rebuild the wall and a further £800 was spent on repairs for repairs on the car. Bob has hired skips from tidy skips before on a regular basis. On the past five

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    Introduction: Law has been defined as a system of rule, it needs to be forced by social organizations in order to discipline people in general. This assignment is going to discuss whether both of parties has inappropriate behavior which result in loss of the benefits of each other. The knowledge related to this assignment will be through in relation to contract formation, offer and termination of an offer and acceptance in particular. Those series of law problems would be solved clearly and some