Cardboard Essays

  • Can A Cardboard Boat Float

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    As surprising as it may seem, one of the most common household items, cardboard, can be used to construct a boat. Building a cardboard boat has become a fun activity that anyone can take part in. Towns and schools hold annual cardboard boat regattas, judging the entrants on speed, design, and creativity. In New Richmond, Ohio there is even a cardboard boat museum! These special boats are more than just a box thrown into water; they are designed using elements of engineering and physics to make

  • Don't Mess with Nature

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    which we receive everyday. For personal use, there’s the diary and the note pads to remind us the things we need to remember. There are many examples that I can give for instance, paper plates, paper bags, cardboard boxes, etc… Anyhow, the point that I am deriving at is that paper and cardboard boxes are all made from trees. Millions of trees are being destroyed every year to produce paper. Not only for paper, but for housing projects as well. New programs are being set up to plant trees in replace

  • Poverty, An Injustice In America

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    Poverty, an Injustice in America How many times have you been on your way home, or somewhere around downtown, and at a stoplight you see someone sitting at the intersection with a cardboard sign that reads something along the lines of, “Homeless and hungry”? If you have ever been in a car that passes through a large city in the U.S., then like most others you probably have. What have these people done to be in a situation like this? What can you do to help? Are they really homeless? These are commonly

  • Polarization

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    together, changes in the color occurred, displaying points with greater stress. Method 4: Polarization by reflection from a non-metallic surface was used in this method in order to help distinguish the plane of incidence, and Brewster's angle. A cardboard disk with a picture on it and a polarizer were placed in the holder, with a piece of black plastic (n=1.491) in between them. Brewster's angle was determined from tan = n, and =56. We then looked through the polarizer at this angle and were

  • The Beggar and the Bitch

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    The Beggar and the Bitch The blocks of concrete sidewalk in between two rusty, red brick buildings prickle my skin. I lay out my piece of brown corrugated cardboard and am comforted by its smoothness. It provides insulation on a breezy summer night. I curl up, cramped, in the fetal position; my limbs grow limp as my eyelids weigh down over two chocolate eyes. I can feel my fuzzy black dreadlocks falling down the nape of my neck and into the collar of my thin cotton t-shirt. I pull my white tube

  • Etymology and Symbolism of Characters' Names in Catcher in the Rye

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    Human beings are advised not to judge books by their covers, rather that they should look further than the obvious and try to apprehend the implied meaning. The world has peered past Catcher in the Rye's cover, cracked its pure, uniform shell of cardboard and discovered the novel of a decade, a story that has now made the name "Holden Caulfield" synonymous with "cynical adolescent." Within the novel, however, there are more "books" into which we can read a bit more deeply - the characters. It seems

  • Accidents Happen

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    dialing a number swiftly, ignoring the sounds of protest ad... ... middle of paper ... ... man. He pulls out the matches the matches and burns of the man’s fingerprints. He later sets fire to the man’s clothe, Erika’s gloves and the bloodied cardboard. The young men both manage to carry the adult’s body, taking it to the lake nearby; they move in silence, nothing but the sound of Erika’s lively chatter in the background. They eradicate the body deep within the lake. Vernon leaves and returns later

  • Economic Trade-off Analysis of Cracker Jack

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    Economic Trade-off Analysis of Cracker Jack When I was little, Cracker Jack came in cardboard boxes, and the prize inside was often pretty cool: a whistle or a ring, or some similar gadget. This was also in the days when Oscar Mayer gave away tiny hot-dog-shaped whistles as promotional items. In those days, whistles were pretty popular. Slide whistles were a very common favor at birthday parties. I remember an older cousin came back from the army once, and he had a really cool whistle

  • A Universe in a Pizza Box

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    the pizza boxes remained in the dirt, alone and forgotten. The rains came and softened up the cardboard, the stack sagged in the middle, and was again stiffened by the sun. Something amazing began to happen. It was only after trying to throw out these old boxes in a fit of neatness, that I discovered the miracle that had taken place. I found when I pulled back the first layer, not just soggy cardboard, but a miniature ecosystem teeming with life. A herd of slugs meandered over the plain that read

  • Snapshots of Love

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    all the other pictures I have of Katie and me, even when there was no camera with film and batteries ready to go. It's these pictures that I'll never lose. Before Katie and I went off to school, we spent our days in the tunnels and caves of cardboard boxes and secret hideaways under the kitchen table. Our house has never been short on toys (there were six kids born before Katie and me), but boxes have always been a favorite. I remember being able to easily slide through the long passageways,

  • Catapult

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    attached the “steps” by drilling holes in the bottom of them and then tying them to the milk crate. Then I nailed the board with wallpaper into the back end of the base. The base was then nailed into the “steps”, and glued grass decorations and cardboard cows to the base. The ratapult was completed. Data & Observations: I found the initial velocity, or Vi, by finding the horizontal velocity, or Vx, and then using the equation Vx = Vi * cos(angle). The angle was 25 degrees, so I input that into

  • Acting To Save Mother Earth

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    materials from even entering the home. For instance, 60 of the 190 pounds of plastic-especially styrofoam-each American uses a year are thrown out as soon as packages are opened. Be kind to your planet by buying eggs, fast food, and other products in cardboard in...

  • Eulogy for Grandmother

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    all of the felicitous times are just a big barrier of memories surrounding my heart. I can remember doing puzzles with my Grandma. The table she'd use came up to my chin when I was first interested in the concept of putting pieces of colorful cardboard together. When we had finished forming all the pieces together, I was in pure fascination of how beautiful the picture was that the pieces had formed. One time my family bought my Grandma a puzzle containing five thousand pieces. She worked on

  • Cardboard Recycling Essay

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    Recycling of Cardboard Cosmetic Boxes Cardboard, generally known as corrugated cardboard, is a recyclable material that we recycled by small and large level businesses to save lots of money on waste material removal costs. Cardboard Recycling is the reprocessing and reuse of solid bed sheets or stiff multilayered paperwork which may have been used, discarded or thought to be a waste. Cardboard containers are usually heavy-duty or thick sheets of the newspaper known for his or her toughness and hardness

  • From Rags To Riches

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    grandpa is who brought him to the United States. He sent an application for my father so he can come and work to make money. My Grandpa worked in a factory in Aurora. When my dad arrived he immediately found a job in Lombard where they make boxes of cardboard. There he made $2.25 cents an hour! He started at 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM. Luckily gas prices weren't as high as there are now or else my dad would have really struggled with money.

  • Barbie: Feminism's Best Friend or Worst Enemy

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    yet, the sexy image and revealing clothing would be offensive, even immoral, when girls were supposed to stay home and take care of the children. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that Barbie was first introduced. She shined brightly from her pink cardboard package next to the dozens of baby dolls surrounding her. Barbie was stunningly different. She was a woman, not a baby doll, she had no spouse, she had no children, she drove a sports car, and she was sexy. As Barbie became a household word

  • Kathleen Norris' Dakota

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    committee, silently fixing the past's blunders and bad dreams so not to discourage themselves or the younger generation: A good story is one that isn't demanding, that proceeds from A to B, and above all doesn't remind us of the bad times, the cardboard patches we used to wear in our shoes, the failed farms, the way people you love just up and die. It tells us instead that hard work and perseverance can overcome all obstacles; it tells lie after lie, and the happy ending is the happiest lie of all

  • The Dreamer and the Dream

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    dumbfounded by the intricacy and originality of the "props" that lie scattered across the dream stage. One of my dreams, for instance, featured a carefully crafted letter from a past love which included a map of the Pacific Coast near Seattle with a cardboard sailing ship that slowly sailed south by southwest as I lifted the page. It was so clever that I wondered out loud "how did she do that?" and turned over the page to discover a small slit made rigid with a careful application of black wax. The

  • Aesthetics of Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison

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    where personal and aesthetic prisms distill into an individualized, articulate consciousness -- it is impossible, not to mention foolish and simplistic, to attempt to exhort a moral from the specific circumstances of the narrator, who is not a cardboard martyr and who doesn't stand for anyone other than himself: he does not represent the Everyman, nor does he epitomize thesufferings of his race. The narrator can prompt questions about and discussions on both themes precisely because his is an individualized

  • The Transgenic Tomato

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    ripens allows them to be shipped with less bruising and spoilage because they are still hard, but this practice detracts from their flavor and makes them taste, as some like to say, like cardboard! After the tomatoes are gassed, the red (but tough) tomatoes are distributed to the supermarkets. The "cardboard" tomato problem illustrates a larger problem in agriculture - crop spoilage associated with the predations of insects and fungi and with shipping. We saw that picking fruits such as tomatoes