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  • The Determination of the Solubility of Calcium Hydroxide

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    The Determination of the Solubility of Calcium Hydroxide I have to plan an experiment to find the solubility of calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2, in water. I have to make up a solution of calcium hydroxide and carry out a titration using hydrochloric acid solution of the chosen concentration. The equipment need is as below: · Solid calcium hydroxide · Methyl orange indicator · Volumetric flask (250cm3) · Clamp and boss · Clamp stand · Burette (50cm3) · Conical flask ·

  • Investigation into the solubility of Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2

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    Investigation into the solubility of Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 Planning ======== Calcium Hydroxide is a strong base which is alkaline in water. Lime water containing approximately 0.015 mol dm-3 will be used for the titration. HCl will be used also, and has a concentration of 0.3 mol dm-3 . Aim: The aim of the investigation is to determine the solubility of Calcium Hydroxide by calculating the concentration by means of a titration. Plan: Clamp stand Burette [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Titration

  • Finding the Concentration of Calcium Hydroxide by Titration with Hydrochloric Acid.

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    Finding the Concentration of Calcium Hydroxide by Titration with Hydrochloric Acid. The Problem Perform a titration upon Calcium Hydroxide to find the concentration by using Hydrochloric Acid of 3 different concentrations as following 2 molar, 0.5 molar and 0.1 molar. In order to calculate the results must be within 0.05cm3 of each other. Apparatus Burette Volumetric Pipette Beakers Conical Flasks Volumetric Flasks Funnel Clamp Stand White Tile Fair Test

  • Finding the Concentration of Limewater in a Titration Using Hydrochloric

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    Hydrochloric acid - Very corrosive, irritant. * Limewater (alkali) - Irritant. * Phenolphthalein - May cause irritation of the respiratory and digestive tract if ingested. The reaction between the hydrochloric acid and limewater will also produce calcium chloride and water both of which have no hazards and are not dangerous at all. Phenolphthalein will not react with any of the other chemicals to produce anything dangerous. Also any reaction involving HCl can often be quite violent so great care

  • Bases and Alkalis

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    DISSOLVE IN WATER ALKALI OR BASE FOUND IN/USED FOR Copper oxide CuO No Base Sodium hydroxide NaOH Yes Alkali pH 13 Used to remove grease from ovens & drains. Used to make soap Ammonia NH3 Yes Alkali pH 10 The main active ingredient in household cleaning fluids Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 No Base Slaked lime used in agriculture Aluminium hydroxide Al(OH)3 No Base Used in some indigestion tablets Acids and Alkalis Neutralisation

  • Portland Cement

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    (3CaOAl2O3), and a tetra-calcium aluminoferrite (4CaO Al2O3Fe2O3). In an abbreviated notation differing from the normal atomic symbols, these compounds are designated as C3S, C2S, C3A, and C4AF, where C stands for calcium oxide (lime), S for silica, A for alumina, and F for iron oxide. Small amounts of uncombined lime and magnesia also are present, along with alkalies and minor amounts of other elements Hydration. The most important hydraulic constituents are the calcium silicates, C2S and C3S. Upon

  • Sedimentary Rocks

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    is why it looks very much like sand. However, there is red sandstone as well as yellow. Sandstone is commonly used for buildings. Limestone, which can also be called chalk, is formed from seashells. It mostly contains calcium carbonate as seashells are made from calcium carbonate. It is usually white or grey in colour. The original shells are mainly crushed down how some fossilised shells can still be found in limestone. Mudstone, which is also known as shale, is formed from mud. Mud is

  • Chemistry Of Cement Chemistry

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    aluminous mate¬ria that reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide (lime) to form com¬pounds having cementitious properties.” In early civilizations, natural pozzolans were mixed together with lime to produce hydraulic cements, whereas today natural or artificial pozzolans are usually used together with portland cement. The hydration of the calcium silicate compounds, C3S (or alite) and C2S (or belite), in portland cement produces abundant calcium hydroxide through the reactions represented by following

  • Determining the Concentration Of Limewater Solution

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    00M.. What is required for me is that I have to design my own experiment and chose the right and appropriate apparatus and equipment. I will be provided with 250cm3 of limewater, which has been made to which contains approximately 1g/dm3 of calcium Hydroxide. This hypothesis from We were also give Hydrochloric acid (HCl) with a concentration of 2.00 mol/dm3 normal laboratory apparatus was also given and so was an indicator. jenny_eli, please do not redistribute this

  • The Uses and Significance of Group Two Compounds

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    The Uses and Significance of Group Two Compounds The group two elements consist of Beryllium, Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium and Radium. These are known as the ‘Group Two elements’ because of their unique electron division. Each one of these elements, consists of two outer shell electrons. Because of the lack of outer electrons, these elements are highly reactive. Group two electrons have a positive Two charge or +ve. The Group 2 elements are all metals with a shiny, silvery-white

  • Determination of the Relative Atomic Mass of Calcium

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    Determination of the Relative Atomic Mass of Calcium In this experiment, I will determine the relative atomic mass of calcium by two different methods. v By measuring the volume of hydrogen produced. v By titrating the lithium hydroxide produced. Method 1 -------- [IMAGE] v 0.10g of calcium used. v 100cm3 of distilled water used. Results Method 1 Mass of Calcium (g) Total volume of gas produced (cm3) 0.10 37 v Starting point of water in cylinder =

  • Alkaline Metals

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    components to humanity and life as we know it. Without them, many things that we both love and need would be gone. These remarkably diverse yet very similar elements that make up the alkaline earth metals family are: Beryllium (Be), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Strontium (Sr), Barium (Ba), and Radium (Ra). Although this family is often overshadowed by the infamous alkali metals, you will soon learn how spectacular and brilliant these metals really are and their value to human life. The alkaline earth

  • The Two-Faced Detergent

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    non-polar and hydrophobic, or water repelling. In this way, soap is unique. One end attracts water while the other end pushes it away. Initially soaps where made by heating sodium hydroxide with beef fat. Beef fat contains an ester formed between glycerol and stearic acid. The ester is then attacked by the sodium hydroxide, which releases the stearic acid as sodium stearate, How does all this help soap clean things? Well soap dissolves in water. There is nothing special about this, since many substances

  • The Chemistry of Painting Cars

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    provides a durable, decorative, glossy appearance. If rusting continually takes place the car becomes unsafe. When water and oxygen come in contact with the metal of the car surface, several redox reactions happen. The oxygen is reduced to hydroxide ions and iron is oxidized to Fe2+ ions which pass into solution. More reactions happen which ultimately produce rust - Fe2O3H2O. The components of car paint There are three components of car paint, each one has different roles: * The pigment

  • Lactulose

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    which the galactose subunit is removed from lactose and joined to a molecule of fructose. Isomerization of lactose can be accomplished using chemical or enzymatic methods. Chemical methods employ an alkaline catalyst, such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, in combination with a complexing agent, such as borate or aluminate, that will attach to lactulose and precipitate as an insoluble complex from the reaction system, thus shifting chemical equilibrium in favor of the formation of the

  • Explain How Much Acid Is Required To Neutralise A Base

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    trying to find out how much acid it takes to neutralise a base to form a neutral solution. I will use one molar of Nitric Acid as the acid and one molar of Ammonium Hydroxide as the base. So this will be a 1:1 ratio. (Molarity = how many molecules of the acid or alkali per 1000 cm3 (1 litre) of water.) Nitric Acid + Ammonium Hydroxide à Ammonium Nitrate + Water ----------------------------------------------------------- HNO + NH OH NH NO + H O Ionic bonding must take

  • Rickets Disease Research Paper

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    causes the bones to soften and weaken before the fusion of the growth plate. The adult version of this disease is called osteomalacia. In both adults and children it is caused by a long term and extreme vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D allows for calcium and phosphorous to be absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract which is necessary for bones to have their mechanical properties. In children Rickets can result in bone pain, slow growth, increase risk of fractures and bone deformities, such as scoliosis

  • Risk Factors Of Osteoporosis

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    Although your bones are usually very strong, they consist of living tissue that continually breaks down and rebuilds. As you age, it’s possible for old bone to break down faster than the building of new bone. Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs in the bones. The bones are part of the skeletal system which contains a total of 206 bones. Osteo means bones and porosis means porous. This disease causes the bones to become weak and brittle. Some victims of this disease are not aware that anything is

  • Broken Bones Essay

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    A broken bone is one of the worst and most painful injuries you can suffer. Broken bones can be caused by many different things such as falling on it or even a hard-twisting motion. Bones can be easily viewed as a solid, non-working part of our body where tissue just sits, but your skeletal system is as much a living part as your organs. Your body stores minerals in the compact bone, and stores fat in the yellow marrow. Your bone also has the ability to produce red blood cells in the inner part,

  • Osteoporosis

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    My patient is a 55-year-old woman presenting to the clinic complaining of episodes of feeling “hot and sweaty” during the day and is waking up at night soaked with perspiration. Because her sleep is so disrupted, she is tired all day and is having trouble concentrating at work. She says that the episodes are becoming unbearable and is seeking treatment for them. In a very thorough assessment I will gain information in regards to possible Osteoporosis. To help collect data in exploring the possibility