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  • Architectural Study at Cal Poly

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    Architectural Study at Cal Poly Lost in the hills of Poly Canyon lies a land filled with bizarre structure built by past students that make up the architectural study area. This chunk of land is designated for architectural students to build their senior projects on. In the true Cal Poly spirit of learn by doing, students have been building inventive structures as senior projects. However, before 1963, most of these projects were torn down after completion. So the Dean of the college of

  • Real, Live Milking Machines

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    playing Frisbee or catch, and off busy Highland Drive is the unpaved Mt. Bishop Road. Mt. Bishop Road is home to the crops unit, campus orchards, veterinary unit, and the Eugene and Rachel Boone Dairy Science Complex, more familiarly known as the Cal Poly Dairy. Walking through the dairy on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, I am greeted by fifteen or so calves chained to oversized dog houses called “hutches.” Petting them as they attempt to suck on my pants, I look up to see their mothers in the long cages

  • Cal Poly Parking Problem

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    California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) and recommended a solution to improve this situation in the short term. Purpose The purpose of this report is to provide a final recommendation to Cal Poly’s UPD to deal with the problem of the lack of parking spaces. This report will provide two initial ideas and one final recommendation for improving the Cal Poly campus parking problem after research and analysis. Background Cal Poly is located in San Luis Obispo (SLO), which was a

  • Case Study: Cal Poly

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    The name of this college is Cal Poly Pomona. Cal Poly Pomona is located at 3801 W Temple Ave, Pomona, Ca 91768. Cal Poly Pomona is 22.6 miles away from me. That takes 28 minutes to get there. Cal Poly Pomona is near L.A.... It is only 26 minutes away. The total enrollment in Cal Poly is 23,717 students per year. The average class size is 49 students. Cal Poly is 1,438 acres. One acre is 43,560 square feet. Cal Poly is set in a urban environment. Cal Poly is a Co-ed college. There are 10,623 females

  • Consumerism Project: Cal Poly Pomona

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    Consumerism Project Rough Draft Cal Poly Pomona is a college that many people want to go to, not just because it has a beautiful campus but because there is a high acceptance rate of 39.3%. Cal Poly Pomona’s mascot is a horse and their college is surrounded by greenery where the college is geographically located. I also know that Cal Poly Pomona is a really big college that provides a major in engineering. I also like this college because it is close to home and I won’t have to pay

  • A Piece of Eden

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    A Piece of Eden Cal Poly Swine Unit sits atop a hill at the end of Sports Complex road on fifteen acres of Cal Poly land that stretches along the railroad tracks, past the baseball and softball diamonds, the intramural soccer field for miles, and the rodeo arena where cowboys and cowgirls on horseback lasso and barrel race. The grounds of the swine unit looks like a piece of Eden. Fruit trees grow on a patch of cool green grass, and a pond that attracts birds and vegetation and is used for irrigation

  • Leaning Pine Arboretum

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    The Leaning Pine Arboretum, named for a tree which blew down during a storm several years ago, is a tranquil horticultural display garden on the outskirts of the Cal Poly campus. The main purpose of the five-acre arboretum is to educate students about different species of plants in their natural settings. This arboretum emphasizes Cal Poly’s motto of “Learn by doing.” Students in the Horticulture and Crop Science Department are the force behind the garden and keep it functioning year-round. The

  • Out With The Old And In With The New

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    Out With The Old And In With The New Snuggled between the background of the Cal Poly campus and the mountains, lie bright green grassy fields sweeping over the sloping terrain. The brilliance of the sun on the picturesque scenery makes for just the right lighting. The numerous bulls that inhabit the Bull Test Area are lazily slouching in their spacious pen and chomping at their breakfast. Apart from the mellow bovines, on the other side of Brizzolara Creek, the Abattoir sits silently yet eerily

  • Market Research: Cal Poly Pomona Students

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    Summary of Market Research: Our class groups into five different groups using different research methods to obtain information helping to design and produce the AM2 product line, which fits our targeted market which is Cal Poly Pomona students. In our research, we use methods including interview, observation study, and survey. Through these different research methods, we obtain information from different point of view. When team A interviews with bookstore staffs, bookstore buyer gives us an overall

  • Making the Climb

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    that day was not normal at all. I was going to do something with my English class that I never thought I would do. I was going to hike up Poly Canyon. With a horrible night’s sleep and a sore throat, I was not in the mood to undergo a “moderately strenuous” hike, but I pushed myself to get ready. Once the entire class had assembled, we made our way to the Poly Canyon gate where we would meet Professor Marx. The overcast sky and moist air were usual characteristics of San Luis Obispo mornings. I

  • The Hike Up Poly Mountain

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    The Hike Up Poly Mountain Our journey begins on a foggy and cool Monday morning in late September. The group of freshman English students wait eagerly at the gate to Poly Canyon anticipating the adventures to come. Once Professor has taken roll and explained what is in store for the impending hike, we start walking up a rocky path. Immediately I feel like I am in nature. I am reminded of all the camping and hiking trips I went on as a child and I feel at peace. But something in the sky

  • Presentation on Bioplastics

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    degradation speed What are Scientists Doing Now? Several Different Exciting Methods are being tried right now! * Using Soy-based bioplastics * Using Bacteria to make bioplastics * Starch-based Bioplastics * Polylactide Bioplastics * Poly-3-Hydroxybutyrate Current Cost of Bioplastic Comparison Soy-based Bioplastics One of the hottest sections in bioplastics research today. Pure Soy Bioplastic has many undesirable traits. Mixtures of Soy with other substances are currently

  • US Constitution

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    “While the authors of the United States Constitution are frequently portrayed as noble and idealistic statesmen who drafted a document based upon their conception of good government, reality is that the constitution reflects the politics of the drafting and ratification process. Unfortunately, the result is a document that is designed to produce an ineffective government, rather than a government that can respond to issues in a timely fashion.” In support of this conclusion, the issues of slavery

  • The Hike

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    It is cold, foggy, and dark. Everything looks dead around me - brown grass, bare and skinny trees, my tired classmates. I look at the wildlife and think about greener, more beautiful places. I imagine that I am hiking in North Carolina or Austria, where nature needs no sprinklers to remain green. Why am I awake now? How can I find beauty on this hike? How can I possibly write an essay about this? Despite my negative thoughts, I force myself to focus on the hike. Birds soar through the crisp

  • Drowning in a Glass Half Empty

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    Drowning in a Glass Half Empty Wearily walking into the lobby of my residence hall, a group of my classmates gathered to embark on a pilgrimage through Poly Canyon. We meandered over to our rendezvous with our professor on a gravel road sided by a grove of eucalyptus trees rising up like a rib cage. I doubted that this was going to be anything like what Henry David Thoreau intended in his essay “Walking,” when he described walking as being “absolutely free from all worldly engagements.” If

  • My First and Last hike in Poly Canyon

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    My First and Last hike in Poly Canyon I knew it was coming. A couple weeks before, I received an introductory email from my instructor explaining the textbook we needed and providing a link to the class website. I selected the link and navigated curiously around the site, arriving at last at the class itinerary. To my horror, I saw planned on the third class day a “moderately strenuous hike over steep, rough ground.” Subsequent readings of this statement produced the same result, and so

  • Living On Campus Vs California State University

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    of college. However, living on campus is expensive, averaging about 14,00 dollars per year for California State Universities (Cal; Living on campus adds up to the college tuition, which is about $7000 per year for California State Universities and $13,000

  • The Tribune against Measure Q

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    The Tribune against Measure Q The Tribune posted an editorial stating their opposition to Measure Q on Saturday, October 16th, 2004. It describes the debate over the measure “boiling down to one sentence: ‘It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically engineered organisms in San Luis Obispo County.” The Tribune claims that “Measure Q is a poorly written ordinance with unintended consequences of banning research on life-saving medicines

  • My Passion For Dietetics: My Career Path For Health

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    My career path for dietetics is led by my passion for disease prevention at one of the most crucial stages of human development - childhood. My curiosity with chronic non-communicable diseases began the years following the death of both my grandmothers who both passed away due to type 2 diabetes and stomach cancer. At a young age, I began to incline myself to health sciences in which my interest further peaked for nutrition, epidemiology, nutrigenetics, and nutrigenomics. The notion that our diet

  • Growing up in Spartan Society

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    methods. The young Spartan boys trained to be warriors. Starting... ... middle of paper ... ...opedia." Sparta. Creative Commons, 28 May 2013. Web. 27 Mar. 2014. . Levi, Peter. "Spartan Education - CSU Pomona - Cal Poly Pomona." Spartan Education. Stonehenge Press, 1 Jan. 1992. Web. 27 Mar. 2014. Lozides, Antonios. "Ancient History Encyclopedia." The Spartan Education. Creative Common, 20 Mar. 2012. Web. 27 Mar