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  • Buffalo Bill and Disney

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    Buffalo Bill and Disney More than seventy years after Buffalo Bill “taught” the history of the West to a curious nation, Disneyland embarked on a strikingly similar course. Relying on creative marketing, star appeal, the American fascination with all things western, and, most important, an exceedingly glib portrayal of history, Disneyland in a strange way completed the story that Buffalo Bill started in 1883. Although the eras, to be sure, were decidedly different, history was delivered in exactly

  • Buffalo Bill

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    Buffalo Bill William Frederick Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill, was born into an anti-slavery family. He had a rough childhood, but despite this hardship he grew up to be an adventurous wild west showman, and achieve many historical goals. On February 26, 1846, near the small town of LeClair, Iowa, William F. Cody was born to Isacc and Marry Ann Cody. At the time William had two sisters, Martha and Julia, and a brother, Samuel. But he ended up with three more sisters, Eliza, Helen, and May, and

  • Buffalo Bill

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    Buffalo Bill One of the most colorful figures of the Old West became the best known spokesman for the New West. He was born William Frederick Cody in Iowa in 1846. At 22, in Kansas, he was rechristened "Buffalo Bill". He had been a trapper, a bullwhacker, a Colorado "Fifty-Niner", Pony Express rider (1860), wagonmaster, stagecoach driver, Civil War soldier, and even hotel manager. He earned his nickname for his skill while supplying Kansas Pacific Railroad workers with buffalo meat. He was

  • William Buffalo Bill Cody

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    William Buffalo Bill Cody Buffalo Bill was one of the most interesting figures of the old west, and the best known spokesman of the new west. Buffalo Bill was born in 1846 and his real name was William Frederick Cody. Cody was many things. He was a trapper, bullwhacker, Colorado 'Fifty-Niner';, Pony Express rider, Civil War soldier, wagonmaster, stagecoach driver, and even a manager of a hotel. He changed his name to Buffalo Bill sometime in his early twenties for his skill while supplying railroad

  • The Poetry of E. E. Cummings

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    the truth about cummings. "He has a richly sensuous mind; his verse is distinguished by fluidity and weight; he is equipped to range lustily and long among the major passions"(140) Through examples of his work, "from spiralling ecstatically this," Buffalo Bill's," "next to of course god america I," and "whippoorwill this," it can be show that cummings is a deliberate, inventive, and precise poet who uses his own, unique style. Style throughout cummings work is usually difficult to piece together and

  • Essay On The Pony Express

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    four types of horses such as, pintos, mustangs, thoroughbreds, and morgan horses. The Pony Express was dangerous, encounters with rowdy indians and outlaws were common and not a surprise ."A party of fifteen Indians jumped me. . ." said Buffalo Bill Cody. Buffalo Bill Cody was one of the most famous Pony Express, because he put on his famous Wild West Shows. keyser 2 The Pony Express connected the east and west coast together. Before this mail system no one could connect with people from other states

  • Infuence of Women in America: Sacagawea, Rosa Parks, and Amelia Earhart

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    Imagine you are on the edge of your seat waiting in desperation for the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show to begin. The lights go dim; the crowd falls silent. You can hear only the rumble of galloping horses. The crowd grows rambunctious as a single spotlight flickers on. Standing in the center of the arena is the one and only Annie Oakley. She announces that she will shoot the ashes off any man’s cigar, or any women’s Havana cigar. She searches the crowd for a volunteer and her eyes land on her husband

  • Why Athletes Choke in the Big Games?

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    “the choking reflex can be attributed to psychoneuromuscular influences”(p.3). My interest in the subject comes from being a big sports fan and a former athlete. And also from hearing people make comments such as, Scott Norwood and the entire Buffalo Bills football team are “chokers”. They can’t even win one Super Bowl in four tries. Barry Bonds can’t get one hit in the playoffs and thinks he’s the best baseball player ever. At the end of this paper you will be able to see why coaches and players

  • O.J. Simpson Trial: Did He Do It?

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    Did He Do It ? "You never know someone until you've seen them behind closed doors". Orenthal O.J. Simpson lived a rough life growing but, instead of that taking over his life he decided to make a change by becoming a football hall of fame, actress/tv star and later being turned to a serial killer. Was the killing done out of love or spight? Or did he even do it? O.J. Simpson was born July 9, 1947 in San Francisco, California. He is the son of Eunice Simpson and Jimmy Lee Simpson. He is also the

  • Annie Oakley

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    The seaboard’s of the Carolina’s then the avenue’s Paris; becoming the new image of American women, this petite lady could astonish anyone. Who was this gal? A sharpshooting emblem of the Wild West? One who was elegant, and courted by Queens? Or maybe a brilliant, and driven performer who had the audiences in admiration at the sight of her blowing kisses as she pranced about the stage? If this was an assessment, you’d make sure to check ‘All the Above’. (Spinner) “After traveling through fourteen