British Colonization

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  • British Colonization of Hong Kong

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    The first Opium War took place between the British and the Qing Empire in 1839 until 1842. The British viewed the war to be caused by the Qing emperor and its officials’ refusal to permit the importation of opium into its territory. In the war, Britain defeated the Qing. (The Earth and Its People 540-543) Now, you might wonder what does the Opium War have anything to do with Hong Kong; however, it was during the war, that Britain first occupied Hong Kong, on January 25th of 1841, for a purpose of

  • British Colonization in Southeast Asia

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    Colonization for the British first began in 1591 when the merchant Sir James Lancaster had been commissioned to set sail by Commander Sir Francis Duke towards the East Indies. Sir James would continue to sail until in September 1592, he would land in Penang remaining there for two years pillaging any rival European ships that were to harbor there. Returning to Britain in 1594 and relaying the news of this newly found area, the British would not become a major participant in Penang’s history until

  • Effects of British Colonization on Zimbabwe Women

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    The Effects of British Colonization on Zimbabwe Women The British began their colonization of Zimbabwe in 1890 as part of their project of capitalist expansion and world domination. Colonial expansion was a means of complete control of territories and furthered the expansion of their capitalist political economy. Africa provided the British with slaves, minerals, and raw materials to help them in their capitalist development. To help support capitalist expansion, the British asserted colonial discourse

  • Analysis Of The Gaelic Response To British Colonization

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    Gaelic Response to British Colonization: The Arguments A conquered people leave behind little in records. This statement is certainly true of the Irish after the Elizabethan and Cromwellian conquest of Britain. Historians must then search for a reliable source for the history of those conquered.. Luckily, Ireland has a long legacy of bardic poetry. In the four papers we read in this class, four authors, Brendan Bradshaw, Nicholas Canny, T.J. Dunne and Bernadette

  • Positive Effects of the British Colonization of India

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    things happened during, and as a result of, the British colonization of India. When the East India Company took control of India in 1612, they began modernizing, westernizing, and industrializing India. This westernization included giving women more rights, an attempt to eliminate the caste system and the loss of many of the more backward Hindu religious beliefs such as the domination of women by men and denying an entire class of people any rights. British occupation also did things long term for India

  • Industrial Revolution Essay

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    Bangladesh) from 1757 until 1947 (Iyer 2). Not all areas were directly under British control, in other cases Indian rulers governed them, and power was split between the two (Iyer 2). For the British, India was strategically placed in terms of geography, manpower, natural resources, and land, as well as many other sectors (Maddison 1). Some believe that India’s non-participation in the Industrial Revolution was due to British colonization. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, India had clout as

  • ben

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    The British colonization of Nigeria was a double edged sword with extraordinary consequences. It brought new infrastructure into Nigeria but destroyed many important customs. The British officially labeled Nigeria as a colony in 1807. Nigeria was a colony in the British Empire until 1960. At that time, Nigeria peacefully separated from Britain and went their separate ways. Nigeria is a member of the British Commonwealth and maintains a peaceful relationship with the UK. Many contributing factors

  • Theme Of Colonization In Things Fall Apart

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    One of the big things that Great Britain has been known for is colonization the world around. This nation has colonized in one way or another in many of the large continents, not omitting this nation, the United States. In many situations the groups of people that the British or other great nations such as Spain or France, are degraded and called savage. Their savagery is established through the fact that they do not wear traditional clothing or they did not worship through Christianity

  • Pearl Binder's Treasure Island: The Collonization Of The Colonization Of Ocean Island

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    hope that one day they can live the way that their ancestors once did. This is the case of many places around the world that have been colonized. Colonization is not beneficial to developing countries because it brings diseases, it overthrows traditions, it upsets resources, and it separates families. In order for the reader to understand how colonization affected Ocean Island, the reader needs to understand the history of the Island. In Pearl Binder’s book, Treasure Islands: The Trials of the Banabans

  • Effects Of British Imperialism

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    else pops up into one’s mind so readily as the British Empire. Imperialism is by definition, according to, the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies. British colonization is kind of like the elephant in the room when it comes to world history of the last few centuries. As they say, the sun never set on the British Empire, since British imperialism expanded into Asia, Africa, Australia