Brilliant Lies Essays

  • Brilliant Lies the Play

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    Brilliant Lies In the play, 'Brilliant Lies', David Williamson uses a number of techniques to expand on the concepts introduced in the title. He uses characters and their back stories to build a supporting argument to compliment the text's overall theme that everyone lies to protect themselves. Susy's sexual harassment claim contains the most evident form of lies throughout the text, however Vince and Gary's relationship, Susy's family history, and even Marion's favouritism with clients all help

  • Brilliant Lies: Comparison between Film and Playwright

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    Brilliant Lies: Comparison between Film and Playwright David Williamson wrote the serious comedy, Brilliant Lies in 1993. Three years later the play was adapted into a film. The play was about how a young sexy party girl, Susy, was sexually harassed by her power-demeaning boss, Gary. Throughout the story we are kept in the dark about what the truth really is concerning the account in the office when both parties worked late alone. The film introduces changes to both enhance and develop the play’s

  • Diamonds' Equal Power

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    campaign that will turn profits. Women of the world will raise their right hand but most likely those rings will be cubic zirconias. Those who can afford a "house" on their right hand most certainly deserve to display it. The right hand ring is brilliant and the advertisement amongst the hundreds of others in W Magazine catches the attention of women who "must" prove their rank. This advertisement appeals to women's feelings, wants, needs, desires, values, and beliefs. Pathos is the theme of this

  • About Mike Leigh

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    tragedies to instead promote the optimism or “high hopes” if you will of the people stuck in such unfortunate circumstances that are displayed onscreen. His films seek to bring light where there is darkness and truth where there are lies. In the film Secrets and Lies, we are introduce into a family that seems to have quite a few problems that are on the surface and far more that are well hidden to the world as well as those they call family. Instead of pulling together and expressing their feelings

  • My Passion Lies With Dance

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    My Passion Lies with Dance Dancing has been a huge learning experience for me and the influence it has had on my life, I will never forget. I've learned teamwork as well as leadership, and for countless numbers of hours for 6 years I have spent my days devoting myself to practicing, perfecting and an open-mind. To me, dance is more than just a beautiful art form. Dance is a way to communicate with people and it should be respected and honored. I feel it is beautiful, exciting

  • A White Lie in the Heart of Darkness

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    After returning to Brussels, Marlow pays a visit to Kurtz’ intended and brings these final words of Kurtz with him. When asked to reveal Kurtz’ last declaration, Marlow offers this: “‘The last word he pronounced was – your name.’” (Heart, pg123). He lies. In this situation, with the possibility existing of inflicting severe emotional damage on an already grieving soul, should Marlow have lied? Of course, the answer is neither simple nor short, and depends heavily on who is asked. The most relevant

  • Lies and More Lies in Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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    Lies in Heart of Darkness After declaring his passionate hate of lying it is odd to see the complete reversal of character in Marlow by the end of the book.  Then perhaps it is not a change but merely an unexpected extension of his character that gives a different dimension to his personality. His statement "You know I hate, detest, and can't bear a appalls me.  It makes me miserable and sick, like biting something rotten would do" (Longman 2210) gives what one may rightly consider

  • Black Truth and White Lies in Heart of Darkness

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    Heart of Darkness:  Black Truth and White Lies In Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, there is a great interpretation of the feelings of the characters and uncertainties of the Congo. Although neither Africa nor the Congo are ever actually referred to, the Thames river is mentioned as a support. This intricate story reveals much symbolism due to Conrad's theme based on the lies, good, and evil that interact within every man. Today, of course, the situation has changed. Most literate people

  • A Comparison of Freedom in Beloved and Secrets and Lies

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    Finding Freedom in Beloved and Secrets and Lies What is freedom?  Freedom is the ability for every individual to have complete control of his life, the ability to make his own decisions.  From the moment an individual wakes up in the morning to the moment he lays back down to sleep in the evening, thousands, if not millions, of choices have been made.  Some of these choices have had negative consequences, and some of these choices have had positive consequences, but regardless of the outcome

  • Date Rape: When Friend Turns Foe

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    The male may feel as though she didn't say no, so if I do this I am doing nothing wrong. It is horrifying how many times this has happened to a woman. Men take their strong, masculine image and use it to their advantage. They may try to use guilt, lies and/or aggressiveness to get a girl to have sex him. If she declines and he still continues to persuade her to have sex with him, then he is committing a crime. Rape is a very strong word. It is a word that many women feel uncomfortable saying when

  • Rupert's Land: The Division Lies Only in Interpretation

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    Rupert's Land: The Division Lies Only in Interpretation I sit here and I consider myself a young and developing Historian. I consider Frits Pannekoek and Irene M. Spry to be similar historians, yet with more knowledge, age, and experience. What I am sure does not differ between myself, these Authors and other related Historians, is a certain degree of ability to take a piece(s) of work and critically canalize it. I have done just that recently. I have taken the essays, The Flock Divided: Fractions

  • Secrets and Lies

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    Secrets and Lies Throughout our lives we are shaped and molded by our friends and family.  They have a lasting affect that can shape our mind and our self.  Self is determined by the combination of selves that surround a person on a daily basis.  From the childhood friends that we try so hard to hang on to as we journey farther and farther into the real world, to the hated boss and teachers that haunt our mind as we lie awake in our beds at nighttime, we are a product of all those selves

  • Comparing the Use of Light and Dark by Melville, Poe, and Hawthorne

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    starts off as Young Goodman Brown begins his trip into the forest, away from his wife, Faith. The first presence of light is in the first sentence: "Young Goodman Brown came forth at sunset ...." Now, there is light in the sun, but the significance lies in the fact that the sun is setting. The brightness in life - that is, the goodness of humanity that once existed, is now being taken over by the darkness. YGB then departs down a "dreary road, darkened by all the gloomiest trees of the forest." There

  • Essay on Lies and Self-realization in A Doll's House

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    Lies and Self-realization in A Doll's House In Ibsen's play,  A Doll's House,  the characters willingly exist in a situation of untruth or inadequate truth that conceals conflict.  Nora's independent nature is in contradiction to the tyrannical authority of Torvald.  This conflict is concealed by the way they both hide their true selves from society, each other, and ultimately themselves.  Just like Nora and Torvald, every character in this play is trapped in a situation of untruth. "A Doll's

  • Vonnegut's Nihilistic Views Exposed in Cat's Cradle

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    beginning, the reader is warned: "Anyone unable to understand how a useful religion can be founded on lies will not understand this book either" (5-6). The theme throughout the entire novel is set as, religion is based on lies to give people something to believe, and find meaning in. Vonnegut created a religion in his novel, Bokonism, founded by a man named Bokonon. Through lies, and short poems, Bokonon spreads his religion to the people of San Lorenzo, a small desolate

  • Childhood Memories: Mom, Dad, and the Gang-Bangers

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    I never quite had the perfect childhood. My friends have memories of playing, laughing, riding bikes, and family road trips. I don't have any of those memories. My most vivid memories from childhood are of red and blue police lights flashing in my eyes. I also recall memories of smoke and liquor. When I was age seven, my father disappeared. I hardly knew him before he was gone. He was like a stranger in my life. Later I learned that he was dead. My mother was always involved with the wrong

  • Finding Yourself

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    Finding Yourself Hidden under every cloak, every item of clothing, and all makeup lies a body. Under the skin of a body lies a soul, and a mind of thoughts. Reaching further we search for where the thoughts were born. As an embryo we are brought into this world, and raised by our creators. From them we are taught life. Depending on our parents or whoever is raising us we become a person, with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas. Looking deeper it becomes clear that all idea’s

  • College Admissions Essay: The Beauty Of Numbers

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    The Beauty of Numbers   "There are three kinds of lies-lies, damned lies, and statistics."-Mark Twain   Well, perhaps Mr. Twain didn't see the beauty of numbers the way that I do. Because ever since grade school, mathematics has been my favorite subject.  And once I was in college and could focus on many areas of math, I realized that I had a genuine interest to applying mathematical and statistical theories to real-world concerns.  Hey, even Twain the skeptic realized

  • Examples Of Irony In The Fixer

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    The Fixer:  Irony    Irony is an overpowering force in Bernard Malamud's The Fixer. The sequence of events which Yakov Bok goes through makes the entire novel ironic. The chief irony of the novel lies in the fact that what Bok is attempting to escape, he cannot escape. To understand the irony in the novel, it is necessary to examine two major events in the circular life of Yakov Bok. Bok is attempting the escape his life in the shetl. He is wrongly persecuted for a ritual murder

  • The Many Challenges in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

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    The Many Challenges in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible Arthur Miller’s famous drama The Crucible, a tale of how accusations and lies ruinously impact a whole community, is very aptly titled. By definition, a “crucible” is “a severe test,” and the challenges faced by Miller’s characters are many. The historical events dramatized in the play reflect how core human values, including truth, justice and love, are tested under life and death conditions. The trials of the characters and the values they