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  • Island Of The Blue Dolphins

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    Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell In the Pacific there is an island shaped like a big fish sunning itself in the sea. Around it, blue dolphins swim, otters play, and sea elephant and birds abound. A young Indian girl lives and waits for her people to return for her, from the land to the east. Karana with her long black hair and her dark skin, held her own on an island after her people had left for a new place. She was sure they would come back the next spring, but after two springs she

  • Island Of The Blue Dolphins Summary

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    Imagine being able abandoned on an island for eighteen years with no human companionship. In Island of the Blue Dolphins this was Karana’s life. When Karan’s and her brother Ramo collect food for their village, they notice a peculiar ship heading towards their island. After the ship comes to shore, the captain of the Aleuts negotiates a deal with the chief of the village, Karana’s father to hunt otter on their island in exchange for goods. Though during the Aleuts time hunting there was a large

  • Personal Narrative: The Sullivan Blue Dolphins

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    Water has many different smells. There is chlorine, salt, lake, fishy, and well of course drinkable. The one I will never be able to get out of my nose is the chlorine. In sixth grade, I was a member of the Sullivan Blue Dolphins. I wasn't that good at swimming, but I'll never forget the swim meets. Especially the one at the Red Bird Aquatic Center. Your typical indoor swimming pools still have diving boards, a secondary kid pool, dressing rooms, the launching stands, and a lot of storage

  • Scott O Dell's Island Of The Blue Dolphins

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    In Scott O’dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins, Indian girl Karana is abandoned and alone on an island. In the beginning, Karana and her tribe live peacefully on the Island of the Blue Dolphins. Then, alien newcomers, the Aleuts come to their land to hunt otters. Though initially agreeing to share their earnings with Karana's tribe, the lucrative Aleuts decide to keep everything for themselves. As a result, Chief Chowig, Karana’s father and the men of the tribe have an altercation with the Aleuts

  • Burke’s Sublime In O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins

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    the north deep waves rolled down upon the island. They broke against the rocks and roared into the caves, sending up white sprays of water. Before night a storm would certainly strike” (O’Dell, 19). This passage from Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins describes the Ocean that surrounds the island and characters in the story. In this description the narrator, Karana, shows the reader that the people on the island fear and respect the power of the Ocean. The Ocean is depicted throughout the novel

  • Scott

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    has won 4 Newberry medals for some of his different works. The Hans Christan Anderson Medal, given under the auspices of 15 different countries. His most famous piece, Island of the Blue Dolphins, has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize of Juvenile Literature. On top of all that, two of his books, Island of the Blue Dolphins and The Black Pearl h... ... middle of paper ... ...hor once a year through the Scott O' Dell award, he continues to show his love and passion for history and nature, and to all

  • Book Report

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    Scott O’ Dell Island of the Blue Dolphins Karana lives near a little cove in San Nicolas. Coral Cove has plenty of fish and cool water. Karana is a brave and has learned how to find food and stay alive on the island all alone. She ending up living alone after a Russian ship approached the island where the Ghalat-at people live. When some of the people from the ship reach the land of the island. Karana’s dad who is also chief of the tribe Chowig went down to meet the visitors along with some of his

  • Character Relationship In The Book 'Island Of The Blue Dolphins'

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    Character Relationship:While reading the book Island of the Blue Dolphins written by Scott O'Dell I noticed the relationship between the protagonist,Karana,and her dog,Rontu.The story would of been very different if these two would not of became friends,for Karana would not have a friend to talk to and someone to keep her company.Karana is left all alone on the this island,for her village was taken away by the white men to a new home,and her younger brother killed by the wild dogs.She created her

  • This Is Won-A-Pa-Lei Or Karana Short Story

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    This is Won-a-pa-lei, or Karana. As you may know I was left stranded on an island with my late brother Ramo, or Chief Tanyositlopai, while my sister Ulape and the rest of our tribe left to unknown land. I wish to not point fingers, but Ramo was at fault for their departure without us. He was a stubborn child who went to collect his spear quickly before they could have left. I had to go after him because what’s an older sister to do? With my parent’s death and Ulape’s obsessive crush with Nanko, she

  • the cove

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    The coastal city of Taiji, Japan has practiced dolphin fishing for many years. As the small town lies right along the path of the bottlenose dolphins' migratory route, the access to dolphins has become too easy and the capturing of dolphins for trainers around the world and killing for meat is out of control. In 2009, a documentary was released which sought to expose the barbaric practices of the Japanese in Taiji. Every aspect in each section of The Cove fights for justice and ultimately argues

  • The Striped Dolphin

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    Introductory Page I chose dolphins because they are such elegant creatures, even though wild dolphins are often dangerous. Dolphins are my favorite creatures in the world, and people ought to respect them more. They are the second smartest animal in the world. They nurture their young for most of their lives. They also socialise with any creature, unless they show signs of harm. Dolphins make very popular playmates and will come up to humans for almost anything. They rely on each other to live

  • A Description Of The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin

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    90 species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises? (WDC) The dolphin is a very important animal to the ocean and there are many different types to discover. In order to learn about dolphins, it is important to discuss where they live, their appearance, and what they eat. Some helpful words to understand are “dorsal fin”, a dorsal fin is the top pointed fin on the dolphins back, “flippers”, a flipper is a flat fin that dolphins use to swim, and “echolocation” is a tool dolphins use to find food by sounds

  • Dolphins

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    “Dolphins often display a playful attitude which makes them popular in human culture” (Science World Kids.) In this paper I will talk about what dolphins eat, how they sleep, what their environment is, and other interesting facts. Species of dolphins Dolphins are a group of aquatic mammals called cetaceans. They are mammals because they are warm-blooded and they give birth to their young. The word “cetaceans” means celus in Latin and kelos in Greek both of which mean large sea animal (or creature

  • Taiji, Japan: Unveiling the Dolphin Massacre

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    Taiji Dolphin Massacre Will there ever be a limit as to how many and which type of animals can be killed for consumption by humans? Many will be surprised at the variety of exotic foods that exist around the world such as giraffe, camel, worms, scorpions, and other insects. Dolphin and whale meat is widely enjoyed in Japan especially in the small town of Taiji, Japan where a big secret has been kept for a very long time. There are many changes that can be and need to be made in this big world of

  • Dolphins in Captivity vs. Dolphins in the Wild

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    Dolphins have long been a creature of great fascination for many humans around the globe and throughout time. They were once completely wild and are now reduced by the hundreds, if not thousands, each year from various events that occur. These events range from being caught for research and used in an aquarium for human entertainment to being trapped and killed for their market value. Any of these occurrences come down to making money. Some of the similarities and differences associated with

  • The National Aquarium In Baltimore: An Educational Experience For Everyone

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    Did you know that the frog species were the first animals with vocal cords? Did you know that seahorses are actually fish not little serpents or mermaids as legend tells us, and that it is the male who becomes pregnant, not the female? Did you know that an area of a rainforest the size of a football field is being destroyed each second? If not, then you should definitively consider making a visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Dramatic architecture and bright outdoor graphics invite you to

  • Life Experience of Sea Animals in Captivity

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    Anyone who has been to SeaWorld has seen trained whales, dolphins, and seals. SeaWorld guests are entertained by the sea mammals in the tanks, jumping in the air on command by whistle. These tricks draw guests into the park. What may seem to be fun for the viewer, is torture for the mammals. There is a deadly truth behind all sea mammals in captivity: they don’t survive well there. Though sea mammals provide entertainment, they do not belong in captivity. Imagine being at home and then somebody broke

  • Reflection Paper On Rode A Dolphin

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    Emotion The time I rode a dolphin was the most amazing few seconds of my life. I am six years old at the time and it’s my birthday. My mom plans for me to go to Discovery Cove with my grandmother. I lived in Florida for a good portion of my life and I was still in the part of a childhood where everything still resolves around you. My mother works at Discovery Cove. Discovery cove is a park in Sea World. I always loved Sea world and still visit whenever I see my Grand parents. Yet every time I go

  • Marine Mammals Essay

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    us humans there are mammals like monkeys living on land and whales living in sea. Whales are not the only mammals living in the sea, there are dolphins, walruses, seals etc. Though above mentioned beings don’t fall under a single biological group, they are categorized as marine mammals due to their dependence on the sea for existence. Whales and dolphins completely depend on the sea for feeding and breeding whereas seals and walruses feed in the sea and breed on the land. The distribution of the

  • Born Free: Killer Whales

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    got older I started researching the issue and came to the realization that Orcas, also known as Killer Whales should not live in captivity. In captivity Orcas are in danger as well as the trainers who work with them. Orcas are the largest of the Dolphin family and are found in all oceans. They range from 23 to 32 feet in length, and can weigh up to 6 tons. They are one of the world’s most powerful predators, and have even been known to prey on whales ( These magnificent mammals are born