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  • bloodmac Gratuitous Use of Blood Images and Imagery in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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    Effective Use of Blood Imagery in Macbeth Gratuitous use of blood is the staple of most murder scenes. Perhaps this technique was first developed by Shakespeare for his play Macbeth. The blood imagery used in Macbeth, adds to the horror of the play. There are several examples of this throughout the play. The first noteworthy example occurs in the second scene after the murder of Duncan, when Macbeth is trying to wash the blood from his hands. The second example occurs in the third scene when

  • bloodmac Shakespeare's Macbeth - Images and Imagery of Blood and Sleep

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    Blood and Sleep Imagery in Macbeth Macbeth screams imagery!  Shakespeare uses imagery of blood and sleep  to create an atmosphere of horror, during the killing of Duncan, which contributes to our sense of Macbeth's growing insanity.  Eventually Lady Macbeth's final scene is enhanced with the use of blood imagery which reflects her guilt.  Shakespeare's use of imagery connects the feeling of horror from audience to play. Macbeth held such potential for himself. He was honoured Thane of Cawdor