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  • The Importance Of Blackpool

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    Blackpool~ one of the most important coastal cities in Britain that has wonderful tourist attractions~ Blackpool is one of the Lancashire towns located in the North West Britain on the Irish Sea. It had a population of 149,158 in 2017. The location of the city as a coastal area makes the city of Blackpool one of the tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. Blackpool has gained its importance since the mid-18th century, when the British began to discover the importance of summer and beach tourism

  • Trip To Blackpool

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    An experience I will always remember was when I went to Blackpool with my football team. It was early April 2009, my football team had enlisted in a tournament in Blackpool and we were eager to go. When the day came to leave I was woken at the crack of dawn. I was keen to get to Blackpool as swiftly as possible, not only for the football that was ahead of us but also for the famous Pleasure Beach. The coach picked us up at around 8 am and in we crammed into an already full coach. The journey down

  • Concepts Associated with Tourism Developments in Blackpool

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    the theoretical concepts associated with tourism, leisure and hospitality developments in Blackpool. It also looks at the economic, social, political and environmental impacts of tourism. There are a variety of reasons why Blackpool has been developed as a tourist resort, and it has many historical sites of interest including the beach and Blackpool Tower. It also has a variety of leisure activities. Blackpool also offers a wide range of accommodation and restaurant options. It is a very accessible

  • My Stay at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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    there is one place I have been to; it was none other than Blackpool Pleasure Beach! So you say to yourself, on one hand there is Blackpool and on the other there is Australia… now I know which one I’d rather go to. However, it all boils down to one thing: money. Good old money; that “green stuff” which makes the world go around. So with lack of that very thing, it had to be ‘sunny old Blackpool’: how exciting! My expectations of Blackpool were not what you would call high; in fact I didn’t expect

  • Stephen Blackpool in Charles Dickens' Hard Times

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    The book Hard Times is a book written by Charles Dickens a man that Dickens described as a man with great integrity, is introduced in this book his name is Stephen Blackpool. Stephen Blackpool lives in the town of Coketown Dickens describes this town: “In the innermost fortification of that ugly citadel where nature was as strongly bricked out as killing airs and gases were bricked in”. I think most people would agree that this is not a nice place to live in and it does not bring a nice

  • Scott Liss & the Sixty-Six- The Blackpool Letters

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    Scott Liss & the Sixty-Six- The Blackpool Letters Liss and crew are poster boys of risk here, mixing many expansive musical influences and scoring big on “The Blackpool Letters. I admired the skill and patience spent culling sounds and sculpting flytrap arrangements on this cd. As Scott says, “watching it take shape as the songs and through the production is the best part. I love the creative process the most. I could spend days, weeks, in the studio doing nothing but writing and recording, experimenting

  • Exploring Why and How Blackpool Power Has Changed

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    Exploring Why and How Blackpool Power Has Changed Blackpool tower opened in 1894, since it opened there has been some remarkable changes. One of the most notable changes is the dawn of time ride, which used to be the menagerie. Another dramatic change is the roof gardens that got turned into children's play area. To keep up with the winter gardens they made the stage bigger. They moved it to the right hand side of the original stage, doing this it made them attracted more people, but

  • AA100 – The Arts Past and Present

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    perhaps a tourist site. This can also be said for Blackpool, without the industrialisation of the train age, Blackpool may not have become the recognised holiday resort it is today. The controversy behind both Blackpool and Stonehenge is that both places have depended on human activity, without such they would not be the recognised establishment they are today. Assessing the types of human activity and their influence on both Stonehenge and Blackpool, from the religious perspective of the sacred quality

  • Sacred Place Essay

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    activity it attracts does contribute the its character. The diversity of the individuals and groups, bring individuals from all over the world visiting it out of curiosity and life experience with the hope that it may offer them something more. With Blackpool as old traditions are no longer specifically practised there it has become a place where individuals still make annual trips there in order to swim in the sea maybe not for the same reasons, but it it could still be s form of celebration and expression

  • Hard Times Essay

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    and instead tells her “you are to be in all things regu... ... middle of paper ... ...ewarded. However, most of the characters cannot be labeled good or bad, and some of their fates turned out different from what was expected. For example, Mr. Blackpool died, Mr. Gradgrind had to depend on the circus, one of the things he despised because of its fancy, to save the life of one of his children just to have him die anyway, and Louisa never has a family of her own. However, they were able to have some