Big Deal Essays

  • Big Deal Argument

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    Food Really Is a Big Deal Reality survival shows dramatize food and its procurement. They make it a priority, because the viewers place such incredible emphasis on food. The reality stars are in no danger of starving, but they know that the viewers want to see them forage for food, because anyone watching has already put themselves in the place of the stars, what if it was I, lost and hungry? It's Joe and Dave charging off after boar, turkeys and porcupines and whatever else has fur or feathers.

  • Is Homelessness a Big Deal?

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    how to avoid them. People think "that doesn't affect me," but it does. Homelessness affects more than just the people suffering from it. Not many people know how much money they are actually giving to homeless shelters. Helping the homeless is a big deal and should be dealt with, but not with the way the government is handling it. The government throws an enormous amount of money around and builds a few rickety buildings and thinks this solves the problem, but it doesn't. Putting money into something

  • Sorrow

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    or distress of the mind caused by a loss or misfortune. It is a part of life that we all must learn to deal with. People cope with sorrow in different ways. Certain people let every misfortune that they encounter get to them. They flip out if they get a C on one of the many minute assignments in a class. If they get a traffic ticket, they think the world is coming to the end. People who deal with sorrow like this are not being reasonable. Do these people believe these minor flaws in their day-to-day

  • Balancing School and Work

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    other important things.Another thing, which might seem menial, is the casual guidelines for uniforms in most places. A lot of restaurants allow waiters to wear regular blue jeans and the restaurant's tee shirt to work. This might not seem like a big deal, but when one gets out of class an...

  • A Prank Turned into a Tragedy: Journal or Fiction Story

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    not a big deal" said Gregg. "We've all done it" said Tim. I could now hear the train miles away. I asked myself "why am i feeling this way? theres something wron somethings not right"! I only wished i would have acted on that thought! Billy looked at me as his face turned total white. He was to scared. I gave him a pat on the back, but it did'nt seem to help him. The train was getting closer by the second and billy was turning whiter. I felt very bad. Tim told Billy " its not that big of a deal, you

  • Internet Pornography and Teens

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    teenagers (defined as ages 15-17) "have accidentally come across pornography on the Web." Fifty-seven percent of the teens said "being exposed to pornography would have serious impact on kids under 18," while 41% teens responded that such exposure is "no big deal."(Generation) Clearly, there is a major failure of adult responsibility when almost three out of four teens report they have accidentally come across pornography on the Web. The biggest failure of responsibility lies with federal and state

  • Essay About Myself

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    around simply to check up on my classmate. Certainly the teachers didn’t agree with me. They had to take me outside of the room and hold onto my test for the time being. My parents were informed to come to school for discussion. It was a really a big deal - how dare someone cheat on the final exam? I don’t remember the details of what happened afterward, but somehow school concluded that my action was not intentional thus should not be penalized, with the advise of not repeating the same mistake

  • Abelard and Heloise of Historia Calamitatum

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    the niece of one of the Cannons. She was about seventeen when she met Abelard; this was not considered a big deal for back then it was pretty common to have big age difference in marriages. Heloise was considered atypical because women were rarely educated at all back then. She was strong willed and she had a pretty good sense of logic and this is what brought them together. Heloise struck a deal with Heloise's uncle to educate her and gained full access to her pleasures. Their relationship encompassed

  • Kurt Donald Cobain

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    but that was not quite the improvement a troubled teen needed. Kurt also struggled with fitting in during his school years. He spent much of his time hanging out with girls because he couldn’t deal with the generally macho attitudes of the guys in his school. He said, “I'm a heterosexual . . . big deal. But if I was a homosexual, it wouldn't matter either.” He ended up dropping out of high school shortly before graduation. (Kurt Cobain World) It was around this period of time that the professional

  • Yes...There Is Too Much Sex

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    Now, that normally may not be a problem, teens today are very mature for their age and can handle seeing those images. The problem is, the messages that are sent along with those sexual images. Messages about sex being so nonchalant and so not a big deal; that poses a problem. Saying that sex can only be romantic if it's spontaneous; also, three out of four teens say that television shows and movies make sex seem normal for teenagers to experience. With that, the amount of high school students that

  • Analysis of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

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    this makes a difference though because it doesn't show a big impact on the story. I think Charles Dickens put the skinless hand in his story to give his story a "chill-factor". I don't think that the director of the TNT version of A Christmas Carol thought that it was a big deal or a big impact to the rest of the story. Another difference between book and movie is that Scrooge doesn't go to church at the end of the story. I think it makes a big difference though, because it shows how much Scrooge has

  • Irony in the Story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

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    the villagers. The villagers act very nonchalant upon arriving at the lottery; which makes it seem as if it is just another uneventful day in a small town. Considering the seriousness of the consequences of the lottery, the villagers do not make a big deal about it. Under the same note it is ironic that many of the original traditions of the lottery, such as the recital and the salute, had long been forgotten. All that the villagers seemed to remember was the ruthless killing of a random person. It

  • Narrative- Water Slide Experience

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    was nervous. Her hands were sweating. The cards were damp and at one point they slipped from her fingers. She giggled unhappily. I looked down and realized mine were sweating too. On my left was the girl who spoke for the three of us. She was the big cheese. Anna was without a doubt, the most daring of the three of us. She was the one who started the famous food fight of '95 in the Travis cafeteria. She told the entire school that her sister ran away to join the circus in '96,and in '97 she broke

  • College

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    College College! Why is it such a big deal to go right in to collage! I understand, however I just don't know what I want to do yet. I know I want to do something that has to do with criminal justice. As in the FBI. I just think that would be so cool. It would make me happy and I'll get paid O.K. My plans were to graduate, then stay with my mom for a year and just work 2 jobs, maybe take a class at U.A.A. So, I can keep with the whole study thing. Oh, and I would go into the Air

  • Influenza

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    Influenza Influenza, normally called “the flu”, the influenza virus causes an infection in the respiration tract. Even though the influenza virus can sometimes be compared with the common cold. It also can cause a more severe illness or death. During this past century, pandemics took place in 1918, 1957, and 1968, in all of these cases there where unfortunately many deaths. The “Spanish flu” in 1918, killed approximately half a million people in the United States alone. It killed around 20 million

  • Puerto Rican Music and Its Significance

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    population. As Glasser mentioned, she herself was in the process of just beginning to learn about Spanish music, as I am in the process of. She states, "My Spanish needed a great deal of work, and my musical training was minimal" (p.xviii, Glasser). As a Puerto Rican American I couldn’t understand why Spanish music was such a big deal to my parents and other family members? Now that I’m a bit older, I still don’t understand why Latin music brings out the Puerto Ricanness in the Puerto Rican community.

  • Shall we Dance

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    you”, or even dancing, because it was thought to be “beyond embarrassing”. Thus it would be safe to say that dancing with someone else other than one’s wife is even more disreputable and appalling. To American audiences, dancing may seem like no big deal, but apparently in Japan, ballroom dancing is frowned upon as another vulgar, low-culture import from the West. This mentality of the Japanese towards dancing and open display of affection was constantly reflected in this movie. The scenes of where

  • Go Ask Alice

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    Go Ask Alice Have you ever had a problem? I'm sure you have because everybody sometime in there life does. The book I read Go Ask Alice by an anonymous author is all about problems, conflicts, and how to deal with them. I would give a lot of information on the author if that was possible, but the author is anonymous so I can not do so. From the very first page I had a hunch that this book was about a drug addiction problem. "SUGAR & SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE; ACID & SMACK & NO WAY BACK" (page 1)

  • Beneath the Smooth Skin of America

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    Beneath the Smooth Skin of America Change is something you are probably familiar with. In “Beneath the Smooth Skin of America,” Scott R. Sanders talks about many changes in his life. The author starts the story looking throw the eyes of himself as a child. As a child he remembers that all that was in his sight was all he could see. The author’s best example of this is he says, ”Neighbors often appeared…where they came from I could not imagine” (27). As the author begins to see more by leaving

  • Moral And Ethical Dilemmas

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    with similar dilemmas may not be helpful. Often you feel pressured by piers that say, "it's no big deal", or "you'll understand later". It's important that I understand why a particular action or resolution is correct or incorrect. If I can't or don't it's difficult to feel I've been honest with myself. That for me can be a good measure of ethical behavior, my conscience. The ideal way to deal with difficult questions is to have a foolproof formula. Find steps that will always lead to correct