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    What are aronia berries? The Aronia Berry is said to be a superfood and is considered the healthiest fruit in the world today. It has richer antioxidant properties as compared to raspberries and blueberries. The bush plant which looks like a cranberry, is known to ward off several ailments and diseases. The plant was first cultivated by the indigenous Indians in North America centuries ago, and was eaten as aphrodisiac and medicine. It has a sharp taste when eaten raw; hence, was given the name chokeberry

  • Juniper Berry

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    Juniper Berry Juniper is a short evergreen shrub whose fruit and oil provides a flavoring agent used extensively in the food, perfume, and soap industries. Juniper berry is probably best known as the unique flavoring agent of gin, an important component of the dry martini, a popular intoxicant and a putative calmative revered by western culture for over 300 years. As a medicinal remedy, juniper has a long history of use employed as a treatment for numerous diseases by ancient Greek and Arab healers

  • Goji Berry Essay

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    The Himalayan Super Berry-Goji Berry: Research Paper and Prospectus What if you heard that simply consuming a handful of a tart little red berries could make you live a longer, lose weight and feel better? Like millions of other consumers you would probably jump at the idea. With these claims, its no wonder the new health craze in the Himalayan Superfruit, the Goji berry, has become prevalent in supermarkets across the globe. The health claims of the Goji berry are endless; from its anti-inflammatory

  • Overview of Saskatoon Berries

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    Name: The Saskatoon berry (Amelanchier alnifolia Nutt, Rosaceae, Alder-Leaf Shadbush). Saskatoon berries seemed to have got the name from a shortened version of the Blackfoot name for the berry: mis-ask-a-tomina or the Cree name: mis-ask-quah-toomina. The origin of Amelachier is uncertain but it is what the French call the plant, which means Alder-leafed (St.-Pierre, 1991). Description: A hardy medium to tall shrub bush part of the rose family. The Rosaceae is a very large plant family that includes

  • Berry Gordy

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    Berry Gordy Jr. On November 28th, 1929, Berry Gordy was born in Detroit, Michigan. He is the second youngest of eight children. His father was a local entrepreneur that operated a grocery store, managed apartment buildings, and other small business ventures. His family was upper-middle class and all of his siblings were striving to become educated. However, Berry was a risk taker. He was intent on becoming rich at an early age and living his life in luxury. As a result, he dropped out of high school

  • Chuck Berry

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    Chuck Berry is one of the founders of rock and roll. He is the only one living today. He has performed for millions of people with his famous “Duck Walk.” He still has what Corliss & Bland describe as a slim, toned body, wavy hair drenched in Valvoline oil, and a sharply cut masculine chin and cheeks etched with pain and promise. Even today he only wants a Lincoln Town Car, his Fender Bassman amp, and his guitar. Chuck Berry has had for decades one of the shortest and most ironclad contracts in the

  • Summer Of The Monkeys: Jay Berry And His Conflicts

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    Summer of the Monkeys: Jay Berry and His Conflicts OUTLINE Topic: Jay Berry Purpose: To identify the nature of the force of the conflict which Jay Berry encounters, and indicate how they help or hinder Jay Berry the protagonist in Wilson Rawls novel Summer of the Monkeys Thesis: Before Jay Berry succeeds his goal he encounters many conflicts that both hinder and help him through his amazing adventure. I.                    Inner Forces A. Help- personality traits 1. Determination 2. Confidence

  • Chuck Berry Influence

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    Jerry Lee Lewis’ mother once said, “Well, you and Elvis are pretty good, but you're no Chuck Berry.” Chuck Berry is considered to be the true king of Rock and Roll. By using Boogie-Woogie piano patterns to change them into electric guitar, Berry invented a particular style with his electrifying guitar that has become the guide for rock and roll guitar and music as well. He was not only a good guitarist, but a memorable singer, that blended melodic hooks, distinctive patterns in his rhythm and used

  • Essay On Berry Gordy

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    Berry Gordy I think that Berry Gordy was a great business person because he managed to break boundaries and has become to the largest and most successful black-owned business in America. His Beginnings: Growing up on Detroit's Lower side, Gordy's greatest loves were boxing and jazz. By the time he graduated from Northeastern high school in 1948, Gordy was able to place boxing 1st. however once winning fifteen Golden Gloves matches, his career as a boxer was inhibit once he was drafted to fight in

  • Comparison Of Chuck Berry And Maybelline

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    Chuck Berry is known as one of the most influential artists of the rhythm and blues, rock and roll error of music from the 50’s through the 70’s. He is famous for a vast amount of hit records including the hit songs Maybellene My-Ding-A-Ling and Johnny B. Goode. Many music historians considered Berry’s song Maybellne the first true rock and roll song. While undergoing his musical career Berry faced numerous devastating obstacles that could have tragically ended his career. All of Berry’s songs were

  • The Agricultural Crisis by Wendell Berry

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    The Agricultural Crisis by Wendell Berry In this novel by Wendell Berry, Berry’s describes in his thesis that modern culture is destroying the agricultural culture. He feels that technology is seen as the easy way to produce food faster and more efficiently. With this modern way of farming comes the idea that hard work is not needed to make a living. The goal is comfort and leisure. Berry feels that this is the reason for the deterioration of the agricultural culture. He believes that hard work

  • Chuck Berry and Teenage Culture in the 1950s

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    Chuck Berry and Teenage Culture in the 1950s Teenagers were a new species at the beginning of the 1950's. Before then, adolescents in America had traditionally gone to work to support their family or to start their own family as soon as they were old enough. However, the years of post-war prosperity and the expansion of suburbia provided teenagers (who were too young to remember the scarcities of the Depression and the war effort) with plenty of leisure time. At the same time, advances in technology

  • History: Berry Motown, And The Rise Of Motown

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    Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Berry Gordy and the Rise of Motown Nichole Crews Mus 210-220N/spring 2015 Todd Campbell May 10, 2015 Motown was founded by Berry Gordy Jr, in 1959; Motown had 110 top 10 hits. Motown acts were enjoying a widespread popularity among black/white audiences alike where William “Smokey” Robinson stated “Into the '60s, I was still not of a frame of mind that we were not only making music, we were making history. But I did recognize the impact because acts were

  • Berry Gordy's Influence On The American Music Industry

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    Berry Gordy played a significant role in the 1960’s African American shift into the American Music Industry through the establishment of the highly recognised company and genre “Motown”. As the Founder of Motown Records Berry Gordy introduced to the American Music Industry some of the biggest artists of all time take the stage and within a decade created the “Black Pop” genre, which was listened to and purchased from a segregated audience. The business changed the way record labels would polish,

  • Consilience, by Wilson, Life is a Miracle by Berry and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirsig

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    The Philosophy of Science in Consilience, by E. O. Wilson, Life is a Miracle by Wendell Berry and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig Introduction The plot where the fields of science, ethics and religion intersect is fertile for study, and the crops it yields often represent the finest harvest of an individualís mind. In our time, modern philosophers of science have tilled this soil and reaped widely differing and important conclusions about the nature of humankind, its

  • Developmental Theorists: Thomas Berry Brazelton

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    T-Berry Brazelton (Thomas Berry Brazelton) is a well known pediatrician, author, and clinical professor of pediatrics emeritus at Harvard Medical School. He was born May 10, 1918 and is still alive to this day at the age of 96. He was born in Waco, Texas, to Thomas Berry Brazelton and Pauline (Battle) Brazelton. Brazelton wanted to become a pediatrician at a very young age. He used to babysit as a little boy during family reunions and parties. After babysitting, he knew he wanted to be pediatrician

  • Seamus Heaney Blackberry-Picking Essay

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    In Seamus Heaney's poem, "Blackberry-Picking," Heaney depicts a literal description of picking blackberries, as well as a deeper meaning. To depict this deeper meaning, Heaney uses imagery, diction and metaphor. Imagery is used to show how its deeper than blackberry picking, how this was the speakers childhood and passion, and frankly everybody else's. One example of this is in lines 15-16, when Heaney remarks "Like a plate of eyes. our hands were peppered with thorn picks, our palms sticky as Bluebeards

  • Seamus Heaney's Poems

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    differences in lifestyle, culture etc. For example in 'Blackberry Picking', he is talking of picking berries as a boy, and then hoarding them until they rot. This may imply that he went berry picking just for the fun of it, but today it is unusual for children to go berry picking, let alone without an adult. The adult would have known to store the berries properly, but in Heaney's day berry picking was a ritual for children only. To my knowledge, the majority of Heaney's poems were written/

  • Creative Writing: Hulga's Home

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    As Manley Pointer slammed the barn door shut behind him, the ladder to the loft collapsed to the floor. Hulga did all she could—scream. Minutes passed. Hours dragged on as Hulga continued crying for help. Deeming her efforts futile, Hulga wept. As the sun set beyond the horizon, Hulga’s eyes dried up. With no glasses and no rays of sun seeping in through the cracks in the roof, Hulga felt around blindly, gathering a small bundle of hay upon which to lay her head. “Mama and Mrs. Freeman will

  • Seamus Heaney's Blackberry-Picking and Death of a Naturalist

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    excitement in the picking of the berries; an almost hidden undertone of the death of nature, thus ... ... middle of paper ... ...child will remain with you as an adult. Being inquisitive and fascinated by the simplest natural developments (ripening of a berry) allows him to relate the growth and development of nature to himself. He obviously has vivid images of precise moments in his childhood and as an adult attempted to analyse his thoughts. Each year the ‘berries would ripen’ and go and the