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  • The Berlin Wall

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    The Berlin Crisis reached its height in the fall of 1961. Between August and October of that year, the world watched as the United States and the Soviet Union faced off across a new Cold War barrier, the Berlin Wall. In some ways, the Wall was Khrushchev’s response to Kennedy’s conventional buildup at the end of July, and there were some in the West who saw it that way. However, as Hope Harrison has clearly shown, Khrushchev was not the dominant actor in the decision to raise the Wall, but rather

  • the berlin wall

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    The Berlin Wall was a tangible symbol of the suppression of human rights by the bloc of Eastern Germany during the Cold War. The people of Berlin Germany were divided by a wall because of issues between the free world and the communist world. In 1945 Germany divided Berlin into four zones. The Soviet Union, United States, Britain, and France all had a zone. From 1945 until 1961 Germans were free to go from East to West Berlin. On August 13, 1961, groggy citizens watched as workers began digging

  • the berlin wall

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    1945; World War II had ended. People all over the world celebrated, even the citizens in Berlin, Germany. Little did the Berliners know that their war was not over? Another war had started, a Cold War, from 1945 to 1989, tearing Berlin families and friends apart. A wall had been built up; they couldn’t travel where they wanted anymore and couldn’t speak their opinions. These were the rights taken away from East and West Berliners. It all started when World War II ended. Hitler killed himself and

  • Importance Of The Berlin Wall

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    The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 during the Cold War between Soviet Russia and the United States. The wall was built to separate Soviet controlled East Berlin from US controlled West Berlin. It soon became a physical barrier that symbolized the differing political and social ideologies of the two superpowers. The Berlin wall stood for 28 years separating a city into two very different sections with differing governments, economies and social organization. The importance of Berlin in International

  • History Of The Berlin Wall

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    The Capital Berlin, being inside the Soviet controlled East Germany, was also divided into two sections, East and West Berlin. West Berlin was controlled by the United States and East Berlin was controlled by the Soviet Union. Starting on August 13 1961, Berliners woke up to a barrier separating the east from the west. East Germans had closed off the border with barbwire and guards. Many families were separated. Many jobs were lost. Two days after the border had been closed off, a wall had begun to

  • Berlin Wall Dbq

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    To glance, it seems bizarre why the decision to build the wall in the heart of Europe which divided a large city was taken. In this respect, it is necessary to take into consideration the historical circumstances, which led to the creation of the Wall. Naturally, the tension between the world’s superpowers grew and the division of the world into socialist and Democratic Party was practically inevitable. In such a situation Berlin, being occupied and controlled by four countries, the US, the UK, France

  • Outline On The Berlin Wall

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    Tear down this wall Intro: What if I told you that Berlin, a city, was once separated like two different countries? This wall slashed through the rights of the people of Germany. People have the right to go and live where they choose. Constructing a wall to trap and limit people was wrong. The people of Germany were oppressed economically and politically. The Berlin Wall split a city, of people, tearing apart families and friends for decades, and becoming a powerful symbol

  • Berlin Wall Piece

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    A Piece of History A seventh grader asks his dad about the eighties. Unfortunately his dad can't remember anything about the eighties;and the older sister helps him remember the past. “Berlin Wall Piece,” by Sam Shepard is a story where a small piece of concrete helps a crazy father remember his modern history. A theme for the story would be: how a small piece of history can bring back so many old memories and controversies. When the story first opens up, a seventh grader is interviewing his father

  • Fall Of The Berlin Wall Essay

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    Williams U.S. History 15 May 2018 The fall of The Berlin Wall The fall of the Berlin Wall was the first step towards German reunification.The political,economic, and social impact of the fall of the Berlin wall further weakened the already unstable East German government. The fall of the Berlin wall impacted the social,economic, and political throughout the time period of the starting stages of the Berlin wall falling. On August 13,1961,The Berlin Wall was built by a barbed wire and concrete Antifaschistischer

  • The Berlin Wall: The Effects On People

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    The Berlin Wall-- The Effects on People After World War Two and the fall of Hitler's reign, Europe was in shambles. Cities were destroyed; thousands of people had no homes, and millions of people were injured. Yet due to remaining conflict among the countries participating in World War Two, a wall was built in the heart of Germany’s capital, Berlin, tearing thousands of families apart. The wall’s construction started April 13, 1961, and was torn down on November 9, 1989. This wall would come to be

  • The Berlin Wall

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    The Berlin Wall ferociously slashed through the rights of the people of Germany. People have the right to go and live where they choose. Constructing a wall to trap and limit people was wrong. The people of Germany were oppressed economically and politically. The Berlin Wall was put up for one of the most historically common reasons any country would do anything radical: political and economical gain. East Germany was controlled by communist Russia. In contrast, West Germany was controlled by the

  • Berlin Wall Research Paper

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    It is August 1961, and at the border between East and West Germany there is twenty-eight long miles of barbed wire(Heaps 1964). Hence, the Berlin Wall was born. Even though its background is sometimes overlooked, the Berlin Wall is still an interesting landmark representation of history. The Cold War was the main reason the Berlin Wall was built, Berlin being the “center stage.” At the beginning, the Allies (who won World War II) divided Germany into four zones of ownership( Staff

  • Berlin Wall Research Paper

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    For more than two decades, the Berlin Wall divided families, friends, and its nation apart.It was a symbol of an Iron Curtain that separated the free Western countries and the Soviet countries of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. The Communist erected the Berlin Wall wanted to stop their people from migrating to the Free World or West sector. By the end of the World War II, Germany and its capital city, Berlin, was divided into four different divisions for the U.S., France, Great Britain, and

  • Fall Of The Berlin Wall Essay

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    the Berlin wall that keeps the East and West in such a disarray. Gunter Schabowski looked at the camera so the public could hear him speak; he spoke the line that ultimately ended the Cold War by saying, “Permanent emigration is henceforth allowed across all border crossing points between East Germany and West Germany and West Berlin” (Buckley 163). Almost twenty-eight years of separation and disunity between the east and west Germans finally came to the end where the East and West of Berlin and

  • Separation Of Berlin Wall Essay

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    Separation of Berlin The Berlin Wall was a divider between East and West Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It stretched for miles upon miles. Ninety-seven miles in total, and 11.81 feet in the air. After 30 separated years, families were worried to know if there family members that were separated by the wall. Parts were taken all around the world brought by people who were at the site when it fell on November 9, 1989. This is a wall that will be remembered for hundreds of years in not only Germany

  • The Berlin Wall And The Cold War

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    USSR. The construction of the Berlin wall in Germany between the 13th of August 1961 – 1989 increased tensions to a significant extent as it was a sign of dominance portrayed by the USSR, was a follow up from the Bay of pigs and U2 spy plane crisis and the US were trying to combat the USSR by setting up the Berlin Airlift and demanding freedom in East Germany. The construction of the Berlin wall was purely a sign of dominance portrayed by

  • The Berlin Wall Research Paper

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    list of famous walls built around the world, very few were built with the purpose of keeping people in, the most famous of which being the Berlin Wall. Built in 1961, the Wall became a worldwide symbol for a complicated conflict between two superpowers with Berlin trapped in the middle. People did not stay quite about their opposition to these circumstances and with great pushback from the people in East Berlin, the Wall was eventually taken down and Germany reunified. The Berlin Wall came to show

  • Wall Of The Berlin Wall

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    surrounded by nothing but a big concrete wall holding them hostage. The Berlin Wall kept half a city hidden behind, what was known as, the iron curtain. The wall was “...a symbol of oppressive and divisive government, not only to the East Germans it contained, but to the rest of the world as well.”("Transitional Justice.") The people of Germany were separated from their jobs, their loved ones, and were forced to live under communist rule. Before the wall was built, the city was split, given no notice

  • Annotated Bibliography On Berlin Wall

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    Annotated Bibliography #1 Topic- The Berlin Wall and freedom Citation: Reagan, Ronald. "Tear Down This Wall." Germany, Berlin Wall, West Berlin. Speech. June 12, 1987 Throughout his speech, Ronald Reagan (1987) presented a direct notion concerning the Berlin wall. Specifically, that it acts as a hindrance of freedom between East and West Berlin. His beliefs extended to worldwide implications, suggesting that liberty eventually leads to prosperity for all citizens. In other words, citizens

  • Analysis Of The Berlin Wall

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    towards the Berlin Wall and the issues that surrounded it. The speeches and incredible words spoken by both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan brought a new light to those uses and the conflict with the separation of Berlin, Germany. In their inspiring words they used countless uses of rhetoric al strategies such as anaphora, imagery, and the use of their addressers language to enhance and emphasize their words and appeal to the people and in doing so it soon brought the city of Berlin back together