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  • beetle

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    We identified wildlife corridors as linkages between two fragmented forests using carabid beetles. Three wildlife corridors were selected, which were constructed in 2007 to connect two forests fragmented by a 2-lane road in South Korea. We collected 982 individuals—13 carabid species, from the wildlife corridors and connected forests. Carabid diversity in the forest sites was significantly higher than that in the wildlife corridor sites. Significant correlations between habitat preferences (forest

  • Research Paper On Dung Beetle

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    Dung beetle (Scarabaeus viettei) This species is a very important species in the nutrient cycling of ecosystems and plays and important role in structuring the soil. They primarily feed on the dung of animals and possess the ability to remove dung by burying it in the ground. The generally prefer the dung of herbivores but will also collect the dung from omnivores. There are three groups of dung beetles all which have different ways of handling, using or disposing the dung of animals. The rollers

  • The Volkswagen Beetle

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    The people's car – generically, Volkswagen in German – is almost as old as the automobile, and the type was familiar in Germany long before the advent of the Volkswagen. Usually these 'popular'; cars were minimal cars, though size and simplicity did not necessarily bring them within the reach of the ordinary man in the street. Henry Ford did build a successful universal car, to sell at a low price, but his Model T with its 2.9-litre engine was by no means a small car, nor was the Model

  • New beetle

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    Case9 : New Beetle EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 1.     Market definition New beetle is competing in the small size car industry in the US market. 2.     Market size In US market, the total of small car sales in 2,217,813 units, which is equivalent to 32 million dollar. Market size in dollar term = 2,217,813 * ($11,035 to $18,000) = $ 32 million In 1998, New beetle sales is 137,885 units, which is 6 percent of the market. Market share in 1998 = 137,885 = 6 percent. 2,217,813 3.     Market growth The industry

  • The Controversy Over the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle

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    The Controversy Over the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle A little bug is causing a big debate amongst government officials and citizens in the Halifax municipality. The little pest in particular is known as the brown spruce longhorn beetle, and this beetle, native to Europe and believed to have arrived on a container ship about a decade ago, is threatening to ruin Halifax's largest and busiest park, and could have the potential to ruin all of Nova Scotia's, and even Canada's, vast forest is action

  • Mountain Pine Beetle

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    The Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic has become a major problem for North America in the last decade. While only the size of a grain of rice, the MPB has caused massive forest destruction in British Columbia as well as many parts of the United States. According to British Columbia’s government website (2012) “The B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations estimates that the mountain pine beetle has now killed a cumulative total of 710 million cubic meters of timber since the current

  • Life History Parameters of the Cigarette Beetle (Lasioderma Serricorne) on Root and Tuber Chips

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    INTRODUCTION Cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne F (Col.: Anobiidae) is a cosmopolitan stored product insect pest (Rees, 2004). The female beetles are found to deposit about 100 eggs loosely on commodities which hatch between 6- 10 days in territory weather conditions (Cabrera, 2007). The beetles that emerge as adult are capable of flight and do not feed as adult but create holes in the product to locate a suitable oviposition site (Papadopoulou, 2006). The shortest development period from egg

  • What I Think Of The New Beetle

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    “What's there to dislike about the New Beetle?” It's a car that makes people smile wherever it goes. It stands out like an orange life raft in a grey sea of auto-anonymity. Even if they don't immediately recognise the Beetle connection - and not everyone does - expressions of affectionate interest are instant and heartfelt. What's there to dislike about the New Beetle? Almost everything. Its cartoonish design perhaps, which compromises its practicality in a way that the original's designer would

  • The New VW Beetle Case Study

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    Case : The New Beetle The Brand VW has always conveyed the message as an affordable car. The companies product have been looked upon as one which offered the benefits of German engineering affordably, emotionally. The cars represented completely different driving experience – more connected to the road – different way of driving – more connected to the world. Heritage of German engineering and the car's more fun, pleasurable driving experience were the powerful strengths. Affordability was one

  • Research Assignment on Invasive Species: Asian Long-Horned Beetles

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    The Asian long-horned beetle is an insect that first originated in China, Korea, and Japan(5) It is widely known for attacking many types of trees and destroying trees in rural, urban and suburban communities(³). We didn't want this beetle to invade North America, but through transportation(¹), this beetle found its way here and started to feed on our natural hardwood trees(4). If the Asian long-horned beetle is not stopped, we won't see any fall colours on the leaves of trees(²). Luckily though