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    Beef The production of beef produces requires a lot of energy and leaves a huge carbon footprint on planet earth. The process of producing beef goes far beyond raising cattle. It includes heavy water use, immense amounts of land to grow grain and/or corn, and requires an almost endless amount transportation. We have to consider not only the amount of land the cattle physically occupy, but also the amount of land used to grow the huge amount of food they require. To put it into perspective, the production

  • Beef Evolution

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    The Evolution of Beef When you think of cattle, chances are you don’t think of them looking like this: This is “Ernie.” He was selected as the Grand Champion Hereford Steer at the 1948 National Western Stock Show and weighed a whopping 895 lbs. Or really even this: The Grand Champion Angus Steer at the 1985 Houston Livestock Show. Now, chances are you think of something that’s right in between the two. Like this guy right here: Meet “Big Boy” the Grand Champion Cross-Bred Steer at the 2016

  • What’s the Beef?

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    Animal Welfare Institute. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Jan. 2014. Pacelle, Wayne. “Action Needed to Better Enforce Humane Slaughter Act.” The Huffington Post., 06 Mar. 2010. Web 16 Dec. 2013. Robinson, Jo. “What You Need to Know About the Beef You Eat.” Mother Earth News. 01 Feb. 2008: 74. eLibrary. Web. 09 Dec. 2013.

  • beyond beef

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    Jeremy Rifkin’s book, Beyond Beef, is an indictment against the cattle culture that has come to shape our world. America’s obsession with beef has led to increased hunger, disease and environmental destruction. Rifkin, without a doubt, is anti beef and with painstaking verisimilitude attempts to shed light on the horrific conditions which are brought about by the entire industry. Furthermore, his book is somewhat of a continuity of Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, the first attempt made at exposing

  • Beef Cattle Industry

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    The commercial beef cattle industry is one of the strongest agricultural industries in the United States of America. Since the late fifteenth century, cattle have dominated the North American continent, especially the United States. Much has changed, however, since their first arrival to America. Breeds have evolved and practices have improved. Possibly one of the only things that has not changed is the hard work, time, and effort that the American farmers and ranchers spend each day tending

  • hamburgers and ground beef

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    Hamburgers and Ground Beef Each individual in America has a goal he or she wants to accomplish. Whether it’s to purchase a new car or a huge home, it’s a goal wanted to be reached. However with the amount of fast food that Americans eat today, they will have a hard time accomplishing these goals because of the obesity or even disease they’ll have from the fast food. One major fast food that we like to eat while on the go is hamburgers. If it’s breakfast we grab a burger, if it’s lunch we grab a

  • Why Beef Is Good

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    Is Beef Good for You? Whether we should eat Beef or not eat beef is the question that has been the subject of debate for decades. Some people say that beef is good for people and there are others who say it causes health issues. In reading many articles, there is a lot of misleading information out there about beef. Kerri Ann Jennings states that red meat is “Praised by Paleo Diet advocates and shunned by vegetarians, red meat certainly is a controversial food. And that controversy extends into

  • What Is Certified Angus Beef: What Is Certified Angus Beef?

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    Certified Angus Beef? ________________________________________ Angus beef comes from Angus cattle, also known as Aberdeen Angus in most parts of the world. It is a breed of cattle developed from cattle native to the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland and is commonly used in beef production. But what is Certified Angus Beef, anyway? Angus beef is considered among the best. But Certified Angus Beef is on an entirely different level. It defines the standard by which all beef is measured.

  • Beef Production In Brazil Essay

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    Brazil is the largest beef exporter in the world with over five billion worth of beef exports each year. Brazil has gone from the fourth largest producer to the largest in less than a decade. Argentina was once one of the largest beef exporters in the world but in recent years there beef exports have decreased due to measures introduced by the Argentinean government to discourage beef exports to feed their growing domestic need for beef consumption. These restrictions on beef exports have recently

  • Analysis Of Beef Master Abattoir

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    Introduction The purpose of this report is to compile a marketing plan of Beef Master Abattoir (BMA). The reason being the shortage of meat supplied to retailers by abattoirs which causes beef prices to rise. The study of trends and SWOT analysis in South Africa has shown that the commercial beef are straggling to satisfy consumer’s needs while emerging beef producers have quiet enough cattle to supply the market. The increase in beef prices per kilogram in retailers is caused by the lack of abattoirs

  • Hegemonic Masculinity In The Jay-Z / Nas Beef

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    Hegemonic Masculinity in the Jay-Z/Nas Beef A conversation between two men often seems shallow and unimportant. However, male conversation can actually provide good insight as to what men feel is masculine. As Jennifer Coates explains in her book Men Talk: Stories in the Making of Masculinity, one can determine what masculine behavior is by observing dialogue between males. She points out, “in friendly talk men position themselves in relation to hegemonic masculinity” (41). This also holds true

  • Analyzing the Trade Dispute of Hormone-treated Beef

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    Analyzing the Trade Dispute of Hormone-treated Beef *No graphs* As technology progresses, many issues arise about ethics, between progress and the repercussions society faces from that progress. In 1989, a trade conflict arose, that not only affected the economies of the world, but also arose health issues, that were neglected by the law as well as the World Trade Organization. The trade conflict that I am referring to is Europe’s ban of hormone-treated beef and the World Trade Organization ruling of

  • Correlation between Synthetic Estrogen in Beef and Prematrue Menstruation in Girls

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    that has parents and doctors concerned. Recently, a probable cause has been found linking beef and premature puberty together. Even though cattle producers say there is no direct correlation between premature puberty and the beef we consume, individuals are finding high levels of synthetic estrogen in the edible beef. This may be the reason young girls are becoming “women” at age eight. The dangers of eating beef with steroid injections may be the cause a wide range of health problems in humans. Although

  • Is American Beef Safe to Eat?- Exploring the Quality of Agricultural Standards in America

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    of standards to grade beef and beef products being distributed interstate. The USDA put these standards in place after the Wholesome Meat Act of 1967 which states that, “USDA has authority to control movement of unfit meat and meat products and to require poultry products in interstate and foreign commerce to meet Federal inspection standards.” There are seven standards in place for commercial beef sale in the United States; they are on a sliding scale. Excellent quality beef is labeled as prime,

  • What If It Wasn't Called Pink Slime?

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    What If It Wasn’t Called Pink Slime? Lean Fine Textured Beef (LFTB); or its more common name in recent years, Pink Slime is becoming quite the hot topic. Questions are raised on whether the pink slime is safe for human consumption. The name alone has given it a pretty negative reputation. On top of whether or not pink slime is safe or not, another concern is what benefits, if any does it offer as opposed to other meat alternatives. Not different than any other story this one has two sides; although

  • Hormones in Meat

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    world’s largest producers of beef. According to Raloff (2002), approximately 36 million beef cattle are raised in America each year, and approximately two-thirds are treated with hormones (para.2). Farmers use these hormones to increase the rate of growth in their cattle. By increasing the cattle’s growth rate, the farmers can produce more beef and still making more money, they can sell it at an inexpensive rate to the consumers. The hormones that may be administered to beef and dairy cattle may already

  • Beef's Argument Over Grain-Fed Cattle

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    not allowed to roam freely. Also in these cattle growing yards, the risk of disease is much higher in these animals than out on the open range grazing on the grass. Beef critics say that there are no cattle breeds that posses the amounts of marbling present to make a good steak. It is a true statement to say that

  • Theme Of Women In My Year Of Meat And Advertising

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    Advertising Ruth Ozeki’s debut novel, My Year of Meats, follows a year in Japanese-American Jane Tagaki-Little’s life, during which she worked on a documentary series called My American Wife. The show aired in Japan and intended to promote meat, particularly beef, among Japanese households. In this novel, Ozeki very adeptly illustrates with her characters the relation between meat, women, and sexuality. Meat and its production, marketing, and consumption, is a key aspect that affects the depiction of most of

  • Essay On Sandwich

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    Pre-K Class Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 What is a sandwich? 2 3.0 Sandwich specifications 3 3.1 Nutrition 3 3.2 Portion 4 3.3 Special Conditions 4 3.4 Appealing 5 3.5 Maintain Taste 5 4.0 Types of Sandwiches 5 4.1 Roast Beef 5 4.11 Positive 6 4.12 Negative 6 4.2 Vegan Grilled Cheese 6 4.21 Positive 6 4.22 Negative 6 4.3 Best Sandwich 6 5.0 Design Specification 7 6.0 Survey 8 7.0 Reference list 9 1.0 Introduction

  • Halting Mad Cow Disease Hysteria

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    its spreading. Before consumers restrict beef intake from their diets they should consider their risks. In America, chances of developing BSE is far slimmer than becoming infected with other food-borne illnesses. Although many Americans were recently startled by a reported case of Mad Cow Disease in the United States, they are assured protection from infection by: consumption of selected meats, closely guarded packaging plants, and regulation in beef imports. To fully understand the spreading