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  • Beaches

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    Beaches are beautiful forms of nature. Each one varies from another. Some can be rocky, some have white sand, some have black, some are small, and some are large. I love all sorts of beaches. Each beach I have visited has been a memorable experience, but one in particular stands out in my mind. During my junior year I went on vacation to a resort in Jamaica with a extraordinary beach. It was a large beach with white sand and remarkable palm trees. There was also a long row of enormous rocks that

  • Barrier Beaches of Long Island, NY

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    Barrier Beaches of Long Island, NY There are many different types of coasts that exist throughout the United States. The south shore of Long Island has a unique types of coast known as a barrier beach. Barrier beaches are long narrow land forms that are composed of sand and other lose sediments. These sediments are brought together by the actions of waves, currents and storm surges. Barrier beaches are subject to constant changes by the same forces. Sand is constantly eroded in one area an

  • American Attack on Omaha and Utah Beaches During D Day

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    American Attack on Omaha and Utah Beaches During D Day It was 1944, and the United States had now been an active participant in the war against Nazi Germany for almost three and a half years, nearly six years for the British. During that period occurred a string of engagements fought with ferocious determination and intensity on both sides. There is however, one day which stands out in the minds of many American servicemen more often than others. June 6, 1944, D-Day, was a day in which thousands

  • Factors Influencing Coastal Processes

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    and clay. The river, cliffs and sea are sources of sediment inputs into the coastal system. (Fig. 1) (Fig 1. Sediment inputs into the coastal system.) The energy inputs include wind, waves and tidal currents. The wind produces sand dunes on beaches with shallow offshore gradients; these produce ecosystems, which help with plants that cope with lack of nutrients and water etc. Sand dunes help absorb the pounding of high waves and reduce over wash flooding in storms. Below is a diagram of

  • My Second Home

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    its own kind of magical aura, located in the middle of Lake Erie just off the shore of Northern Ohio, and perhaps this is why I was so mystified by this special place. This small island has many beaches. On one side of the island, the beaches are made of stone, on the other, they are sandy white beaches resembling an ocean shore, glistening in the sunlight. The hot muggy weather makes your skin moist, and the only relief to be found is the occasional breeze off the lake... ... middle of paper

  • Apartheid in South Africa

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    the South African National Party when it came to power. Not only did apartheid separate whites from non-whites, it also segregated the Blacks (Africans) from the Coloreds (Indians, Asians). All things such as jobs, schools, railway stations, beaches, park benches, public toilets and even parliament. Apartheid also prevented blacks from living in white areas. This brought about the hated "pass laws". These laws required any non-white to carry a pass on him or her. Unless it was stamped on

  • Beach Survey

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    differences between the protected and the unprotected beaches at Walton?' These beach surveys will allow me to answer the first key question as I will be able to compare the results from the survey and find the difference between the protected and unprotected beach. As the results form each survey should be different. The benefits from doing these beach surveys are: * I can get a good idea of the steepness of the protected and unprotected beaches * I can get an idea on whether it's a strong

  • A Film Review on Jaws

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    town on an island gripped by fear, paranoia with town Mayor Larry Vaughn (played by Hamilton) eager to keep the beaches open for the much needed tourist trade. Like most holiday resorts in America, Amity Island survives on the money made in the summer season. The Mayor gives in to his own greed and jeopardizes the islands safety by turning down Brody’s plead to close the beaches. The red herring of the two boys with a cardboard fin makes us relax for the time being until Brody’s own son has

  • Barbados

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    Barbados When one thinks of Barbados, one thinks of luscious, turquoise blue waters; soft white sand beaches; blue, white clouded skies; fresh fruits; exotic, delicious dishes and honeymoons. One, however, tends to forget the formation of this land. This Caribbean luxury Island has much history and great heritage. In this report, I will detail Barbados’s location, history, labor relations, population size and structure, industries, plus add a little zest with the beauty of the Island. Let’s begin

  • Jalisco in Mexico

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    rugged sierra - the area is however very good for fertility, and is as beautiful and varied as any in Mexico, ranging from fresh pine woods and cool pastures to lush tropical forest. This state stretches all the way to the coast, with resorts and beaches that vary from the sophistication of Puerto Vallarta to the simplicity of Barra de Navidad. Jalisco wasn’t very much inhabited until well into the 18th century, the high valleys of Jalisco were left to develop their own strong regional traditions

  • Piping Plover

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    enters Nottawasaga Bay was fenced off, and could remain closed until July (Springwater News). It also lives in and around Alberta (ES: Piping Plover). These birds generally live on or close to beaches and lakes, usually places with water. This bird generally likes to be around places with sand, like beaches, because it can blend easily. The bird has a back that is sandy brown in colour, so predators can’t see it (Piping Plover Page). They are constantly losing their habitat to buildings, pollution

  • beach erosion

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    disappearing beaches, and the occasional dwelling diving into the briny. Beaches are constantly moving, building up here and eroding there, in response to waves, winds, storms and relative sea level rise. Yet when commoners like you and me, and celebs like Steven Spielberg, build along the beach in places like Southampton, N. Y., we don't always consider erosion. After all, real-estate transactions are seldom closed during hurricanes or northeasters, which cause the most dramatic damage to beaches. Yet Southampton

  • How Coal Is Formed

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    Period (360 to 286 million years ago), large tropical trees, ferns, and other plants constructed the great amount of areas that make up the coal beds of today (Peat 2005). The best conditions for coal to form are slow, constant subsidence, levees, beaches, and bars which give protection, and a limited supply of sediments that would stop peat formation (Coal 2005). With these conditions, the plant matter is able to build up. Bacterial decay through microorganisms begins to occur and peat is formed

  • Boracay Island

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    majestic giant Philippine eagle swoops past my shoulder I suddenly found myself in my most favorite place to visit on the face of this planet; the island paradise of Boracay in the Philippines. Boracay Island combines crystal clear waters, sugary beaches that squeak, and lush hilly landscapes into an idyllic tourist haven, that's guaranteed to fascinate anyone into tranquil harmony with its simplistic beauty. Boracay is a breath-taking, unbelievably magical Island. A spectacular paradise set in

  • Jamaica: History, Government, People, Religion

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    Jamaica: History, Government, People, Religion Jamaica is a tropical island, located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Around the coastlines are beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue-green water. In some respects, this is the majority of what people know about Jamaica. In this orientation text you will better understand Jamaica’s history, the people who live there, the many different religions, geography, and governments that have ruled the land. The land of Jamaica is very small. The

  • Mozambique

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    and the fertility of the soil, that 80% of the population are in agriculture. The countryside is also densely forested and has been exploited for local building material. This country has everything from high mountains, to low rivers, to beautiful beaches. It is truly underdeveloped and has yet to reveal it’s most mysterious secrets. The earliest settlers in Mozambique were Muslim traders dating all the way back to the eighth century. Hence, the linguistic diversity is as vast as the land. Three widespread

  • D-Day and War

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    Thousands of war planes flew close to the attack site until the attack. A fleet of warships bombarded German fortifications along the beaches. One hundred and thirty-five thousand men and twenty thousand vehicles invaded the beaches. In the next few days, the Allies secured the beaches. Some of the most important beaches in this battle are Omaha, Utah, and Juno beaches. The battle started when the British sixth air born division went in at ten minutes after midnight. They were the first troops to go

  • Piping Plover

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    Food Piping plover eats insects, marine worms, mollusks, or small crustaceans. Habitat and nesting place During the warm season (summer), piping plovers usually lives and nest on the sandy beaches, shores of the Great Lakes, major rivers, or the prairies. They usually breed on dry sandy beaches and in the winter, they settle along the shores of southeastern United States. The piping plover usually nests on the sandy beach, some distance away from the water and is often located near a large

  • Geography

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    geologically the most mature of the main Hawaiian Islands with extensive development of broad, lush erosional valleys and coastal features such as coral/algae reefs and sandy beaches. Waimea Canyon, at over 2500 feet deep, is Hawaii’s largest erosional valley. Nearly 50% of Kauai’s 111 miles of coastline are lined with beautiful beaches, derived mainly from erosion on reef producing coral and algae. Kauai is the fourth largest of the seven major islands in the chain and was built by a massive volcano, of

  • Geography of Jamaica

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    Mountain at 7,402 feet high (Roberts, 141). The island stretches 150 miles long and about 50 miles wide, from St. Ann’s Bay to Portland Point. This terrain is made up of rugged mountains and lush forests, although about 640 miles of this island are beaches. The mountains are mostly located on the interior of the island, There are 120 rivers that start in the mountains of Jamaica and drain into the sea. This helps drain the average 77 inches of yearly rainfall. Almost all of the terrain is home to