Bad Idea Essays

  • Hiring In-Laws: A Bad Idea

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    Hiring In-Laws: A Bad Idea Many successful small businesses have been ruined by bringing in-laws in to the family business. As these in-laws struggle to establish a voice in the company, meaning well, they often wind up destroying them. As the owner of the family business, it is your job to avoid situations that could hurt or hinder your business. In this case you should assume a few often overlooked points:  When approaching your business, never think of it in terms of one happy family. 

  • An Open Campus is a Bad Idea

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    Wandering kids. Bumper to bumper traffic. Drug dealing. Is this the picture drawn when local students have fifty minutes of freedom during lunch to do whatever they please? Students should not be allowed to leave their school campus during lunch. An open campus would lead to truancy, disturb local businesses and neighborhoods, and cause crime. Truancy can occur among students if an open campus is accepted. If students have the privilege to leave school for fifty whole minutes on their own, then

  • National ID, a bad idea….

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    National ID, a bad idea…. In today’s world, we can say that the main danger to privacy, security for people who lives in free democratic societies can come from the system that will create and apply supposedly very high tech national ID card. The main purpose of National ID card system in a country is to develop nationwide security, decrease crime rate, reveal the terrorists, and guard against illegal immigrants. NID system has been used conducting regular official transactions between government

  • It Is A Bad Idea To Legalize Marijuana

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    The Legalization of Marijuana Yes, I believe it is a great idea to legalize marijuana. What a great idea! Think of all the good benefits that could come about. The government could tax marijuana like they do tobacco, and it could help our economy out. Think of all the money that could be gathered with this taxing. The prison and jail populations would decline simply because a number of people in prison are there solely because of a marijuana conviction. This would cost tax payers a lot less money

  • Is Marcus Brutus An Honorable Man?

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    exposed they may not look as perfect as thought. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brutus is a perfect example of this idea. He is sympathetic, kind, and generous, but when his motives are questioned, he does not look so sensitive. Brutus is not an honorable man. Brutus was a very selfish and self-centered person. He continually ignored Cassius’ and the conspirators’ ideas. He was the leader and everyone was supposed to go along with them. Not to mention that all of his decisions went against

  • The American Media and the Exploitation of Men

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    their reasons for getting married. But with marriage there’s sometimes a divorce that comes with it, which has increased during the years. Because media focus on the women’s rights, most people don’t understand the sexism directed against men. The idea “men are jerks” is thought by women which have dominated the media. Along with fighting the degrading advertisements on the TV, men also have to live up to the obligation of bringing home a salary. Women marry men who are successful or have “potential”

  • Outsourcing Inmates

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    Outsourcing Inmates is a Bad Move Governor Greg Benson wants to outsource the states medium security prisoners. Outsourcing would mean send inmates in the states prisons out of state to serve their prison sentence. We would be sending these inmates who aren’t just a number; they are fathers, sons, and grandchildren to prisons in states such as Texas or Georgia. He says this will help with over crowding and will save New Hampshire tax payers money. Shipping inmates out of state will hurt the community’s

  • The Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar

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    hero. Since Brutus was one of the main characters of the play, it would be obvious that he would be the tragic hero of the play as well. The downfall of the protagonist occurs through a tragic flaw of the protagonist. Brutus' tragic flaw was making bad judgments. For example, he let Antony speak at Caesar's funeral, he let Antony live and also he marched to Phillipi. Since the Romans liked Brutus, they thought that if he killed Caesar, then he had a good reason for it. However, if Brutus had not let

  • Macbeth

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    Stars, Hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.'; I think this is when he gets the first ideas of murder into his head. But when he goes home and tells L. MacBeth that Duncan is coming to stay for the night she says, “ O never, that sun shall morrow see.';(1.5) She is getting the same ideas of MacBeth of killing Duncan, but MacBeth begins to think it is a bad idea. And MacBeth even says, 1.7, “ We shall proceed no further in this business.'; But L. MacBeth seems to

  • High School Students on the Job

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    along with everyday living. When attending college we become more independent and are faced with the problem of coming up with money and finding a balance between time for work and school. Though it may seem like working through high school is a bad idea, it could better prepare students for “the real world.” Having a job has many benefits. One of these benefits is obvious, earning an income. With an income comes responsibility. When a student becomes an adult, he or she has to learn to depend on

  • J.B. Preistly’s Presentation of Inspector Goole in An Inspector Calls

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    Preistly’s message of the play become clearer. In the world in1945, as I’ve said, it was the end of WW2 and the Labour Party had been elected for government for the first time. Preistly’s message of the play is that he thinks that the old older was a bad idea because it had already got the world in 2 world wars’ and that every body should respect and care about each other . The Inspector is an important character is important to the play because he is like the spokes person of the play because he

  • City Ordinances and State Laws

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    otherwise objectionable stuff on your lawn. Leaving exploded gas station burritos in your dorm microwave is OK. Furthermore, keeping diseased animals (even if they're tied up) or animal carcasses (even if they just look like they're asleep) is not just a bad idea; it's also against the law. The city's ordinances go to great lengths to protect our beloved streets and sidewalks and the inhabitants thereof. If you cannot find a safe sidewalk to walk or run on in Mount Vernon, you must stay on the left side

  • The Fools in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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    hosted by the Capulets, and yet he still chooses to attend anyway. As a teenager, he loves to party and is sure that there will be pretty girls there in which to flirt with. Instead of being rational and realizing that this party was a bad idea for a Montague, he and his friends enter without fear. Once the party is over, Romeo hears Juliet on her balcony talking of how she loves Romeo and together they speak of their impending marriage. What? It seems that they are obsessed

  • Chinese and American Cultures

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    Chinese and American Cultures Chinese-Americans authors Amy Tan and Gish Jen have both grappled with the idea of mixed identity in America. For them, a generational problem develops over time, and cultural displacement occurs as family lines expand. While this is not the problem in and of itself, indeed, it is natural for current culture to gain foothold over distant culture, it serves as the backdrop for the disorientation that occurs between generations. In their novels, Tan and Jen pinpoint

  • Analysis of The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks

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    an adult finding out. When Omri told his friend Patrick about the toy, Patrick wanted his own. Omri thought it was a bad idea but brought the toy to life anyway. When Omri brought Patrick’s cowboy toy to life, Patrick was very excited, but Omri was afraid he didn’t know that they were real people. Omri decided he would keep them both at his house. Patrick did not like this idea but agreed only if Omri would bring the cowboy and Indian to school the next day. Then all the trouble started. Patrick

  • Brave New World Ultimate Destruction

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    belief is evidently true. A first example in the book is the process in which babies are “born.” The intricate fertilizing, decanting, and conditioning processes is directly used to produce and control a 5 caste system in society. Now, this is not a bad idea, other system is flawed. We see this in people like Bernard. An alpha is supposed to be at the top of society being well formed, tall, good looking and intelligent. Bernard however is somewhat shorter and less handsome than the rest of the men in

  • The Benefits of Human Cloning

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    sheep named Dolly, there has been an ongoing debate on whether it is right or wrong to continue the research of cloning (Burley). Recently, in February 2001, CNN conducted a poll that stated, 90% of American adults think that cloning humans is a bad idea (Robinson). Even though the majority of Americans are opposed to human cloning, there are many benefits that will come from the research of it. Advancements in the medical field and in the fertility process will arise from human cloning. These

  • Fear in William Golding's Lord of the Flies

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    lenses back and forth…Almost at once a thin trickle of smoke rose gently…(Golding, 40-41). Piggy, who represented clear conscience or brilliance in mankind had no respect or say over much things on the island from the others. Piggy thought it was a bad idea and indeed, it was: Smoke was rising here and there among the creepers…Small flames crawled away through the leaves and brushwood, dividing and increasing…Acres of black and yellow smoke rolled steadily toward the sea (Golding, 44). This fire

  • Planning the Perfect Wedding

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    get to work. Many decisions await you and many, more opinions will flow your way. Sharing wedding stories is second only to the thirty-six-hours-of-labor-and-no-epidermal stories as favorite tales women tell. Not to worry. You might hear the perfect idea for your day. If not, you'll learn to nod graciously. Where you are getting married is at the top of the list. Churches and halls aren't your only choices. These days there are skydiving, bungee jumping and underwater weddings, whatever your pleasure

  • All The Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer

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    oil company, and Document NSC-68 I will try to prove once and for all that going through with the coup in Iran was a terrible mistake made by the United States. There were many aspects concerning the history of Iran that showed that the coup was a bad idea. The role of religion played a very influential part in the history of Iran. Many people living in Iran still to this day believe in the Zoroastrian religion. The beliefs associated with this religion may account for many of the uprisings and political