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  • Description Of The Artifact : Artifact

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    Description of the Artifact: Artifact 1: Artifact 1, under Tab C: Curricular Content Knowledge, the Instructional Plan Module, completed during ELSE 6193 Laboratory Experience was completed. For the Instructional Module, candidates were to create and teach two lesson plans for both elementary and secondary instructional settings. The lessons plans were to address one or more of the goals and objectives that were written in each student’s Individual Education Program (IEP). The candidates were to

  • The Artifacts

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    handshake that’s warm but firm and his eyes go soft around the edges. His smile is sincere. He’s the sort who would walk old ladies across the street and not complain about it and for that, the smell of his tweed suit is forgiven. “My field is artifact preservation and authentication with an interest in language,” I say to him. “Ambitious,” Polley replies. “I’m a bit removed from the scientific method myself. I’ve worked as a historian for the last twenty years.” He laughs. “On borrowed time

  • Holocaust Artifacts

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    What the Artifacts (Shoes) of the Holocaust Tells about the Jews’ Conditions during the Nazi Era The Holocaust refers to all the actions that were carried out by the Nazi regime against the Jews in Germany between 1933 and 1945. The Holocaust Artifacts are artifacts that bear out the stories of the victims of the Holocaust and are displayed in Museums. Material artifacts of the Holocaust are a powerful signifier of the Nazi era. This is because they carry and convey the materials trace of authentic

  • Ancient Artifacts

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    pieces are undated, which has left art historians and others guessing as to what period different pieces are from. In order to know when a specific sculpture, painting, or work of architecture was created, the historian must look at from where the artifact originated. Was it used across the Aegean? Or mainly in Crete? Archeology is an excellent time period dating tool. (83) The excavation and discovery of Aegean art must give credit to archeology, as it is a wonderful way to use the surrounding

  • Popular Culture Artifacts

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    popular culture artifacts, both reflects the society that creates it and is itself an agent capable of changing social reality. Popular culture artifacts, like the Harry Potter series discussed in Nexon and Neumann’s work, Harry Potter and International Relations, exert agency, or causal power over the meaning and interpretation of cultural elements, by influencing the way ideas and values are constructed in everyday life. This paper will demonstrate that popular culture artifacts construct meanings

  • Artifact Preservation

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    The grammar book, The Grammar Sense 3, written by Susan Kesner Bland should be preserved for the future generation, who are willing to study English. The book explains the major English grammar concepts that are essential for English leaners. In addition, this book is not like any other grammar book, it provides for the reader all the important elements to master the English grammar in a very accurate and clear structure. It avoids using unnecessary information, which many English grammar books

  • Social Artifacts Essay

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    for themselves in one way or another to better their lives. These objects are usually collected over a long period of time and stored in museums to remind the community of historical or artistic significance. In the United States, every museum has artifacts that naturally lend themselves to social experiences in the community. It might be a slave whip that triggers museum visitors to share their memories of their grandparent’s experience during the African American slave trade, or a dinosaur’s skeleton

  • Stolen Egyptian Artifacts

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    desperate attempt to save the museum and it’s artifacts, civilians linked arms and hands to form a human barrier between the protestors and the country’s national treasures. Despite the brave efforts by those who wanted to protect the museum, 50 relics disappeared that night. Unfortunately those were not the first artifacts to be taken out of Egypt; they only add to the growing number. Egypt has been almost begging for foreign museums to return the artifacts like the Rosetta Stone, the key to deciphering

  • Parthenon Artifact Essay

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    All art contains basic elements of line, form, composition, color, texture, etc. The Artifact I chose to write about is The Parthenon. Around 490 BCE, Athenians began to work on the Temple which was made out of the finest marble even on the roof. Even though it took some of the greatest minds around in the building of the Parthenon the Greeks were greatly handicapped by a lack of the knowledge and mechanics. The Parthenon was Built by the architects Ictinus and Callicrates under the supervision of

  • Cultural Artifact Speech: Outline Of Cultural Artifact Speech

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    Cultural Artifact Speech Outline I. Intro a. As Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Studies shown that classical music, specifically Mozart, help you engage in your studies better and as a result showed high test scores according to a test scientist at Stanford University held. Did you ever imagine how powerful a piece that was composed in the 1780’s could be? b. This is a classical music score of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” composed by Wolfgang