Apt Pupil Essays

  • The Theme in Stephen King's Apt Pupil

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    Many of Stephen King’s writings explore the theme of evil, and Apt Pupil is no exception. He has incorporated his ideas of malevolence into the characters of Todd Bowden and Kurt Dussander. The beginning of the novella delves into the dark thoughts of a young boy whose encounter with Dussander encourages the growth of his dark side. From stories of Patin to killing animals, the potential for evil can be seen in the eyes of the two and leads them to the ultimate evil: murder. It all began when

  • Apt Pupil

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    In the novella, Apt Pupil by Stephen King, the author illustrates and explains to us what his concept of evil is by showing us the ways society only see's and accepts the superficial aspects of people, like Todd the "All-American kid" (111) who is acceptable in every way and although Todd seems like the American ideal that most people view as what America should be like, society and people ignore or pretend that a person perfect like Todd or a man like Dussander who "exuded a certain courtly charm

  • Haitian Immigrants In The Film 'Apt Pupil'

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    Americas. Seven notorious Nazis fled to South America, and two of them eluded punishment for the remainder of their lives (Klein). However, in order for Nazis to remain undiscovered, their past lives had to remain hidden from society. A 1998 film, Apt Pupil, describes a story about a boy who discovers that the old man residing on his block was a Nazi war criminal. He then blackmails the old man, forcing the former Nazi to disclose information about his time at the concentration camps, under threat

  • Divine Intellect in Dante's Inferno

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    into his intellectual circle, both by listening to Dante, as he does here, and by introducing Dante to other master poets, as he does in Canto IV. Virgil even says that the "pupil imitates his master," which, as we shall see, has an entirely separate meaning, but does refer back to the relationship between this pupil and his master as well. What is especially remarkable though in the way that Virgil addresses Dante's question is that he... ... middle of paper ... ...we have probed

  • Describing a personal experience in helping the community

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    teamwork, social-skills, and any other to be achieved. The school does not have to pay extra fees to hire garbage collectors within school, so a lot of hard labour and money is saved. This activity only requires some time, effort and consideration from pupils belonging to the school. The activities affected other members of staff as they did not have to partake in any tasks and simply had to dispose of their litter with more thought and not have to do our job, which was nevertheless achieved in our spare

  • Confucianism

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    world-view which dictates much of the faith. However, in some cases such as the one I will be discussing, two religious dignitaries do not agree and the repercussions of this can be found throughout the religion. The two men are Mencius, an early pupil of Confucius and Hsun Tzu, a later follower of the same faith. Mencius believed that each man, born of woman, would be naturally good and Hsun Tzu believed almost the complete opposite. Through Mencius and Hsun Tzu’s differing beliefs on human

  • Elizabeth Blackwell

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    grew up she would become a doctor, so that she could help babies and children to stay healthy. She was going to study and work hard to reach her goal.   Elizabeth studied very hard. She read every book in her house and was the teacher's best pupil. She never got bored of learning or trying new things; and years later she became a medical student. All the young men teased her in her class, but she learned to deal with it.   For a long time the Blackwell's ran a sugar business. It was

  • Bilingual Education

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    student’s curriculum are irrefutable. What Is Bilingual Education and How Did It Come About? An encompassing definition of the term bilingual education is, The use of two languages, one of which is English, as mediums of instruction for the same pupil population in a well-organized program, which encompasses all, or part of the curriculum and includes the study of the history and culture associated with the mother tongue. A complete program develops and maintains the children’s self-esteem and

  • The Relationship Between Height and Weight for the Pupils in a Secondary School

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    The Relationship Between Height and Weight for the Pupils in a Secondary School Introduction ============ For this investigation, I am going to use data on secondary school pupils to find the distribution of the data and also to look for any meaningful relationships between the heights and weights of the students. When I was looking at the various things that I could study, one of the factors that I looked at was data collection. The amount of data was large, spanning across

  • Analysis of Accuracy of MidYIS Tests

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    relevant indicator of likely success, and a more appropriate baseline from which to measure value added. However, the term 'success' needs defining - many pupils who are excellent musicians even before they reach year 9 may not obtain the highest marks at GCSE, and this begs the question, what exactly does GCSE music test, the musicality of a pupil (which will be discussed with reference to Howard Gardner's theories of multiple intelligence) or a pupil's ability to 'jump through the hoops' required

  • Advertising an Event at a School

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    create a poster with a leaflet and or a ticket to advertise an event at the school. My chosen event is a school disco. I am 15 years old and attend Ringwood School in the New Forest. The age range is pupils in the upper year (year 9 to year 11 excluding 6th form). Teachers and parents of those pupils who are attending are also invited. The school is a mixed, public comprehensive school and now a language college. In the evening it is holds adult education classes and it also has many extra

  • Investigating the Relationship Between Height and Weight

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    diagrams could be difficult. It is for this reason that I have decided to take a random sample of data for 30 girls and 30 boys in Year 7, which will be followed by 30 girls and 30 boys in Year 11. I had to choose a method that meant that all the pupils had an equal chance to be picked, by doing this it made my sample non-bias. I ended up deciding to use the random number generator method, which involved the use of a calculator. I gave each student in the school a specific number, so I could

  • Individual Liberty: Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls

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    Individual liberty is the freedom to act and believe as one pleases. It is a widely controversial issue when it comes to the power of the government policing over individual�s freedoms. In this paper, I am going to compare two well known philosophers, Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls. In part one, I will explain the political and social positions taken by each philosopher. I will explain how Thomas Hobbes is associated with the �social contract theory,� and how John Rawls� theory of government is a �theory

  • Justice And Injustice

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    to the next, therefore, building an argument. Interestingly about the work of Socrates is that its not known very well, since nothing was recorded during his time. Everything that we know about Socrates has come through the writings of his greatest pupil, Plato. Socrates was a man that revolutionized philosophy and how to approach his surroundings. One of Socrates greatest findings as a philosopher was that he admitted that he knew nothing, which to others, specifically the Delphic Oracle led them

  • Yentl Speech

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    the soul of a man, but her Jewish background did not           allow her to make the choices in life that she wanted. C. Overview 1. Yentl’s father treats her with respect like a son 2. Father thinks Yentl should study Torah because she is bright pupil 3. Yentl wants to be equal with other Jews 4. “Her soul thirsted to study Torah” 5. Wanted her dream badly enough to become a man 6. Willing to lie to others and herself 7. wants to find wisdom and love 8. “Singer has contempt for feminism”

  • The Allegory of the Cave by Plato

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    "The Allegory of the Cave," by Plato, explains that people experience emotional and intellectual revelations throughout different stages in their lives. This excerpt, from his dialogue The Republic, is a conversation between a philosopher and his pupil. The argument made by this philosopher has been interpreted thousands of times across the world. My own interpretation of this allegory is simple enough as Plato expresses his thoughts as separate stages. The stages, very much like life, are represented

  • The Message of Quinn's Ishmael

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    as to hear the voice of the oppressed demand freedom and restitution. As Ishmael opens, the author writes of a day in his life when he found what he thought a truly ludicrous advertisement in the personals section of a newspaper: TEACHER seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person. Investigating with the purpose of exposing fraud, he came upon Ishmael in Room 105 of a nondescript office building. Ishmael was sitting calmly, nibbling on a slender branch. Momentarily

  • Statistical Investigation

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    statistical maths by being able to use a variety of methods in order to analyse and compare sets of data. During this project I will be examining the relationships between the attributes of the pupils of Mayfield High School. My aim is took produce a line of enquiry which has two or more statistics regarding the pupils which are related to each other. This table shows how many boys and girls there are in each year group at Mayfield High. Year Group Number of Boys Number of Girls Total

  • Investigating Two Types of Communication Systems in School

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    am going to investigating two types of communications systems in the school. These two communications systems are internal communication and external communications. Internal communication in school takes place between the teachers, parents and pupils etc.(people in the school).. External communication in the school takes place between the schools and organizations outside of the school. The aim of this report is to find out about the communication systems in the school. Once I have found

  • Pupils' Effect on Humans' Attractiveness

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    Pupils' Effect on Humans' Attractiveness Abstract -------- In order to investigate whether our pupils affect how attractive we are, an experimental technique was used, variables were manipulated and data recorded. The aim of this study was to investigate how the size of our pupils affect how attractive we are perceived to be. The method involved fifty participants who looked at two pictures and rated their attractiveness. It was hypothesised the pictures of people with dilated