American Tradition

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  • The American Intelligence Tradition

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    college campuses. The colonies defeated a better trained, better funded, professional army that was forging a global empire. Home-field advantage, the surprisingly potent Continental Army, and aid from the French are all widely noted as the tools of American victory. Yet, the above explanation is failing to mention the myriad of things that allowed for the Continental Army to be a strong fighting force. Many things contribute to victory and defeat in war, but one that has stood the test of time will

  • American Traditions: The Reunion

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    Abstract This paper examines American traditions, how they are established and preserved. Specifically, I discuss traditional gatherings known as family, class, and school reunions and review ways in which they are augmented by social networks. I remind the reader of the role reunions play in the perpetuation of memories and transference of collective knowledge. It is believed that attendance at family reunions had dwindled in the 90’s but is experiencing resurgence (Baxter, 2005); this is due

  • origins of the american traditions

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    The origins of the traditions held by the population of American started from the time that this land was first set foot on by the human species and was compounded throughout the rest of time. The immigrants, and slaves expanded up on the traditions of the original settlers. And along with those they brought their own religions and cultures that also added to the traditions of this country.      Long before the Europeans ever set foot on to the fair soil, people from Asia

  • American Circumcision: A False American Tradition

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    Circumcision: A False American Tradition Circumcision, a rather uncomfortable, and unspoken tradition in American society. Yet, every day thousands of parents are choosing to cut off a perfectly good part of their child's body for what reason exactly? No one really talks about it, so no one really knows, and from this silence has grown decades of myths based on ignorance and shame. Today, America has taken circumcision and turned it into such a popular tradition that nearly 85% of men are currently

  • American Pragmatist Tradition

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    and exposing the political bosses. Most progressives supported prohibition. Women’s suffrage was promoted and the female vote was defined as a vote for purity. Sectors were identified that needed modernizing, and specifically focused on making American society a better place in which to live. City, State and Federal governments were worked on to improve living conditions for the huge immigration population. Many progressives were concerned with environmental and conservation topics. Progressive

  • Ancient Native American Traditions

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    Ancient Native American Traditions The novel "Reservation Blues" does not describe or deal with real Indians. The real Native Americans were forever destroyed by the government the second that they set foot upon the makeshift reservation. That very second saw the perish of all the age-long values and traditions that, before that moment, defined, raised, and watched over every Indian boy and girl, every Indian husband and wife, and every Indian father and mother. The U.S. government easily

  • Native American Tradition And Religion

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    religions evolved to match the needs and lifestyles of the individual tribe. Religious traditions of aboriginal peoples around the world tend to be heavily influenced by their methods of acquiring food, whether by hunting wild animals or by agriculture. Native American spirituality is no exception. Traditional Lakota spirituality is a form of religious belief that each thing, plant and animal has a spirit. The Native American spirituality has an inseparable connection between the spirituality and the culture

  • Traditions and Values in American Education

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    Traditions and Values in American Education The question of whether colleges and universities serve to pass on to students the great traditions and values of Western culture is one of many issues that I would like to discuss as it pertains to my high school teaching. The Presence of Others has given me the opportunity to read the opinions of several educational thinkers on this subject, and from them I have formed a clearer idea about the value of a broad education which would necessarily include

  • The Singing School: An American Tradition

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    The Singing School: An American Tradition      The Singing School was an institution that was uniquely American. it was established to serve a dual purpose: the desire to create music and the need for sociability. Generations were taught to read and sing music by itinerant singing masters, who developed characteristic methods and materials of instruction, and distinctive performance practices. Through this institution, many people were given the opportunity to participate

  • Traditions: The Lottery and An American Honor Killing

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    article An American Honor Killing, both cultures have crazy traditions that their people are expected to follow, no matter how inhumane or difficult they can be. In the small village in The Lottery, the citizens are expected to randomly draw names and kill whoever is picked, whereas in the Iraqi culture portrayed in the article An American Honor Killing, the Iraqi people are expected to live and abide by the traditions and lifestyles. These completely different cultures show that tradition plays a very