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  • Latin American Studies

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    Latino/a and Caribbean Studies is of great interest to me because of my cultural background. I was excited to research the ways in which the program is executed in different universities. I first compiled a list of ten schools, ensuring that they were different from each other based on size, location, type of school, whether or not the school is a “Minority-Serving Institution” (MSI). For the purpose of this essay and page limit constraint, I will be focusing on the key finding of the names of the

  • American Studies

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    American Studies American Studies can be a variety of different meanings to a lot of different authors. They are all pretty much on the same note, but with different alterations. For me, I believe that it is to make connections between the past and how it will impact the future. American Studies has transformed overtime. Each individual has their own beliefs and feelings of what it really means. In Gene Wise’s article he states how he is interested in how the field of American Studies has

  • The Importance Of American Studies

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    American Studies American studies focuses on american culture, companies, geopolitical decisions, history, power, literature and popular culture. In the present day, The United States of America, is a strong, influential and powerful country that affects the entire globe. Those who are interested in learning about all the aspects of this country will be well-suited to this degree. American studies also looks beyond the boundaries of North America and incorporates the wider Americas, the Transatlantic

  • American Indian Studies

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    American Indian Studies AIS Why do Indian college students have high dropout rates? Why do Indian college students have hard times in college, and university atmospheres? Why do Indian college students have difficult times when it comes to making good grades? Maybe it’s because they have no role models in the home. Maybe they can’t relate to individuals with different cultures and backgrounds? Perhaps it is something simple as having poor study habits. The answers could Possibly be that Indian

  • The Importance of African-American Studies

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    African-American Studies The aspect of African-American Studies is key to the lives of African-Americans and those involved with the welfare of the race. African-American Studies is the systematic and critical study of the multidimensional aspects of Black thought and practice in their current and historical unfolding (Karenga, 21). African-American Studies exposes students to the experiences of African-American people and others of African descent. It allows the promotion and sharing of the African-American

  • African American Studies Essay

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    refers to African America Studies as Africana Studies because he believes that Black tells you how you look, not who you are. He goes on to state that he calls African American Studies “a dilemma at the crossroads of history” (Clark 32). This is because European people knew history well enough to distort it and use it, as well as political weapons such as the gun and bible, to control the world. This is the reason why a look at African culture will show what Africana Studies are about or should be about

  • Leonel V. American Airlines, Inc.: A Case Study

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    In the case of “Leonel v. American Airlines, Inc. (AA), 400 F.3d 702 (9th Cir.2005)” (Melvin, 2013), on page 351 of The Legal Environment of Business: a Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice, “Leonel and two other applicants were given conditional offers of employment by American Airlines.” (Melvin, 2013); these offers were dependent on whether a background check and medical exam were passed. However, before the background checks could be conducted American Airlines directed Leonel and the other

  • African American Related Studies

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    effectiveness of African Americans students G.P.A. while in attendance at HBCUs. Despite widely ranging methods, data sources, and professional disciplines, theories and analyses scholars have stated that HBCUs make a distinctive contribution in improving African Americans G.P.A (RHE96). HBCU is an acronym for Historically Black Colleges and Universities that existed before 1964 with historic missions with an emphasis on educating African Americans (ed.gov07). Experts found that African American students who

  • American Airlines Case Study

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    In 2011, AMR Corporation, American Airlines (AA) holding company, filed for bankruptcy protection and was looking to get approved for a merge with US Airways. In the last decade, the U.S airline industry has experienced a novel challenges, due to fuel price volatility, the limited to organic growth and the slowing demand of air travel. Most of the LCC’s and legacy airlines have all responded to the developments with a bankruptcy, reorganization, or just a new pricing strategy. Consolidation among

  • African American Studies: Trends and Developments

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    African American studies has been a much debated topic for years. Surely, it is a necessary program to be taught in schools to educate students on the black experience through a political, social, and legal understanding. In order to appreciate the purpose and denotation of the curriculum, we must first look at the history of the field itself, the key elements that make up the program and its role in society, as well as what the future holds for the advancement of African American studies. These

  • African American Studies Reflection Paper

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    Through taking Introduction to African and American Studies, I have come to understand as to why it is crucial for people to have knowledge of African American Studies. The reason being, many past events in Black history, still have an impact on the societal structure we all live through today. However, this thought of the past still being relevant in the future is usually dismissed. This is a form of cognitive dissonance that people have where they are so fearful of confronting the past, and are

  • African American Studies Research Paper

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    Katie Sroufe Thomas Edge Ethnic Studies 1200 September 8th, 2016 African American Studies Essay 1 “The history of American looks very different viewed from a cotton patch.” (23, Cole) African American Studies, also known as Black Studies, is a way for us to learn about the culture, history, literature, economics, and everything in between about African Americans. Growing up in a mostly white school we actually learned a lot about African Americans. Not only about slavery, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther

  • Dilemmas of American Indian Studies

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    As the subjugation of the American Indian population began, the driving need to collect information emerged as did the quandaries that people who study this field struggle with today. To understand why problems transpire in this field of study, it is imperative that scholars know why should this field be studied. This reason is as simple or as complex as anyone wishes to make it. The program is to “present information and interpretations that otherwise would be overlooked.” The challenge that emerges

  • American Family Case Study

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    1. In the past 50 years, The American family structure has gone though some drastic changes. Family structure includes the combination of individuals that make up a family. There are both structural and cultural factors that have influenced the structure of the American family. Specifically, there has been a decrease in family size over the past 50 years. Structural factors are institutions that influence our lives, including family, education, religion, and policies. Cultural factors are beliefs

  • American Red Cross Case Study

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    The American Red Cross case study Executive summary: the information presented below is the case study for The American Red Cross association. The organisation operates on its own and is supported by donations from people. Its main objective is to provide alleviation to those suffering from natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood, tsunami and other natural calamities. The organisation on an average, responds to about 70,000 disasters in one year, across the globe. There was massive criticism

  • Biomagnetic Therapy

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    electroncephalogreaphs (EEG), which look at the electrical activity of the brain. But, as for biomagnetic therapy being used as a form of healing, the medical field is not yet completely convinced of its success. As time goes by though, “More and more American studies, however, are confirming the value of magnetic therapy” (2). THE CLAIMED PURPOSE OF BIOMAGNETIC HEALING The claimed purpose of biomagnetic healing is to relieve pain and discomforts in the body. Gary Null, the author of Biomagnetic Therapy

  • The Effectiveness of a Multicultural and Bilingual Education

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    Therefore, we must analyze both sides of the issue before we make a decision. Two controversial issues in today's public educational program are multicultural and bilingual education. 2 Some experts believe there are many benefits we, as Americans, can experience in a multicultural education. James A Banks states; "An education that reflects the experiences of a nation across its racial, gender and socioeconomic boundaries-benefits all students." (96) [This is from the book editor, not from

  • The True Message of Joy Luck Club and The Hundred Secret Senses

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    and moving ... deceptively simple yet inherently dramatic."  Not only has Amy Tan's fiction been praised for its literary merit, but it also has been included in anthologies of multicultural literature for its portrayal of Chinese and Chinese-American culture. However, critics such as George Tseo vehemently disagree with these and other accolades, particularly regarding the cultural details of Tan's fiction and Mandarin Chinese dialogue.  "I take umbrage at Amy Tan's confused rendition of

  • Acid Test

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    Psychedelic movement Wolfe documented so well was definitely a social movement of the infamous 1960’s. 6) Tom Wolfe grew up in the land of Richmond, Virginia. He eventually graduated from Washington and Lee University, and later received a doctorate in American Studies from Yale. Besides being a novelist, Wolfe has worked as a reporter for the Springfield Union, The Washington Post, and the New York Herald Tribune. Some of his writings have also appeared in New York Magazine, Esqu...

  • How to Reduce Cheating and Plagiarism

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    How to Reduce Cheating and Plagiarism Early in the fall semester, a professor of American studies at Cornell found a three-page paper on the Internet analyzing a poem by Anne Bradstreet. A student in his course had just handed in that very paper. Accused of plagiarism, the student confessed that she had taken the paper from an Anne Bradstreet Web site. She had locked herself out of her apartment the night before the paper was due, she said, and without access to her notes had panicked. Two