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  • The Grapes of Wrath - The True American Spirit

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    The True American Spirit of The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck's novel, The Grapes of Wrath is an excellent portrayal of the common and true Americans. While it is of course a book of deep thought and incredible symbolism, most of all The Grapes of Wrath gives these common American workers a voice and a distinct identity, and doesn't just turn them into a stereotype or cliche. Steinbeck's book could be regarded as one of the best books from America and perhaps the best on the subject

  • Literary Analysis Of The American Can-Do-Spirit

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    The American ‘can-do-spirit’ is a well-known term, and many texts, poems, books and movies revolve around this outstanding ‘can-do-spirit’, which appears to be significant for the average American’s self-image. Two poems focused on this spirit are Dedication for a Plot of Ground by William Carlos Williams and Nobody Loses All the Time by E. E. Cummings, both by American writers, written 16 years apart. Even though both poems contemplate the American ‘can-do-spirit’, they seem to have two different

  • The Core of The Triangular Pear

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    exclamation points. Voznesensky even writes, “I measure, explore, / discover, all out of breath…” In these first few, lines Voznesensky utilizes the American mood of always rushing around, to discover something new, in order to show his need to understand America, and therefore he shows the grasp he has on at least one aspect of the American spirit. In lines five and six he uses repition when he writes “In America, America,/ In myself, myself…” Here the speaker shows his need to find America and

  • Courage Under Fire

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    chance to boost American spirit and make the government look empowered. Director Edward Zwick and writer Patrick Shane Duncan snatched onto this notion and expounded on it in their movie Courage Under Fire. Through its superb acting, successful plot, structure, and filming perfection, the movie becomes a powerful and brilliant examination of the consequences of guilt and responsibility, and the meaning of absolute truth. Courage Under Fire was the first Gulf War movie to hit American theaters. It

  • An Annotation of Section 24 of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

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    Song of Myself Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" is a vision of the American spirit, a vision of Whitman himself. It is his cry for democracy, giving each of us a voice through his poetry. Each of us has a voice and desires, and this is Whitman's representation of our voices, the voice of America. America, the great melting pot, was founded for freedom and democracy, and this poem is his way of re-instilling these lost American ideals. In this passage from "Song of Myself" Whitman speaks through

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self Reliance

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    Emerson's "Self Reliance" Ralph Waldo Emerson believes he writes quite the persuading argument in 'Self-Reliance.' Wielding his pen as if it were Excalibur, he vies to stimulate and challenge the down-trodden mind in his classic work on the American Spirit. His lines are affecting, romantic, and hypnotic, especially at the first reading; his thoughts on the page beget inspiration for the reader. 'Self-Reliance' has its value in its boldness, its construction, and mature attitudes toward consistency

  • The Political Structure of More’s Utopia

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    that a word meaning nowhere has become a catchall phrase for paradise. More’s work is popular because of its wit, its use of metaphor, and its proposals for the perfect state. The work is claimed by Nicholas Paine Gilman in Socialism and the American Spirit to be: a masterpiece of wit, written by a man who knew the world, and sent forth this book, inspired by Colet and Erasmus, not as a sure prophecy of the form civilization must take in a thousand years or less, but as a quickener of

  • Walt Whitman: The Poet of the American Spirit

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    This quote by George Santayana cited in the Whitman Archive perfectly defines the American poet Walt Whitman. One could say this 19th century craftsman, Walt Whitman, was the perfect poet for this young nation. He constructed a poetry with a less formal structure, utilized language of the common man, celebrated individualism, acknowledged cultural differences, was not bound by the past, was energized by the American move westward and its flourishing democracy, and was moved by the struggles and journeys

  • A Comparison Of American Airlines And Spirit Airlines

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    The objective of this research report is to provide a thorough analysis of Alaska Airlines. In order to do this we chose to compare a similar company against them. The company in comparison is Spirit Airlines. Both companies compete in the same type of business through airline transportation. Many of their services include; security, safety, transportation of passengers as well as luggage, ensuring vehicle safety while in transit, concierge services, providing entertainment aboard plane, checking

  • Comparison Of Ghost And Spirit In Latin American Literature

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    Ghost and Spirit have haunted human existence for decades but nevertheless they have evolved into different types of entities throughout time in Latin American literature. These entities have gone from scary apparitions to messengers that help understand socio-culture realities. In this course, Latin American Fiction: Ghost, Spirits, and Traumatic Hauntings we were provided with numerous of reading and films so far. I will be focusing on two sources that have similarity but yet are different in their

  • Ghosts of a Different Generation in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrio

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    lived there for many years before making the journey to America to join her husband. She was raised with traditional Chinese culture, and that included ghosts. In old China, ghosts are considered spirits of the dead. Brave Orchid was brought up with this notion and reacted to ghosts as if they were spirits. While Brave Orchid was in China without her husband, she went to To Keung School of Midwifery. One night while she went into the haunted room to stay the night to prove it did not contain a ghost

  • The Importance Of Amulet

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    The artifact was brought at the Michael’s Craft store at Harrisburg, PA. The artifact was an amulet that is use for granting wishes, dreams, and desires as well as ward off evil spirits. People in American society believes that the artifact has the power to protect its owner from danger or harm. The artifact also has the power to bring good luck to the user, as it is an object with magical properties. It provide feelings of comfort and protection. It is made in the early 2010’s by latest technology

  • Human Creativity and Spirit

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    Human Creativity and Spirit ABSTRACT: Values provide evidence of spirit in human life. Spirit is a creative mental force for realizing values, a force which shows signs of a superindividual growth and decline, a life of its own. This paper documents the historic rise and decline of several waves of human creativity. I also consider possible factors that would account for the rise and fall: the presence of new material, social encouragement and/or patronage, temperamental egotism on the part

  • My Antonia Essay: The Spirit of Antonia

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    The Spirit of Antonia in My Antonia The life of Antonia Shimerdas, the main character in Willa Cather's My Antonia, could easily be judged a failure. Perhaps measures of wealth, career, beauty and love fall short when held next to Antonia. If one could categorize life by that unnamable light or spirit which Antonia never loses, she would surpass all who belittle her achievements in other areas. Where the spirit comes from, no one can say. “Perhaps an ethereal or god-like being takes residence

  • Mothers and the Chinese Spirit in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club

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    Mothers and the Chinese Spirit in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club The Joy Luck Club is the telling of a tale of struggle by four mothers and their four daughters trying to understand the issue of gender identity, how they each discover or lose their sense of self and what they mean to one another. Throughout the book each of the mothers works hard at teaching their daughters the virtues of Chinese wisdom while allowing the opportunities of American life. They try passing on a piece of themselves

  • Pythia Peay's Soul Searching

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    Pythia Peay's Soul Searching Most people are identified by where they are from and what type of background they are accustomed to. In the short story, “Soul Searching,” by Pythia Peay, the topic discussed relates to the city a person lives in and how it eventually becomes a part of their soul. Many rhetorical appeals are displayed throughout the article, and these methods are successful in expressing to the reader how much a city can become a part of an individual. Peay decides to use her

  • Conflict between Good and Evil in Bradstreet’s The Flesh and the Spirit

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    Conflict between Good and Evil in Bradstreet’s The Flesh and the Spirit A colonial Puritan minister, Thomas Shepard, nicely summarized the paradox of the Puritan religion when he noted that “The greatest part of Christian grace lies in mourning the want of it.”  Shepard suggests, in this passage, that good Christians should spend their days, indeed their entire lives, exploring and proclaiming their own depravity and sinfulness, their “want” of Christian grace.  Paradoxically, only this kind

  • Walt Whitman Song Of Myself Essay

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    Whitman’s Life Spirit in “Song of Myself” I. Introduction American Poet, essayist, journalist and humanist Walt Whitman (1819—1892) lived in a period of transition between transcendentalism and realism, incorporating both views in his works. His poetic writing combines lyric verse and prose fiction thus created a new form of literature on which modern poetry thrives—free verse. His masterpiece Leaves of Grass is a collection of poems that are loosely connected, and each represents Whitman’s celebration

  • The Significance Of Ghosts In Maxine Kingston's Woman Warrior

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    has been know to hold countless other meanings throughout history. In Maxine Kingston’s memoir, Woman Warrior, ghosts are a reoccurring theme and are represented in many different ways, both through the living and the dead. To Kingston, disembodied spirits, forgotten lovers, outcasts, deceased family members, and even things she merely does not understand are some of the many things that have earned the name “ghost.” “ The word “ghost” itself is mentioned time and time again, throughout Woman Warrior

  • Kachina/Katsina Doll

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    We believe they (Kachina Dolls) are personifications of the katsina spirits, originally created by the katsinam in their physical embodiment. ..." - Alph H. Secakuku To understand the meaning of the kachina dolls, it is necessary to understand Hopi culture, because one does not exist without the other. It has been found that the Hopi's main ancestors were the Anasazi, a group of people who at about the time of Christ came to depend on agriculture. They represent various beings, from animals to clouds