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  • The Life of an American Teenager

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    The American teenager is particularly different from any other teenager around the world. The American teenager experiences many particular experiences that change the lives ultimately that will affect the rest of his life. The American teenager is continually negatively bombarded by the social media, the internet, and is controlled to some extent by technology. At this point in life teenagers in America go through negative aspects as well as positives things in life. To be a teenager is a very complicated

  • The American Way of Life

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    Freedom campaign, “American enterprise is not free; the man with only a little capital is finding it harder and harder to get into the field, more and more impossible to compete with the big fellow. Why? Because the laws of this country do not prevent the strong from crushing the weak.” America is often considered as the “best country” in the world, but behind this façade, many people struggle daily to earn enough money to survive. These intriguing ideas are shown in the “great American novel,” The Grapes

  • Religion In American Life

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    Religion In American Life Religion used to be a very important component in an American's life. Protestantism was as American as Mom and apple pie. Families would don their "Sunday best" and go to church early on Sunday mornings. However, this situation has changed quite a bit. After reviewing the 1994 statistics I gathered from the Micase system and comparing them to the statistics received in class, I discovered a trend away from traditional religious beliefs and practices, and one toward

  • Life in the American Revolution

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    together. (B Arnold) When the Revolutionary War was just beginning to break out, Benedict Arnold became a prosperous ship owner, merchant, and trader. (Lake Champlain) Within days, Arnold became very interested in the war once again and joined the American Army. All of the battles Arnold commanded over showed immense courage and bravery, but he was soon known as America’s greatest traitor due to his betrayal of the American’s. As the Revolutionary War broke out, Benedict Arnold decided to volunteer

  • Hinduism in American Life

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    in American Life The English word religion loosely translates into “rules” in Latin. Therefore, a religion teaches us how to think, how to act, and basically everything except what to eat in the morning. The Hindu and Christian religion agree on many things and our society follows some of the rules too because religion and laws are based on humanity. From holy literature many different ideas have been pawned but they are all supposed to lead you to the same things: a happy, healthy life, contribution

  • Misconceptions of African American life

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    Misconceptions of African American life “When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his "proper place" and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.” This quote, spoken true by a prominent African American scholar of the 20th century

  • Living Life in American Samoa

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    Living Life in American Samoa There are many different people living in this world with different culture diversity, and ways of making a living. American Samoans are one of these countries with different cultures and different ways of living. Living life in American Samoa is more unique from other countries. First of all, living life in American Samoa is easier then any other countries as far as I know. In American Samoa we get food free because the Samoans mainly live off the land. There

  • Impact Of Jazz On American Life

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    Jazz: A Reaction to American Life Jazz, the “purest expression of American democracy; a music built on individualism and compromise, independence and cooperation” has had a great impact on American life since the early 1900s (Burns, 2009). When jazz first emerged on the scene, it immediately made a profound impact on all individuals who experienced it. It didn’t matter who you were. This being said, jazz was especially life changing for the African American population. It opened the door of opportunity

  • This American (Working) Life

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    What is your average workweek? According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development over sixty six percent of women and eighty-eight percent of men in America work over 40 hours each week (4). Yet not everyone receives overtime pay. Executives, teachers, managers and others are not required by law to receive overtime pay (U.S. Cong. Federal Labor). These and other professions are labeled exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. An exempt profession, when put on a salary, is not

  • The American Dream: Life, Liberty and Freedom

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    The basic idea of the American Dream generally has stayed the same throughout time, although the majority of Americans seem to take the Dream for granted. The first settlers arrived to the New World in search of a treasure: life, liberty, and freedom. This treasure was and still is the American Dream. Now people from all over the world come to America in search of the same Dream; some even die trying. People were not as materialistic as people are now; they just wanted happiness. As time passed,