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  • Renewable Energy Sources

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    What if the world ran out of the resources used to make these activities possible? What if heating your house was not a simple task that could be done by pressing a button? This could be the case if we continue to use nonrenewable energy resources. The article, Energy Resources states that the use of these resources "is increasing at an unprecedented rate due to the rapid industrialization of a number of formerly third world countries." At this rate, the oil sand and oil shales will undoubtedly be

  • Pros And Cons Of Fossil Fuels

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    imminent factors are the source of energy to sustain humans and the health of the planet. Since the late 1700’s the era of fossil fuels has taken over the planet as the dominating source of energy. However these fossil fuels will not last forever and extensive use of them results in high carbon emissions. Effects of global warming due to fossil fuel use are widespread, but shifting to an alternative energy based society would result in a longer lasting source of reliable energy, and keep the planet habitable

  • Prevention of Acid Rain

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    limestone to act as a buffer against the acid rain (Forests EPA). This essay discusses two ways in which acid rain can either be prevented or controlled. The ways are: catalytic converters and by using renewable energy sources. The method that seems most effective is using renewable energy sources. This method is the most effective, because it is environmentally and socially good. The first prevention for acid rain is using catalytic converters. One of the main elements that are the cause of acid rain

  • The Benefits of the Green Movement

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    them. However, supporting the green movement by recycling, researching alternative energy sources, and mandating eco-friendly laws will lead to a better, greener, country. One fairly simple way that people can immediately contribute to the green movement is by recycling. “Recycling is the process of turning one products useful part or parts into a new product; this is done to conserve on the consumption of resources, energy and space used in landfills.” (Recycling Facts and Benefits) Most household

  • Alternative Energy

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    run out, they will grind to a halt. To prevent this, the United States needs to find an alternative to unstable and polluting energy sources before it’s too late (Rouge). It also needs to advance in technological status in order to stay above advancing third-world countries, and retain its current level of hegemony (Glaser). Space Based Solar Power Satellites, which are satellites that collect the sun’s energy and beam it down to the Earth, solve for all these concerns (Rouge). Thus, the United States

  • The Use of Alternative Energy

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    Our sources of oil or petroleum are running out. Although new oil deposits are being discovered every year, the amount does not equal to levels of our annual consumption. Petroleum also produces carbon dioxide, which contribute to greenhouse warming. In the effort to reduce the need for oil or petroleum as a source of energy many solutions are being discuss such as wind power, solar power, coal and the use biofuels such as ethanol as would be alternative fuel sources. In this paper, the pros and

  • Nuclear Essay

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    “By 2050, one-third of the world’s energy will need to come from solar, wind, and other renewable resources” ( America can no longer rely so heavily on nuclear energy. America needs to harness the energy found within natural, renewable resources. In fact, nuclear energy needs to be phased out completely because of its negative impact on health, the environment, and its overall cost. Nuclear energy has been proven to have negative effects on the health of nearby residents. The radiation

  • Which Is The Best Alternative Energy For Cleaning Up Pollution?

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    Which Is The Best Alternative Energy For Cleaning Up Pollution? Pollution around the word in these few years has become more serious and critical. Different personal and commercial activities like driving, cooking, watching TV, mining, forestry and manufacturing have severely damaged the ecosystem and environment has. There are different types of pollution happening on earth. They include air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution and water pollution etc. Energy production from fossil fuels

  • Persuasive Essay On Use Of Fossil Fuels

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    Do you know what type of fuels your house is using right now? The answer is most likely fossil fuels. About 95.4% of fossil fuels are used for transportation and 66.4% are used for electric energy in the U.S alone. If you do not know what fossil fuels are things such as coal, crude oil (petroleum), and natural gases which are extracted from remains of prehistoric plants and animals. The uses of these fuels are proven to be detrimental to the environment and the human health. We are also quickly

  • Fossil Fuels Essay

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    are running out. With the average amount of time it takes for coal to form being 300 billion years, the earth can only renew them so fast. Fossil fuels, like coal and oil take the earth billions of years to reproduce so an effective alternate energy source must be explored. Fossil fuels or crude oil has been around for a long time and can be refined to form a number of products such as gas, gasoline, kerosene, gas oil or diesel. We are also running out of oil which is also a non-renewable resource