Alcohol Use Essays

  • Reflection on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol

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    people do not realize that alcohol is a drug that claims the lives of youth in college campuses across the world. In my case, it took the encounter with the ORL staff at UCLA for me to come to understanding that I am putting myself and those around me in danger through my risky drinking habits. With hours of self-reflection and the help of a cosmopolitan article called The Deadly Drinking Mistakes Smart Girls Make, I have found that there are several risks associated with alcohol that can put me at a quarrel

  • The Use of Alcohol in Society

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    Throughout history, society has engaged in taking substances such as alcohol, that alter our physical being or our psychological state of mind. There are many experiences and pressures that force people to feel like they have to drink in order to cope with life, but for many alcohol is a part of everyday life, just like any other beverage. Alcohol is introduced to us in many ways, through our family, television, movies, and friends’. These “sociocultural variants are at least as important as physiological

  • Consequences of Teen Alcohol Use

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    drinks heavily, and this influences teens. Most Americans use alcohol to celebrate wedding anniversaries, to welcome the New Year, and to enjoy many other special events. Alcohol is a legal drug for people over the age of twenty-one. By the time most teens reach senior high school, nearly all will have faced a choice about whether or not to take a drink. Although this drug is illegal for teenage use a large percentage of teens use alcohol. Many teens die in automobile accidents, which could have

  • Consequences of Underage Alcohol Use

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    Underage Alcohol Use Alcohol is the most widely used drug among youth. It causes serious and potentially life-threatening problems for this population. Research indicates that drinking is associated with risk-taking and sensation-seeking behavior among adolescents. Alcohol has disinhibiting effects that may increase the likelihood of unsafe activities.In 1997, 21 percent of the young drivers 15 to 20 years old who were killed in crashes were intoxicated. For young drivers, alcohol involvement

  • Glorification of Alcohol Use in the Media

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    of 20,000 commercials, with 2000 of them promoting alcoholic beverages. While many view them as harmless, logic would contend that these advertisements play an important role in influencing the attitudes and ideals that society’s youths relate to alcohol consumption. Many aspects of modern media deliver promises that once one engages in “drinking,” the will merge with a high society way of life where popularity, desirability and ultimately happiness are easily attained. While peers and families, environment

  • How Does Hemingway Use Alcohol In The Theme Of Alcohol

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    Jake Barnes drinks a significant amount over the course of the novel. At points he drinks to simply feel drunk and not to enhance his experience. The modernist uses alcohol to leave the pain behind, to dull the body in attempts to free themselves mentally. Jake is literally a man who drinks to get drunk, “I was a little drunk. Not drunk in any positive sense but just enough to be careless” (Hemingway, 29). Jake is mirroring his sense of lethargic emotions with his torpid body. He wallows within

  • The Effects Of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

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    These factors may include what a woman ingests and exposes her embryo or fetus to. Sadly, alcohol use during pregnancy is an ongoing problem that can have detrimental affects on the fetus, including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Choosing to drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy is a choice, a risky choice. Unfortunately some women don’t even know they are making a risky choice by consuming alcohol because it is in the early stages of pregnancy. It is common for a female to not find out they

  • The Risks Associated With Alcohol Use and Alcoholism

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    Alcoholism Today Alcohol consumption is prevalent in our society; people drink while at parties, sporting events, and at dinner. Drinking is socially acceptable and legal, so there is no surprised that many drink. However, individuals can be deemed deviant if they exceed a certain level of drinking. The deviant receives the label of an alcoholic; to distinguish their behavior is outside the normal values of our society. “Nearly one-third of the US population will meet criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence

  • Drug and Alcohol Use by Student Athletes

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    Drug and Alcohol Use by Student Athletes The topic that I have chosen is student athletes' use of drugs and alcohol. I'm interested to see if the old theory that student athletes tend to stay away from these things still holds true today. From my own personal experience as a former high school and college football player, I doubt that this is true. I'd also like to find some studies that may compare student athletes to the general student body to see if there is a correlation of usage between

  • Sociological Perspectives on Alcohol Use, Problems, and Policy

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    It is unfortunate that many people within our society and worldwide suffers from the affects of alcohol addiction. There are many issues associated with this addiction and many times it’s not only the victim that deals with the addiction but also the people in close association with the individual. Alcohol addiction can afflict anyone and knows no limits of its damage that it can do to a person’s life or the people in their lives. Most importantly are the ones whom seek help for their addiction

  • Chronic Alcohol Use Case Study Essay

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    Chronic Alcohol Use Case Study Response Our case study begins with a story of a young woman, Karen, in high school. She drinks to make herself more outgoing, performing to make more friends. She drank often during that time with friends. Later in life, adulthood revolved around drinking with her husband and friends. Alcohol continued to be a personality enhancement making it easier to party with friends and even clients or customers. It was not uncommon to drink on the job since her drinking

  • Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT)

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    that might qualify her as having alcohol use disorder (AUD), such as severe drinking over long period of time, strong desire to use alcohol, and a negative attitude of life (Dvorak, Pearson, & Day, 2014). The alcohol use disorder identification test (AUDIT) will allow us to determine if Cecile has alcohol-related disorder. Moreover, AUDIT has been shown to be reliable method of identifying AUD in experiments (Aalto, Alho, Halme, & Seppa, 2011). Nevertheless, the alcohol detoxification treatment plan

  • Use of RBT System to Reduce Car Accidents Due to Alcohol Consumption

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    Random Breath Testing (RBT) is a system used in Australia by state and federal policing agencies to measure the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of drivers. To do so, police officers use an apparatus known as a breathalyser, which are able to determine BAC through breath alcohol concentration. If the blood alcohol content of a driver is over the legal limit, they will experience penalties. The usage of breathalysers has become an efficient and reliable form of testing BAC on the roads, without the

  • The Hopes and Realities of Prohibition

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    eighteenth amendment was a law, which tried to reform and protect the American people against alcohol, as some called, “the devil’s advocate”. The outcome of prohibition was more negative than positive and reeked more havoc than good on the American society. The hopes of the prohibitionist were dreams of a healthier and more successful nation. Their dreams were spun from the idea of shutting out the alcohol industry and enforcing large industries and stressing family values. The eighteenth amendment

  • Alcohol Use and Crime?

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    This assignment will define alcohol and crime and discover whether there is a strong link between the use of alcohol and crime. Findings and statistics will also be used to present the Information. Laws and legislations put in place about the consumption of alcohol will also be presented including the pros and cons of alcohol along with a conclusion of my thoughts and beliefs in relation to the link between alcohol and crime. "Alcohol reduces our ability to think straight," says Professor McMurran

  • Thom Gunn’s Donahue’s Sister

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    the time period the majority of his work is written in. In the twentieth century, particularly since the 1950’s or so, we have witnessed as a society; the arrival of AIDS, an increasing amount of single parent families, an increase in drug and alcohol use among young people, controversy over homosexuality, and an increasing number of instances where we, as a country, have seen that money and power can get anyone off for any crime or wrong-doing.  In “Donahue’s Sister”, Gunn writes from a point of

  • Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Bullying In Our Schools

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    Bullying in Schools Many people feel that some of the major issues that plague our schools are drug/alcohol use or violence, yet no one recognizes the significance of school bullying. For the victims of bullying, they go to school everyday facing harassment, taunting, and humiliation. For all potential educators, it is very important to realize that bullying is a problem, so that they can work to prevent it in the future. Since being at Middle School, I have realized how prevalent

  • Risk Taking, Alcohol and Drug Use

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    “Risk Taking, Alcohol and Drug Use” As if adolescence isn't already a difficult time in many peoples life, the movement into adulthood is also a difficult and confusing time. The onset of stress amongst people can sometimes drive them into experimenting with ways that help reduce the stress; drug use, high alcohol consumption and risk taking being a prime example. In Janet Belsky’s “Experiencing the Lifespan,” after doing some research, she ended up finding out that many young people in High School

  • Police And Alcohol Use: A Descriptive Analysis

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    overlook the misuse of alcohol within policing. Alcoholism and heavy drinking is a huge issue when one talks about the police world today. The article, Police and Alcohol Use: A Descriptive Analysis and Associations with Stress Outcomes written by Violanti et al., does an excellent job conducting a study on alcohol use by police officers. The focus of this study was to look at how demographics, life events and police stress are important factors that can be linked to alcohol use. This article is interesting

  • The Epidemic of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

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    abuse of alcohol, which is commonly referred to as alcoholism. The condition is described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-V, as an alcohol use disorder (AUD), a type of substance abuse disorder, which encompasses both alcohol abuse and dependence. More specifically AUD is defined as, “medical conditions that doctors can diagnose when a patient’s drinking causes distress or harm (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2007).” When the reliance or use of alcohol