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  • Epidemic of Aids

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    AIDS was first discovered in the United States in 1981. Since then, this epidemic has affected approximately 40 million people worldwide. AIDS is a life threatening illness that is caused by the HIV infection. When the HIV virus enters the body it begins to destroy the immune system impairing its ability to fight off certain infections and diseases. About a month after being infected, a person develops a viral infection. The viral infection is similar to the flu and causes fever, fatigue, weight

  • Aids Epidemic

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    HIV/Aids Epidemic HIV/AIDs is a huge epidemic still plaguing society today. The lack of knowledge and technical advances has caused an increasing number of cases. It has made its way around the world since the 1940s, causing countries to join together in the fight against AIDs. With all the campaigning that has been done the numbers of cases continue to rise. Countries have separated the disease into three patterns to make it easier to distinguish the effects that AIDs has on different regions of

  • HIV and AIDS: The Epidemic

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    HIV and AIDS have affected millions of people throughout the world. Since 1981, there have been 25 million deaths due to AIDS involving men, women, and children. Presently there are 40 million people living with HIV and AIDS around the world and two million die each year from AIDS related illnesses. The Center for Disease Control estimates that one-third of the one million Americans living with HIV are not aware that they have it. The earliest known case of HIV was in 1959. It was discovered in a

  • AIDS Epidemic

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    stage called AIDS. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. "It is characterized by signs and symptoms of severe immune deficiency" (Yahoo 1). AIDS has become a major problem facing children today, because so many children have or will die from it. Since a lot of children die from AIDS, it has become ranked seventh among the leading cause of death for the United States within the age range of one to fourteen. In the year 1996 the United States had 7,629 cases of AIDS in children

  • AIDS Epidemic in Africa

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    relatively unscathed by AIDS. Today, however, there is not a single country around the world which has wholly escaped the AIDS epidemic. As the epidemic has matured, some of the developed nations which were hard hit by the epidemic in the 1980s such as the United States have reported a slowing in the rate of new infections and a stabilization among existing cases with lower mortality rates and an extension of post-diagnosis lifespan. However, despite the changing face of the global AIDS pandemic, one factor

  • Aids: Epidemic Of The Century

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    INTRODUCTION There is no doubt that AIDS is indeed the epidemic of the century. Not only are there many supporting facts and data, visiting urban cities and third world countries prove this point. Furthermore, AIDS is not only highly infectious, it is also the first major incurable epidemic throughout this biomedical revolution that mankind is going through. This epidemic might actually be the one that will completely wipeout the third world. Scientists, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies

  • HIV and AIDS Epidemic

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    the HIV and AIDS epidemic has had a devastating influence on Africa, especially in my community of Qumbu. The AIDS epidemic has killed more lives than the sum total of all wars, famines and floods, and the ravages of deadly diseases as Malaria. It is destroying families in my community, overwhelming and depleting health care services. The AIDS epidemic influence in my community is significant ways should developed to reduce its effect. (Abdool Karim and Abdool Karim 2010) 1.2 HIV AND AIDS IN MY COMMUNITY

  • Comparing the AIDS Epidemic and The Plague

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    Comparing the AIDS Epidemic and The Plague The destruction and devastation caused by the 'Black Death' of the Middle Ages was a phenomenon left to wonder at in text books of historical Europe. An unstoppable plague swept the continent taking as much as eighty percent of the European population along with it (Forsyth). Today the world is plagued with a similar deadly disease. The AIDS epidemic continues to be incurable. In an essay written by David Herlihy, entitled 'Bubonic Plague: Historical

  • The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in China

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    HIV/AIDS. Previously, China adopted the position that there was little to no HIV/AIDS in the country, but now officials are admitting that they do in fact have a large population of citizens with HIV/AIDS. It is said to be the leading cause of death compared to any other infectious diseases in China in 2008, with nearly seven thousand in just the first nine months. The British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, states that until 2006 fewer than eight thousand people in China died from HIV/AIDS all

  • AIDS: The Modern Epidemic

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    AIDS: The Modern Epidemic When we speak on the taboo subject of AIDS, many questions arise. First of all where did this wretched disease come from, what is it, who has it, and who can contract it? AIDS has terrorized the world for over 20 years and yet there is still no cure. In its short existence it has become one of the most rapidly spreading diseases in the history of mankind. The question regarding AIDS is, “will there ever be a cure?” Scientists may never be able to answer that question