Admirable Character Essays

  • Antigone Admirable Character

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    Antigone has a personality that is very admirable that she shows throughout the play. Antigone shows a very selfless, daring character who cares about family and tradition. Her determination and desire to do what she feels is right is what makes Antigone such a remarkable character. Antigone shows these admirable characteristics through her actions for her brother, the integrity she preserves when she is found out, and her honorable death. These characteristics make Antigone a highly respectable

  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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    Atticus Finch was a character from a small town called Maycomb in a time that we come to know is shortly following FDR’s first inaugural address. Times are hard in small town America and ethics as well as morals are shaped by the way people interact with one another. Atticus has many admirable character traits; tranquility, honesty, humility, and a strong sense of civic duty. Atticus is asked to defend Tom Robinson, an African-American man accused of raping a Caucasian woman. The penalty for rape

  • The Character of Montresor in The Cask of Amontillado

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    devises a clever plan that will leave Fortunato clueless as to his intensions. Upon a closer look, this character is admirable. Montresor carries out his plan successfully without being caught. He does this by using traits that are commendable at the very least. Montresor is Poe’s most admirable character because he is patient, extremely confident, and very calculated. Montresor is admirable because throughout the story, he is very patient. In the beginning of the story, he tells of how he will

  • John Proctor as Tragic Hero in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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    Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, depicts the story of the Salem witch hunt and the chaos it caused. One of the main characters is John Proctor. Proctor is put through many life-changing decisions. In many cases, a decision he made in one situation led to another problem. John Proctor is the tragic hero of this story. If John Proctor was not such an admirable character, he probably would not have been in the massive mess he was. Proctor made a very humanly mistake in the beginning. In

  • Selfish Edna Pontellier in Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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    This question could be argued from two different perspectives. The social view of The Awakening would accuse Edna Pontellier of being selfish and unjustified in her actions. Yet, in terms of the story's romanticism, Edna was in many ways an admirable character. She liberated herself from her restraints and achieved nearly all that she desired. Chopin could have written this novel to glorify a woman in revolt against conventions of the period. Yet, since the social standpoint is more factual and

  • Ruth is the most admirable character

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    In Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun, the main characters have dreams in their lives. Mama dreamt of moving her family out of the ghetto, into a home with a yard where she could tend a yard and a space for the children to play. Beneatha had a dream to finish her schooling and become doctor who could save her race from ignorance and save them from dying. Walter had a dream of becoming rich like the rich people he drove around. He dreamt of becoming wealthy by owning his businesses and

  • Proctor as an Admirable Character in MIller's The Crucible

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    Proctor as an Admirable Character in MIller's The Crucible During the play, there are many things revealed about the character of John Proctor. It appears, overall, that he is admirable, as the question suggests, but Proctor displays a good deal of qualities and shows signs of weakness and anger. He seems a very passionate man, though occasionally his admirable actions could be misinterpreted as him being stubborn. For example at the end of the play when, Proctor refuses to sign his confession

  • Examples Of Admirable Characters In The Great Gatsby

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    In the book The Great Gatsby there are admirable and despicable characters. For example Gatsby is admirable because everyone knows who he is and everybody looks up to him. They think he is the greatest person in the world and without even knowing who he really is they think he is perfect. Nick admires Gatsby because he is the only one who sticks around. He was the only person who cared for him and stayed by his side even when he lied. "Oh, I've been in several things," he corrected himself. "I was

  • The Most Admirable Character in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge

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    The Most Admirable Character in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge Introduction - Thomas Hardy Thomas HardyHardy was born in Higher Bockhampton, Dorsetshire, June 2, 1840, and educated in local schools and later privately. His father, a stonemason, apprenticed him early to a local architect engaged in restoring old churches. From 1862 to 1867 Hardy worked for an architect in London and later continued to practice architecture, despite ill health, in Dorset. Meanwhile, he was

  • The Canterbury Tales

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    earlier and inserted into The Canterbury Tales" (Norton, 80). One of the great characteristics of this story is the unique diversity of the characters illustrated by the author: "Chaucer's pilgrim narrators represent a wide spectrum of ranks and occupations. the great variety of tales is matched by the diversity of their tellers" (Norton, 79). Characters are well described so that they all together become an illustration of the culture, faith, and self definition that existed during the Middle

  • The Admirable Character In Cyrano De Bergerac By Edmond Rostand

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    is the most admirable character in this play because of all of his acts of kindness and helpfulness and also with his bravery and loyalty to his friends. Sometimes, fate can be unfair, and the greatest person can end up having the worst things, while the worst person can end up receiving the best things. In Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Cyrano is a great man, who is noble and brave, but ends up being very poor and dies sadly. Cyrano has proved the readers that he is a admirable person with

  • Shakespeare's Macbeth is a Tragic Hero

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    Macbeth is a Tragic Hero In many respects Macbeth, of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is the least admirable tragic hero of literature. Typical tragic heroes have at least a few admirable character traits. One may, or may not like the hero, but there is something in their characters or their situation on which one can hang some sympathy, even if there is not enough for us to rationalize away their actions. But Macbeth is a mass murderer, who does away with friends, colleagues, women and children

  • To Kill a Mockingbird - The Powerful Character of Atticus Finch

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    To Kill a Mockingbird - The Powerful Character of Atticus Finch In the beginning epigraph of To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Lee quotes a statement made by Charles Lamb: "Lawyers, I suppose, were children once." As told through the eyes of the rambunctious elementary school child, Scout Finch, we see not only how she and her brother's lives are affected by their community, also how they develop and mature under the watch of their father, lawyer Atticus Finch. As a wise role model to his

  • Extreme Roles of Women in Sports

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    represent real life, do the players always represent real people? Is the quintessential soccer star also the quintessential man? He's controlled, fit, focused and aggressive. He wants to succeed and he wants to do his personal best. These are all admirable qualities. But here is where we run into a problem. In the past, sports were generally dominated by men. Qualities that are usually associated with masculine imagery are still prized in sports. An athlete should be strong, aggressive, dominating

  • Charles Dickens

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    example of this is in Tale of Two Cities. This book shows how most people were poor during the French Revolution. The aristocracy consisted of about 3 percent of the population, and everyone else was poor in the lower class. This book shows the admirable qualities of the poor, and how they managed to squeak out a living despite the horrible conditions that they lived in. Dickens makes the reader feel bad for the lower classes in many books. He introduces many poor children in his books that the reader

  • Epic of Beowulf

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    of the same qualities that Beowulf embodies. His boastfulness, generosity and kindness are evidence that he is a good leader and provides for his people. Although the qualities he posses may not be the best-fit qualities of a common man, they are admirable qualities of a strong leader. Beowulf’s high self-regard acts as a promise to his people. It is a promise saying that he will provide for them and he can keep his country in order and away from harm. Because Beowulf speaks very highly of himself

  • Fear and Redemption in Cry the Beloved Country

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    also learn of white people's fear of native crime in the city. Absalom's girlfriend is afraid that he has deserted her. She gains comfort from Stephen. In his own pain and suffering he has the ability to comfort her, this is one of Stephen's admirable qualities. When Stephen realises that the police are searching for Absalom, he starts trembling and turns cold with fear. Msimangu and his bible comfort him. Msimangu takes him to Ezenzeleni where he is spiritually uplifted. When Absalom is

  • Voltaire's Candide Character Analysis

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    Voltaire's Candide Character Analysis Voltaire's Candide seems to display a world of horror, one filled with floggings, rapes, robberies, unjust executions, disease, natural disasters, betrayals and cannibalism. Pangloss, the philosopher, has a constant optimistic view throughout the entire novel even despite all of the cruelty in the world. While looking back on the book I couldn't think of many characters that displayed admirable qualities. Even though Pangloss stuck to his views that everything

  • Achilles' Heroism in 'The Iliad'

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    accomplishments requiring bravery, skill, determination, and other admirable qualities.” Achilles, in no manner, fits this definition. By contemporary standards, he is instead a pathetic villain. Aside from being a kidnapper, rapist and murderer, Achilles proves to be emotionally weak, selfish, and malicious. Many times throughout the Illiad, Achilles is also referred to as “godlike”. The gods of Greek mythology were subject to the same emotions and character flaws as humans, and though privileged to some foresight

  • How Is The Maze Runner Admirable

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    The Maze Runner: Admirable Character Essay The Maze Runner is a fast-paced book that focuses on a futuristic, dystopian world. It is filled with various personalities, making it fun and interesting to read. There are humorous characters like Chuck, determined ones like Minho, and even fascinating characters like Teresa. The book has many admirable characters, however, the most admirable one is certainly Thomas. A courageous friend, a motivation for others, and an individual with a growth mindset