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  • Value Added Tax

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    Introduction Value added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST), is a consumption tax levied on value added. In contrast to sales tax, VAT is neutral with respect to the number of passages that there are between the producer and the final consumer; where sales tax is levied on total value at each stage, the result is a cascade (downstream taxes levied on upstream taxes). Exports by definition, are consumed abroad and are usually not subject to VAT; VAT charged under such circumstances is

  • The Value Added Tax

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    Introduction The Value Added Tax(VAT) is a kind of consumption tax which mainly imposed on the value added to a product, material or service. The first country to have a value added tax is France in 1954. Since then, over 170 countries adopted the VAT as an important part of their government revenue system. VAT is almost imposed on the valued added of both the business activities and different business stages. That is, VAT links the whole business together, anyone in the business activities cannot

  • Value Added Tax

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    Value Added Tax or VAT as it is called is the most common alternative strategy implemented by many countries to deal with inefficiencies within the tax system. VAT provides an opportunity to modernize the indirect tax system, to make it more efficient, appropriate and simpler. Value added tax (VAT), is a final consumption tax levied on value added or mark up on a good or service, at each and every stage of the production and distribution chain. Value Added is the value that a business adds to its

  • Importance Of Value Added Tax

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    Value Added Tax Final Oliver Wendell rightly said - “I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.” True indeed. With the practice of paying taxes, you not only show yourself as a responsible citizen towards country, but you are contributing some portion of your income towards the betterment of the nation.Government has various policies and to get them operational in the system funds are required. These financial resources are earned in the form of taxes from the residents of the country. Hence

  • A report on Value Added Tax

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    A report on Value Added Tax Introduction Value Added Tax originated in France in 1954 and is under implementation in more than hundred countries. Value Added Tax is perceived by many as means to promote neutrality and uniformity of tax burden and to provide incentives for increased productivity and industrialization. The spread of VAT to the developed and the developing countries alike certainly, makes for an interesting study. Financial Times (London) too stressed the growing importance

  • Politics: The Hidden Puppeteer of Small Businesses

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    “I’m not a businessman I’m a business, man, so let me handle my business damn” Jay-Z. In today’s society, politics tend to control how the world runs, which is corrupting the way Americans live their lives. Many small businesses fall into politicians’ hands, resulting in a practically government ran business. As politics continue to dominate the human population, corrupting many small businesses economic status, a result in a decline of their overall net pay is guaranteed. This is not fair for the

  • VAT in Jamaica

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    In Jamaica value-added tax takes two different forms; these are General Consumption Tax (GCT) and Special Consumption Tax (SCT) which consist of specific excise tax in the country in relation to the financial sector. The implementation of these tax systems occurred on October 22nd 1991 at a rate of 10%; replacing eight (8) different forms of taxation in the country, some of which are customs and entertainment duties. These value-added tax systems were implemented to reverse the deficit of the country

  • Smokers' Litter

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    A STAGGERING 67 per cent of all street litter is smoker-generated, whether in the form of butts, packets or wrapping, according to Limerick County Council. And environmental education officer, Pauline McDonagh added that "it can take up to five years for a cigarette butt to disintegrate”. She also stressed that there is visible evidence that the smoking ban has increased litter in Limerick. To counteract this, the County Council is urging smokers to start using the portable ashtrays which are available

  • New Sports Stadiums and Taxpayer Abuse

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    1994 tiles fell from the ceiling and the cost to fix was 70 million, which was done. It is possible that one could argue that Seattle was in need of a new stadium. To build a stadium and have an estimated price is one thing, but having tons of extras added on that are going to have the cost overrun by 100 million dollars is a little ridiculous. Many other cities are also either building new stadiums or contemplating it, 46 major league stadiums and arenas have been built or renovated for teams

  • The Struggle of Women in Maquiladoras

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    operate under a maquiladora program and will be issued a permit. Once the maquiladora is operating, the company will transport goods for repair or assembly to Mexico duty-free. Once assembled, the products are exported back to the U.S. with a tax added to the value (Martinez). Some of the companies with maquiladora status include Hyindai, Sony, General Electric, Ford, Zenith, Sara Lee and Wal-Mart (Kourous). There are many advantages of the maquiladoras, which creates incentive for more companies

  • Immigration

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    administer all immigration laws (except the Chinese Exclusion Act). This Immigration Act also added to the inadmissible classes. The people in these classes were inadmissible to enter into the United States. The people in these classes were, those suffering from a contagious disease, and persons convicted of certain crimes. The Immigration Act of March 3, 1903 and The Immigration Act of February 20, 1907 added further categories to the inadmissible list. Immigrants were screened for their political beliefs

  • Imperfect Faith in The Merchant of Venice

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    character's nature as the teachings of his religion. After a preliminary glance at the play, one would assume that Shakespeare wrote unjustly of the two religions depicted therein. However, Shakespeare had to write the play to please his audience, so he added a twist. By making characters not wholly perfect in their faith, in compliance with reality, Shakespeare was able to add the insults and bigotry and anti-Semitic feelings that would please the crowd, were true to society, and yet did not change

  • The Alamo

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    simply pleasing the box office. They should instead show viewers what really happened, the truth from both sides. The filmmakers must examine the facts as historians. They must not accept anything at its face value, nothing can be left out or added. As historians they must take no side and show no bias. Historical evidence such as newspapers, paintings, oral account, letters, journals, and legal documents concerning Texas, Mexico, and the Alamo will prove to be priceless. In such material

  • Herman Melville: A Biography And Analysis

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    was not recognized until nearly a generation after his death. Born in the city of New York on August 1, 1819, Melville was the third child and second son of Allan Melvill(it wasn't until Allan's death in 1832 that the “e” at the end of Melville was added, in order to make a more obvious connection with the Scottish Melville clan), a wholesale merchant and importer then living in comfortable economic circumstances, and of Maria Gansevoort Melvill, only daughter of “the richest man in Albany,” the respected

  • Greed

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    neighborhoods in America used to be cohesive,” political scientist Bruce Frohnen pronounced in the May 1999 issue of Family Policy. “They did not seek openness to all ways of life. Nor did they seek economic betterment as the sole proper goal,” he added. “Faith and tradition were ruling forces in the lives of Americans, bidding them care for their families and neighbors and their souls, as much as their pocketbooks.” But as the material girls and boys grew, so did the need for greed. In a recent study

  • Great Gatsby

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    sturdy, supercilious, enormous, and aggressive, to name a few. Tom’s physical body is described as “cruel'; and this describes more than just his body, but his demeanor as well. His voice, “…a gruff husky tenor…'; (11), added to his rough image. Every one of his actions is completed with unnecessary force. Tom has the tendency to manhandle Nick, manipulating nearly all of his movements. “…wedging his tense arm imperatively under mine, Tom Buchanan compelled

  • Strategic Importance of Knowledge Management

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    reflection''. The terms ‘‘knowledge’’ and ‘‘information’’ are often used inter-changeably in the literature and praxis but a distinction is helpful. The chain of knowledge flow is data-information-knowledge. Information is data to which meaning has been added by being categorized, classified, corrected, and condensed. Information and experience, key components of definitions of knowledge, are put into categories through the process of labeling with abstract symbols. This allows the process of synthesis

  • Sensitive Groups And Social Issues

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    will suffer. Relationship marketing is a part of the marketing concept and strongly applies to this article. A company wants to build trust with its customers in order to build customer loyalty and a long-term bond. This gives the customer a value-added feature of doing business with a particular company. In marketing orientated companies, the customer's needs have to be targeted and different social classes or issues need to be taken into account. If a company does not take different sensitive and

  • ralph

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    this creature is an angel is never really stated in the story. From what I gathered from the text I am not sure myself. The part that makes this so hard to believe that this is an angel is that it has no real reason to be there. The only information added in to the story that comes even close to being a viable reason for this to be an “angel” is that the child of Pelayo is sick and so they think that he is there to take the child from them. When the three had come to the conclusion that he was an angel

  • JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case

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    in father aided in the coverup of the crime. This was the only theory that could make sense to me when considering all the suspects, especially John and Patsy Ramsey. It was obvious to me that they were involved but the only way that things truly added up were if Burke did the actual killing. First of all, it is easy to see a motive with Burke. At the time of his sister’s death he was a couple of weeks away from his birthday. Burke was quiet and his sister JonBenet was outgoing. She seemed to have