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  • Abortion Pill

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    Abortion Pill 1.Problem Statement Approval of the abortion pill RU-486, also recognized as mifepristone, has put abortion back into the spotlight. This has stirred up controversial issues of reproductive rights in America, and a growing concern for the potential impact of RU-486 on the well being of our society's morals and values. 2.Facts and Analysis A Brief History Mifepristone, formerly known as RU-486, provides women with a medical alternative to surgical abortion. Mifepristone

  • Abortion Pill

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    Abortion Pill The subject of abortion has created some of the most controversial, social, and moral debates in United States history. On Jan. 22, 1973, in the case Roe Vs. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that it was a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion during the first trimester of the pregnancy (The Ruling). Still other interest groups argue that human life begins at conception and having an abortion is murder to an unborn child. These opposing viewpoints create a delicate political

  • The Controversy of the Abortion Pill

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    The Controversy of the Abortion Pill There have always been strong disagreements as to whether abortion should be legal or not. A new medical breakthrough, the abortion pill, will only make these arguments stronger. Whether you are a pro-choice person or a pro-life person, there are still benefits to this recent discovery. The hardest part of a woman having an abortion is going to the clinic. First, it is very embarrassing to have to deal with doctors on such a personal topic. A woman has

  • RU-486: The Abortion Pill

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    RU-486: The Abortion Pill Introduction Waiting eagerly for a decision from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), pro-choice and pro-life activists rallied to voice their opinions on the drug mifepristone, also known as RU-486. However, the battle has just begun because RU-486, otherwise known as the abortion pill, was just approved for use in the United States on September 28, 2000. This controversial drug, first used in France, has been sparking debates in the U.S. ever since it was discovered

  • Mifeprestone RU-486: The Abortion Pill

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    “One woman dies every 7 minutes around the world due to an unsafe illegal abortion” (Abortion Statistics). Laws against abortion do not stop abortion; they just make them less safe. “For over 15 years, medical evidence has indicated that mifepristone is as safe or safer than commonly used medications” (Mifepristone Safety Overview). Mifepristone, also known as “RU-486” or the “abortion pill” is a prescription drug that is used to end a pregnancy that is less than seven weeks along. Mifepristone

  • The RU-486 Pill

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    The RU-486 Pill In today's world, the subject of abortion is a very controversial issue. Some people are totally decided on pro-life or pro-choice, but most are somewhere in between and have mixed feelings. Abortion has been a very important issue since the early 1980's when the topic started to gain popularity. Since then, horrible things have happened to put abortions in the hot seat. There have been bombings on clinics, murders of abortion doctors, and protests that have turned violent

  • Should the Morning-After Pill be Available Over-the-Counter?

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    Should the Morning-After Pill be Available Over-the-Counter? Last Tuesday, advisors to the Food and Drug administration voted to make the "morning-after" pill available over-the-counter (1). The FDA has not yet acted on this recommendation (1). The morning-after pill is the vernacular term for emergency contraception, specifically, two pills with the commercial name, "Plan B", which have the ability to inhibit and, depending on one's perspective, possibly to terminate unwanted pregnancies. The

  • The Use of RU-486

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    been able to use mifepristone, known there as RU-486, as a pharmaceutical alternative to surgical abortion during early pregnancy. Availability to women of the so-called abortion pill in the United States has been delayed, though, by the tense political climate of the abortion debate. On Thursday, the federal Food and Drug Administration approved mifepristone for sale in the United States. The pill, to be marketed under the name Mifeprex, will be available only through physicians. It should be available

  • Abortion Vs Medical Abortion

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    Abortion is the process of ending a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a child. It can also be referred to as ‘termination of pregnancy’. There are two types of abortion that can be performed, medical and surgical. The medical abortion is the abortion pill. Some women feel that a medical abortion is a more natural process (Charity, 2015). The abortion pill can be used up to 10 weeks. The second type of abortion, surgical abortion, is a quick and minor procedure. This type of surgical

  • Pro-Life And Pro Choice: The Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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    Abortion is a hot topic and a significant topic for many people Countless amount of people feel aborting or killing an unwanted child should be against the law. Many do not know what abortion is, why people choose to get abortions, the different between pro-life and pro-choice, and the laws in place of abortion. The decision to have an abortion is a personal choice and responsibility of the woman. Here are several definitions of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice to help to better understand the difference