1971 Essays

  • Why Elementary Schools should have recess

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    If children were asked what their favorite part of the school day is, the majority would answer: recess. Why is this? Is it because recess helps them let off steam, or perhaps to help them settle disputes with other kids. Even though kids love it, elementary schools are starting to remove recess from the daily schedule. School boards believe recess has no value, besides giving youngsters a break. However, scientists have discovered recess helps kids focus better in class, as well as, preventing obesity

  • overpopulation in rwanda

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    Hunger, thirst, no shelter, and fresh air are all things you need in order to survive yet so many countries around the world are struggling from not having these resources, including Rwanda. The country of Rwanda is suffering from overpopulation. There is such a huge population and since two thousand twelve approximately fifty one percent of that population are women which can only cause the amount of people in Rwanda to grow more (Population; Female (% of Total) in Rwanda). This is the greatest

  • Gateway Vs Dell

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    Gateway was founded in 1985 in an Iowa farmhouse and has grown into one of America's best-known brands. Gateway is the third-largest PC Company in the U.S. Gateway started out in 1991 when it introduced its distinctive cow-spotted boxes. In December 1993, it became part of the Fortune 500 and started to trade NASDAQ, a t$15.00 per share, prior to moving to the New York Stock Exchange in 1997. In March 2004, the company acquired eMachines, a PC maker, for $235 million. This took Gateway from a

  • The Controversy Over New Airport Security Measures

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    The country’s recently heightened airport security measures have become a source of controversy and debate across the Nation. Due to a recent attempted act of terrorism, where a man on an international flight to Detroit attempted to blow up the plane using a bomb, the department of homeland security has taken new measures to ensure national security in the form of new high- tech full-body scans and pat down procedures in airports. The new body scanning machines create images

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto and Julian Opie

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    Hiroshi Sugimoto is a Japanese photographer born in Tokyo in 1948. Upon graduating from Saint Paul’s University in Tokyo with a degree in Sociology and Politics and moved to Los Angeles in 1970 and attended the Art Centre College of Design. He moved to New York in 1974 after receiving his Bachelors degree and now lives in Tokyo and in New York. He divides his work into photographic series, each representing a certain theme. He is most famous for his seascapes, movie theaters, natural history

  • Exemplification Essay: The Murder Of Scott Peterson

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    Scott Peterson has been waiting to die for over a decade. He was convicted of murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son, Conner. The case unfolded at the end of 2002 with what everyone believed was a missing person case. Unfortunately, a fetus was discovered in April of 2003 washed up on the shore and just the next day, Laci's dismembered body was also found near where the fetus had been found. It appeared to be a slam dunk case, and much of America believed Scott Peterson murdered

  • General Electric's Corporate Social Responsability

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    I chose to look into General Electric for this project because they are an energy supplier and multi-national company. Energy providers have a reputation as a money hungry companies that care about the bottom line more than people and the planet. It is easy for a person to assume that a corporation of GE’s size, money would be its only concern. What I learned was that GE has a public image problem more than a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) problem. The company has been working to make

  • Walkabout (Film 1971)

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    Walkabout (Film 1971) By no fault of their own, the two children are stranded in the Australian outback. Without enough food or water, they have to find their way back without any help. When they run into the aboriginal boy, the children were almost at the "end of the line". In order to survive, they are forced to work and live by the lifestyle of the aboriginal boy, who is (to quote the quote) "a spectrum opposite, who they are forced to coexist with) 2) The landscape portrayed

  • Harold Pinter's 1971 Old Times

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    According to theatre reviewer Rachel Halliburton, “Pinter has turned the game of reinventing the past into a psychological game of Russian roulette” (1). She is, of course, speaking of Harold Pinter’s 1971 Old Times. Throughout Old Times Pinter slowly develops the hazy story of a married couple, Deeley and Kate, and Kate’s odd friend Anna through strong pauses and incoherent stories of the past. These tales show that whether stories of the past are fact or fiction they can still be a powerful factor

  • Differences Between 'Macbeth And 1971 Polanski's'

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    course of years. Some of these films include the 1971 Roman Polanski version and even the newest version in 2015 directed by Justin Kurzel. When one reads the play and then watches the movie version, there will be many differences between them. These differences include the change of the characters, the plot, and the theme. The change in characters is a main aspect to the people who compare both the orginal play and the movie versions. In the 1971 Polanski version, Ross is portrayed as having a part

  • The Symlar San Fernando Valley Earthquake of 1971

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    Earthquakes are best described as a shaking or vibration of the ground caused by breaking of rock. Sometimes they are very strong and other times you would hardly notice them. This shaking occurs when stress that builds up in the crust is suddenly released as the crust breaks free and/or slides against the other pieces of crust. Earthquakes may also be thought of as the breaking of a popsicle stick by applying pressure to both ends at the same time. Should you try this experiment , you will feel

  • The 1971 San Fernando Quake: The Sylmar Earthquake

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    Also known as the Sylmar earthquake, the 1971 San Fernando quake struck at 6am on the 9th of February with a force of 6.5 on the Richter scale.Damage was most severe in the northern San Fernando Valley. Surface faulting was extensive in the mountains, south of the epicentre as well as in urban areas along city streets and neighbourhoods and uplift also affected private homes and businesses. But the most devastating damage as far as loss of lives is concerned took place at The Veterans hospital which

  • Theme Of Rocket To The Moon In 1971 By Romare Bearden

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    justice, and the furtherment of African Americans rights, such as voting. Romare Bearden was an African American artist during this time who depicted his culture through his art, especially in symbols. Such symbols in his artwork, Rocket to the Moon in 1971, convey the theme of no escape. The theme is revealed through the broken clock tower. This symbol represents how time is broken, and rather than advancing

  • Attica State Prison Uprising September 13, 1971

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    Attica State Prison Uprising September 13, 1971 George Jackson the most famous political prisoner in the 70's and leader of the Black Panther Party was incarcerated at San Quentin Prison in California. He was killed by the State on August 21, 1971. Because of this Attica inmates organized a hunger strike and wore black arm bands. George Jackson's revolutionary writings in his book he had written "Soledad Brother'; was passed from inmate to inmate inside Attica State Prison, which had an enormous

  • Glasgow 5 March 1971 by Edwin Morgan

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    Glasgow 5 March 1971 by Edwin Morgan ‘Glasgow 5 March 1971’ is a poem by Edwin Morgan which creates a picture of a corrupt figure, but in a way the corrupt figure can be seen as a hero if we look at the poem in the corrupt figures point of view, but generally no one would classify the corrupt figures of being heroes. The poem ‘Glasgow 5 March 1971’ is an instamatic poem, where the poet approaches to give an insight into the violent reality of the inner city life. From the title we see

  • Stanford Prison Experiment Of 1971 Zimbardo Summary

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    I find the Stanford Prison Experiment of 1971 by Philip Zimbardo a very interesting and important experiment. Though, the purpose of this experiment according to Zimabardo was to see the impact of becoming a prison guard or prisoner, I would take this experiment as the difference between a prisoner and prison guard. In other words, this experiments plays a significant role in showing the behavior or reaction of both prisoner and prison guard under certain circumstances. Nevertheless, it was an experiment

  • The 1971 Multicultural Policy: Symbols Of Canadian Identity

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    The 1971 Multicultural Policy, the by-product of recommendations seen in Book IV of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism report, gave Canadian society a new image. The policy set out to assist cultural groups to retain and foster their own identity, overcome barriers to participation in society, promote creative exchanges among Canadian cultural groups, and assist immigrants in acquiring at least one of the official languages. The Environics Institute for Survey Research conducted

  • Voice and Vision in 'Glasgow 5 March 1971' and 'Assisi

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    will make reference to are `Assisi' by Norman MacCaig, and `Glasgow 5 March 1971' by Edwin Morgan. By comparing the poet's style and tone in these poems it can be seen that both writers have a similar `vision.' Both Morgan and MacCaig use similar stylistic techniques in their poems. This can be seen immediately in the opening lines of each poem, as both poets use sharp, dramatic imagery. Morgan's `Glasgow 5 March 1971' opens with the lines: With a ragged diamond of shattered plate-glass

  • “Amar Sonar Bangla” The Violation of Human Rights by Pakistan that Led to the Independence of Bangladesh

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    Welcome to the Documentary on Bangladesh independence. The independence of Bangladesh was established after victory in the Bangladesh Liberation War. The Bangladesh Liberation War had started on March 26, 1971 but the seed of Bangladesh’s independence was planted many years before in 1947, when the British Empire left the Indian sub-continent. Indian sub-continent was a British colony for close to two hundred years. After the Second World War faced with intense independence movement in India led

  • Historical Events In Life Of Pi

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    English 10 Period.1 5/25/14 A lot of historical events happened in 1970’s. Some of these events where put to use in the Life of Pi by Yann Martel and I think inspired by some certain events. One main event that happened was the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, another event that took place was the government corruption and leaders such as Indira Gandhi. She was one of the most influential prime ministers of India. Religion is a huge part of this book as we see pi tries out so many religions that it’s a