Today’s Global Culinary Scenes Essay

Today’s Global Culinary Scenes Essay

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I love to eat all kinds of food from all over the world from bold, flavorful Asian and Caribbean cuisine to complex and technical French cuisine, etc. But sometimes nothing compares to eating simple food with minimal fresh ingredients and preparation. Today’s global culinary scenes are dominated mostly by Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Tex-Mex and even French cuisine, which I think is too pricey and overrated. One type of cuisine which I think is delicious, exquisite, tasty, etc. And underrated is Greek cuisine. From soups, hearty stews, and simple side dishes, traditional Greek cuisine combines the freshest ingredients from land and sea to create a healthy and highly appetizing cuisine. The typical Greek diet is based around a variety of flavorful and colorful foods that are high in nutrients and low in animal fats.
The Greeks like most culture usually eat three meals a day. A typical Greek breakfast consists of a strong Turkish coffee (Strong black coffee is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages.) with goat’s milk and a piece of bread including pita bread and crusty whole grain peasant bread. They use wheat in a variety of breads mainly because wheat has been cultivated in Greece for thousands of years and it's a staple part of Greek cuisine. Greeks don’t eat a large breakfast typically. Lunch it is usually eaten around noon and it is a light meal like breakfast. They eat dinner much later at night and this is their largest meal of the day. The most common meats the Greeks eat are lamb and chicken, also game birds such as quail and Guinea fowl. Meat doesn't play a big role in traditional Greek cuisine. Greeks usually cook meats like goat and sheep on special occasions such as festivals or used in small amounts to enhan...

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...en chilled. Wine is consumed regularly in Greece but in moderation and it’s mainly with food. Ouzo (an aniseed flavored spirit) and beer are also popular alcoholic beverages. Greek food has a lot of influences and comes from many sources such as areas in the ancient city-states of Athens, Corinth and Sparta. Their individual styles of cooking helped shape Greek cooking into what it is today.
In conclusion, Greek food is heavily influenced by the nice and warm climate of the Mediterranean, and the other countries that surround it. Greek cuisine is very healthy, and diet rich in seafood and lean meats, which I love. And olive oil is a major part of the Greeks daily diet which is much healthier than most oils and animal fats. I use it a lot when I cook at home. Greek cuisine is fabulous and its freshness, simplicity and deliciousness define their food in my book.

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