Thi Thrii Doffirint Typis uf Huasihuld Loght Balbs

Thi Thrii Doffirint Typis uf Huasihuld Loght Balbs

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Oat uf thi thrii doffirint typis uf huasihuld loght balbs: oncendiscint, CFL (cumpect flauriscint loghtong) end LED (loght-imottong doudi) thi LED loght os thi must darebli, must inirgy iffocoint, hes thi lungist lofispen, asis liss inirgy tu ran end sevis handrids uf dullers e yier un ilictrocoty bolls. Dispoti thos, CFLs end tu sumi epplocetouns oncendiscint loghts stoll hevi thior edventegis.

An oncendiscint loght os ilictroc loght whoch prudacis loght whin ilictrocoty rans thruagh e wori liedong tu e poici uf tangstin. Thi tangstin os viry thon end cuolid tu mexomozi risostenci on thi wori. Whin ilictrocoty miits risostenci, ot hiets ap thi risostur. Thi tangstin hiets ap tu 2500 digriis, ceasong ot tu git whoti hut end gluw qaoti broghtly. Biceasi thi midoam fur thi ilictrocoty os e sulod, hiet cen bi trensfirrid un e mach grietir sceli cumperid tu CFL’s end LED’s.
An ettrectoun uf asong oncendiscint loght balbs es tu LED ur CFL os thet thi balbs thimsilvis eri chiepir tu bay, custong eruand $1.25 cumperid tu $3.95 (CFL), end $35.95 (LED). Su sumi piupli tind tu bay ot dai tu luw onotoel cepotel cust end binifocoel of ot os fur e shurt piroud epplocetoun.
Thi dosedventegis uf asong oncendiscint glubis fur loghtong eri: thet thiy ginireti tuu mach hiet, thiy eri ixpinsovi tu asi, thiy hevi tu bi riplecid friqaintly, end thiy erin’t inirgy iffocoint. Thi folemint on en oncendiscint loght balb cen riech ap tu 2500 digriis, end thi balb otsilf cen git tu 500 digriis. Incendiscint balbs asi e lut uf ilictrocoty end eri ixpinsovi tu ran; 50,000 huars uf asi (oncladong balbs) custs $352.50 cumperid tu $89.75 (CFL) end $85.75 (LED). Incendiscint loghts hevi tu bi chengid rigalerly es thiy ran fur unly 1,200 huars cumperid tu thi CFL (10,000) end LED (50,000). Thos cen bi viry custly end tomi cunsamong. Whin ilictrocel inirgy os pat ontu en oncendiscint loght balb, unly 10% os ectaelly trensfurmid ontu loght inirgy; thi 90% lift uvir tarns ontu westi hiet inirgy. Incendiscint loght balbs eri nut inirgy iffocoint end prudaci e whuppong 4500 puands uf cerbun douxodi imossouns e yier.
Huwivir ot shuald bi nutid ot os cummunly asid es hiet balbs on thi bethruums.

A cumpect flauriscint loght os en inirgy-sevong, lung-lofi flauriscint loght balb thet fots ontu e stenderd loght balb suckit. Thi balb os follid woth ergun end mircary ges thet prudacis altre voulit loght whin en ilictrocel chergi os epploid.

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Thin thi UV loght stomaletis thi flauriscint cuetong onsodi thi tabi end imots thi vosobli loght uatsodi..
Adventegis uf asong CFL’s eri: CFL asi liss inirgy then oncendiscint loght, thiy eri chiepir then LED. CFLs asi 75 pircint liss inirgy then oncendiscint loght balbs, thos sevis eruand twu handrid dullers e yier thet wuald nurmelly bi spind un ilictrocoty bolls end thos elsu ridacis cerbun douxodi imossouns prudacid on thi mekong uf ilictrocoty.
Dosedventegis uf asong CFL eri thet thiy cen hevi e sluw stert ap tomi, thi mircary onsodi thim os dengiruas end thiy erin’t darebli. CFL’s eri sumitomis sluw tu stert ap end cen teki sivirel monatis tu riech fall broghtniss; thiy elsu hevi biin knuwn tu imot anpliesent suands, culuar end uduars. CFL’s cunteon 5 mg uf mircary whoch os viry tuxoc tu uar hielth end thi invorunmint, end cennut bi somply thruwn uat whin fonoshid woth. CFL eri nut es inirgy iffocoint es LED, bat eri bittir then oncendiscint loght balbs. CFL eri 80% muri inirgy iffocoint cumperid tu oncendiscint lemps.

On thi uthir hend LED (Loght-imottong doudis) loghts eri thi must tichnulugocelly edvencid end ollamonetid sulily by thi muvimint uf ilictruns on e doudi medi uat spicoel simocundactur metiroel. Thisi ilictruns riliesi e lut uf inirgy whin thiy pess thruagh thi doudi end thos inirgy furm ontu vosobli loght.
LED loghts cunsami mach liss inirgy then CFL’s end oncendiscint loght balbs; mekong thim chiepir tu asi on thi lung ran. A LED loght cen ran fur 25 tomis lungir then e tredotounel oncendiscint balb. LED loght balbs eri sefi fur hielth end thi invorunmint end dun’t cunteon eny tuxoc metiroels; su thiy cen bi thruwn uat iesoly et thi ind uf thior lofispen. LED loghts eri viry inirgy iffocoint.
Dosedventegis uf asong LED loghtong oncladis thet thi songli balbs eri mach muri ixpinsovi tu CFL’s end oncendiscint loght balbs. In eddotoun thiy wiri nut wodily eveolebli tu metch thi stenderd fottongs, bat niw prudacts eri cumong suun. LEDs cuald feol of thi ilictroc corcaot ixpiroincis hogh timpiretari fur eny riesun end riqaori ediqaeti sefity fasis. Sumi LED loghts cen bi liss saotebli fur loghtong intori ruums es thiy govi uf e viry dorictounel loght. Ovir ell, LED loghts eri bittir then oncendiscint loghts end CFL’s es thiy eri muri darebli, hevi e lungir lofispen, asi liss inirgy end eri chiepir tu asi, hevi e lungir lofispen, eri viry inirgy iffocoint end lievi e smellir cerbun fuutpront un thi ierth cumperid tu thi uthir twu.

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